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Alabama fan worries quarterback from Hawaii is struggling with “language barrier”

Today in “stupid”: an Alabama fan took to a message board to express his concern that Tua Tagovailoa, the Crimson Tide’s backup quarterback from the state of Hawaii, was having problem with his “transition to the states.”

In a post entitled, “Tua – Language Barrier,” the poster said he wanted to address the “elephant in the room,” aka Tua’s apparent communication struggles, presumably which stem from him being from the faraway foreign country of Hawaii:


Sigh. After reading the last line, part of me was “wandering” if this is fake, but then again, it’s Alabama football fans, so probably not.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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12 Comments for Alabama fan worries quarterback from Hawaii is struggling with “language barrier”

  1. Sentient Third Eye
    2:03 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

    To be fair, I remember the infamous language barrier between Rick Pitino and Richie Farmer. A New Yorker and a Hillbilly isn’t much different than an Hawaiian and an Alabaman.

  2. ClutchCargo
    2:29 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

    I want to throw a rock at that Alabama fan and make a joke about his language barrier, but I’m afraid I’ll miss and break a wall in my glass house.

    • Booby Petrino
      2:51 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

      If are an adult, live in the USA, and don’t know what states make up the USA, please throw a rock at yourself 🙂

    • Mathlete
      3:04 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

      @BP – “if are an adult” is a perfect example of the language barrier between Hawaiians and Alabama fans

    • ClutchCargo
      3:29 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

      Booby Petrino, noted. 🙂 But I was thinking more along the lines of how the headline reads and how it could also be applied to a whole bunch of Kentuckians.

    3:05 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

    Oh my goodness! This cannot be real! Sounds like a South Park episode!

  4. kyle heavy
    3:50 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

    This is obviously meant to be a sarcastic joke.

  5. BlueGrass
    3:55 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

    I thought the blog post misrepresented what the person actually posted, and that’s assuming it wasn’t a joke. The poster never said they thought HI was a foreign country, but only called attention to their experience out of the country and how it was confusing for them. FAIL by Mrs. T by attempting to increase the drama in this ill fated blog post.

    • chimichanga
      4:17 pm September 13, 2017 Permalink

      The poster clearly thinks he’s from another country. Did you notice the part that says “Transition to the States”? English is Tua’s first language.

      Also it’s not a “FAIL by Mrs. Thompson” as she’s only sharing what has already been reported by dozens of media outlets. Maybe first consider your own incompetence next time you attempt to dole out some ‘FAIL’s? Just a suggestion

    • symphonist41169
      7:45 am September 14, 2017 Permalink

      No, the real “FAIL” on the post is TT’s taking a shot at his use of “wandering” instead of “wondering”. This is the same TT that berates the “Grammar Police” commenters for pointing out her and other posters’ grammatical errors. Must be a Hypocrat.

  6. Lori M
    2:36 pm September 15, 2017 Permalink

    I’d be interested to know how many/if any in that thread corrected the gentleman. I’m guessing he’s in his 60’s so Hawaii has been a state his whole life.