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After Action Review: Florida

An After Action Review, or AAR, is a militaristic method to analyze the success or failure of an intended action/mission. Here we go:


— Win the football game


— Lost the football game 7-45

WHAT CAUSED OUR RESULTS (Why did it happen)

— Inability to slow the run or pass: Rushing–50 rushes, 244 yards. Passing–19-31, 320-yards, 4 TD’s, 0 INT’s.

— Not stopping UF on 3rd down: Gators 14-20, ran 83 offensive plays, and won Time of Possession 37:26 to 22:34.

— Passing game absence: Drew Barker 2-10, 10 yards, 3 INT’s. Stephen Johnson: 1-3, 45-yards.

— Lack of pass rush; Kentucky did not register a quarterback sack.

— 4/12 on third down. Wildcats could not initiate or sustain an offensive drive. UK totaled 48 offensive plays.

— Surrendering explosive plays: Antonio Calloway 78-yard touchdown reception. UF 5 QB sacks, 3 INT’s.

— Lost turnover ratio: Florida 1 INT. Kentucky 3 INT’s, 1 lost fumble.

WHAT WILL WE SUSTAIN? IMPROVE? (What can we do better next time?)


— Special Teams (minus missed FG). Kentucky did not surrender a Special Team’s explosive play.

— True freshman Punter Grant McKinniss: 5 punts, 43.4 yards per.   

— RB Boom Williams yards after contact, effort, and production: 12 rushes, 70-yards, 5.5 yards per carry.


— Everything else

Article written by Freddie Maggard

Former University of Kentucky Quarterback and Andy Griffith Fan Club President

13 Comments for After Action Review: Florida

  1. secrick
    11:03 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    12 rushes for 70 yards is not that bad is it. I believe i would have given him the ball a few more times. How about giving him the ball and bring in Johnson and run the hell out of the ball. I know it’s boring but 3 awful.

    • Mathlete
      11:19 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

      Boom’s 5.5 ypc is amazing, especially behind an offensive line that’s shown roughly the same level of protection as a swiss cheese condom over the last 6 quarters

  2. 3dcatfan
    11:09 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    I hate to sound like a math teacher Freddie but tell how we got those #’s. More X’s & O’s and less #’s please. Why did they have so many and why did we have so few?

  3. Mathlete
    11:18 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    Our RBs’ YPC average is high enough that we should build our offense to look like the one Arkansas ran for years – two RBs trade off running, control the clock and time of possession (you know, kind of like what both of our opponents have done so far).

    Better still, let’s run Auburn’s Wing-T that took them to the SEC title and NC Game a couple of years ago! They lined up in one of 3 arrangements and ran around 12 plays, passed around 6-7x per game (but only if Gus Malzahn was feeling frisky), and came within a Jameis Winston last second TD of a national title for their trouble. We’re not going to be NC contenders, but we could win 6-7 games a year on that!

    • Kernel Sanders
      11:31 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

      I’m going to offer a theory, but I don’t know if its true because I did not (could not!) watch much of the 2nd half of the Florida game.

      I think the rushing #’s are deceiving. The average per carry is probably way inflated, and therefore your optimism about the running game may be unfounded. If you have a team down 24-0 at halftime, and 38-0 after 3 quarters and you were FL’s defensive coordinator, what would you do?

      I would put in my 2nd/3rd string and I would play zone coverage, pretty much a prevent defense the entire 2nd half. #1, at this point in the game you know only the pass could beat you and you’ve watched the opposing QB do absolutely nothing to indicate a sustained passing attack. #2 you know that even if you play prevent defense and your opponent scores at will, their defense cannot stop you when you get the ball back.

      So drop back, prevent the big play, play your scrubs. Therefore, is there any wonder that a running back, ANY running back would average 5.5 yards per carry?

      If we try to be a power running team (LOL just typing that), what do you think Bama, UGA, Tenn, UofL are going to do to us? Oh nevermind, its going to be awful anyway, but looking at the rushing numbers and inferring any kind of success actually happened is total folly.

  4. Kindergarten Cop
    11:18 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    There is no doubt that Boom is the best back. Therefore he should see more than 12 carries, that being said I still don’t understand why we don’t see different guys back there. What happen to Horton? I believe I would just run the ball constantly and try to keep our defense off the field as much as possible. Why do we give up on the run so easily? I was really disappointed in Johnson and I think Barker actually runs faster in the game.

    • secrick
      11:35 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

      Barker looked slow to me.

    • Kindergarten Cop
      12:20 pm September 13, 2016 Permalink

      Maybe. But I just thought that Johnson would be faster.

  5. secrick
    11:34 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    So Kernel Sanders you would just keep throwing the ball in the second half even though you know they have dropped back to zone coverage. I would run the heck out of it.

    • Kernel Sanders
      12:03 pm September 13, 2016 Permalink

      No, I didn’t say that. As I interpreted Mathlete’s post, he suggests becoming a power running offense, or even a Wing T al a Auburn.

      I never said stop running. I simply said that if you look at the Florida stats and are so encouraged by gaining 115 yards on 41 carries that you want to focus on the run, then you aren’t thinking clearly. Although Boom averaged 5 yards per carry for 80 yards, do you think those stats were accomplished early in the game or against Florida’s 1st team defense? Nope, basically FL was giving that up to keep the clock running.

      If UK game plans to predominantly run the ball against Bama, UT, UGA, UofL then we are 0-6 without even kicking off those games. We are going to be drilled in those games regardless of how we strategize, but don’t act like the running game is a silver lining. Fool’s gold. We will lose the other games we called winnable before the season started unless we have balance.

      Again, running stats attained in the FL game mean nothing. zilch

  6. Mathlete
    11:57 am September 13, 2016 Permalink

    One more thing to sustain – we only had 2 penalties for 25 yards against FL. Granted, the refs were probably trying pretty hard to get out of there and go home, but it’s think positive day!

  7. secrick
    12:33 pm September 13, 2016 Permalink

    We don’t have balance that’s it you hit the nail on the head because 12 carries is not enough to create balance but i quess if you only have so many offensive plays in a game 12 might be ok.

  8. Catsby80
    1:28 pm September 13, 2016 Permalink

    with as elusive as Boom can be, why not give him the ball in space? let him get hand offs and also screen passes. He should touch the ball on 40% of our offensive plays. If he gets a screen pass and has space to make moves, he can be electric.