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After Action Review: Georgia


An After Action Review, or AAR, is a US Army evaluation tool used to analyze an intended mission/action. Let’s apply this method to the Kentucky-Georgia football game:



Win the football game


Lost the football game 27-24



— Much like you’ll later read with penalties; the moments in which the Wildcats turned the football over to Georgia proved to be a formidable hurdle.

— On 3rd down while leading 21-13 Stephen Johnson completed a pass to Garrett Johnson that would have resulted in a 1st down. Johnson fumbled, Georgia recovered.

— On the very next offensive possession now up 21-16 WR Jeff Badet bobbled a perfectly thrown post route from QB Stephen Johnson directly into the hands of Deandre Baker. Arguably a clean pitch and catch would have resulted in a touchdown.


— UK was penalized 5 times for 40 yards.

— The timing of the penalties proved to be the dagger.

— Austin MacGinnis field goal was nullified to begin the 3rd quarter due to a holding call.

— Stephen Johnson to Tavin Richardson late 1st half completion to set up a field goal opportunity was called back after the Wildcats were whistled for holding.

3rd Down

— Kentucky finished the game 3/13 or 23%.

— Georgia converted 6/14; 42%. Drives were extended which calculated to winning the Time of Possession battle 33:59 to 26:01.




  • Jordan Jones: 10 total tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1 forced fumble
  • Josh Allen: 8 tackles, .5 TFL, 1 forced fumble
  • Courtney Love: 7 tackles

Coverage Teams

  • Kash Daniel had two crushing tackles
  • Cats were not hurt by a dangerous Georgia return game

Boom and Benny Show

  • Boom Williams: 14 carries, 77 yards, 1 TD
  • Benny Snell: 21 carries, 114 yards, 2 TDs


Receiver Play

— Drops are a subjective statistic. Wildcat pass catchers mishandled 4 passes at a minimum.

Wildcat Diversity

— Opposing defenses are condensing or loading the tackle box when facing Eddie Gran’s wildcat formation. Benny Snell has succeeded even with the writing on the wall of a pending rush.

— Red Zone shrinks the wildcat’s capabilities; this especially applies from the 10 to 5-yard line. The Wildcat again becomes applicable inside the 5.

— Kentucky will need to pass, reverse, and/or establish a wildcat variety package going forward.


— Kentucky was presented with an opportunity to blow the game wide open with a 14-13 lead in the 3rd quarter. Back-to-back WR turnovers and a holding penalty on a field goal inhibited the potential route. Final score: UK 24 UGA 27.

**Just as Kentucky had to learn how to win, it now must learn how to route.**

— Game in control up 35-10 over Southern Miss was the first instance in which Kentucky failed to route (Blow out) an opponent. The Cats did not score another point. Final score: UK 44 USM 35.

— Vanderbilt: Leading 17-3 in the 3rd quarter a Boom Williams fumble resulted in a Commodore scoop and score. Final score: UK 20 VU 13.

— Mississippi State: A Stephen Johnson 4th quarter, Red Zone fumble led to a Bulldog scoop and score while the Cats were leading 34-24. Knocking on the door up 10 reverted to a 34-31 close ball game. Final score: UK 40 MSU 38.

— UK took a 35-7 lead into the 4th quarter vs. Missouri. Long punt return set up a 1-yard Augusta TD was followed by a one play, 57-yard touchdown pass. Final score: 35-21.

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

10 Comments for After Action Review: Georgia

  1. The Real Weird Al
    3:36 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    I understand that our passing game is not great. However, it seems like when UK has a lead at half, Stoops is only trying to run out the clock in the second half. Not actually score touchdowns. I understand Stoops is a grind out guy that focuses on Time of Possession. But he goes completely vanilla in the second half and it shows. Even in our wins, the other team always keeps it close. I like the guy but he has to focus on scores in the second half.

    • rickwhitetx
      3:57 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

      I think that is more on Coach Gran than Coach Stoops. But I agree.

  2. rickwhitetx
    3:54 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    I love your columns Freddie. You’ve taught me a lot.

    I know this is picking nits, but I think you mean rout, not route. Route is a path that one takes. Rout is a blow out.

  3. Bluebloodtoo
    4:06 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    What’s the possibility that our playbook just isn’t big enough? We get a few sneaky plays that work for a while early in the game, but the defense adjusts and we don’t have any plays left to try that are worth the risk. I mean, we are trying desperation type plays (double reverse) in the first half just trying to move the ball.
    What happened to our passing game? We can’t seem to move the ball through the air anymore. GA was able to move the chains a few times on the final drive with quick out plays, but UK can’t seem to connect even with the TE.
    I’m no football expert, so help me understand where I’m going wrong here….

  4. Sentient Third Eye
    4:17 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    The point about finishing is dead right. We’re good at getting opponents down, but terrible at finishing them. It’s like wd relax if we get a lead.

    • TheBluegrassKid
      5:28 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

      Maybe our coaches are good at game prep during the week but struggle with in game adjustments?

  5. BlueDiz
    4:30 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    Another excellent analysis of the game and the UK football team. Learning to “Rout” is probably a good way to describe our weakness. Truthfully, I don’t think anyone appreciates how great this team can play. Even our coaches get the 4th quarter shakes. Gran must have confidence in the offense. Truthfully most of the problem appears to be how well our WRs handle the pressure. They do well when the stakes aren’t so high.

    Everyone commented on the electric atmosphere at Commonwealth stadium Saturday night. Still our fans and the KSR writers must realize that the 4th quarter atmosphere is only one that really affects the outcome of the game. I’m sure the recruits liked the sounds and sights during the first half. Who wouldn’t? It was big time SEC football atmosphere.

    I agree with FM on everything, but the defense has really become special. I feel very confident about our trip to K town. UK 30 UT 27

  6. gokycats33
    4:33 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    Why don’t we use the TE more like all the other schools do? Except for the New Mexico State game, we haven’t really utilized CJ , as he should be. Look how UGA used Nauta, especially on the last couple of drives!

    • theWilkman
      4:46 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

      Because Johnson can’t get the ball to him. His deep ball is solid because he sets his feet in expectation of heaving it, but his short to intermediate throws suffer from poor mechanics and are shockingly inaccurate. He has sailed the ball over CJ’s head more times than I can remember

  7. secrick
    4:53 pm November 7, 2016 Permalink

    We have got to throw out of the wildcat if that is possible or at least hand off to the receiver once and a while so the defense doesn’t key on Snell every time.