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A Bye Week Wakeup


The Good News: UK can’t lose this weekend.  The Bad News: we can’t watch UK this weekend.

After five consecutive weeks of excitement, it’s time to recharge the batteries.  I am going to enjoy the hell out of it because frankly, it has been exhausting.  This football team refuses to win easily, with all five games decided by 8 points or less, a first in school history.  The timing of the Bye Week is perfect, allowing the team to get healthy after some tough early games.  The next stretch of four weeks – Auburn, Miss. State, Tennessee and Vandy – will be just as grueling before things lighten up down the stretch.

For all of you that can’t afford time to recharge your batteries, listen to the KSR Podcast and catch up on all your KSR football coverage from this week.

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Something Will Probably Happen in the Louisville Scandal

It’s almost inevitable.  For the last 8 days, the story has continued to grow, adding different twisted elements each day.  It was funny to start, but now it’s just kinda sad.  I feel bad for my UofL fan friends.  I really do.  I can’t imagine the emotional stress they’ve been put through, and they don’t even have a football game to act as a distraction.

I do not feel sorry for Rick Pitino, Tom Jurich or President Ramsey.  You reap what you sow and they are finally seeing their hard work come to fruition.

Bam Adebayo is in Town

Edrice “Bam” Adebayo is a Top Ten player in the nation.  The 5-star power forward is one of the top three at his position, but he’s much different than current UK commit, power forward Wenyan Gabriel.  Gabriel is lengthy and plays with more finesse, whereas Bam plays with a lot of BAM!  He goes strong to the hole in the paint before finishing with authority.

Bam has been a top priority for Calipari, but it will be tough to sway him away from his home state of North Carolina.  UNC is very active in his recruitment, and there is talks of a package deal at NC State along with 5-star point guard, Dennis Smith Jr.  We’ll keep you updated on any developments as the day goes on.




Kash Daniel once again unleashed his inner wrestler, spending his Friday night suplexing players all over the football field.  After Mark Stoops saw Kash put on a show in Paintsville last week, he spent last night in Woodford County at Drake Jackson’s Senior Night.  Trey will be around later today with recaps from a wild night of high school football.

LSU is Embracing South Carolina with Open Arms



The flooding disaster in South Carolina has forced the Gamecocks to move their home game to Tiger Stadium.  Arguably the most difficult place to play in the nation, LSU is at least trying to make it feel somewhat like home.  They’ve lent South Carolina a charter jet, the band is learning South Carolina’s fight song, and the team is giving Spurrier the keys to the stadium, a touching symbolic gesture.  It’s easy for LSU because South Carolina is terrible, but nonetheless, it’s an encouraging sign for humanity to see SEC brethren helping one another out.

Keeneland will be CRAZY

Everyone I know within a 20-mile radius of Lexington will be at the beautiful racecourse today.  Unfortunately, my day off will be spent at a wedding in the Buckeye State, which cannot compare to shooting the Kenneland Breeze with the ponies.  I do have a race tip for today: #2’s will be hot, don’t hesitate to put them in your exacta box.

The Martian is DEFINITELY Worth Watching

We’ve given it a lot of free pub on the site this week, but it’s well-deserved.  I always thought going to the movies alone was weird, but I attended a matinee on Wednesday by myself and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time.  It’s not too long, but long enough at around two hours.  Interstellar was cool, but I’ve seen it multiple times and still can’t understand it.  The Martian is great because it’s practical – you can imagine this as a possibility in the near future.  It will put you on the edge of your seat, and you will leave the room smiling.

USA and Mexico are Facing Off

It’s being hyped as one of the biggest U.S. Soccer matches ever played outside of the World Cup.  Jurgen Klinnsman’s job will be in jeopardy if he loses to Mexico and fails to qualify for the Confederations Cup.  Without regular football, you can at least get crazy at a bar for America’s other football.  The action begins at 6:30 from the Rose Bowl on Fox Sports 1.

And now, relive the most exciting soccer moment of my lifetime.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

18 Comments for A Bye Week Wakeup

  1. Yep
    10:07 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    It’s 930 for us living on the east coast

    10:21 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Class moves by LSU.

  3. Smyrna_Cat
    10:23 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    “I do not feel sorry for Rick Pitino, Tom Jurich or President Ramsey. You reap what you sow and they are finally seeing their hard work come to fruition.”

    Is that supposed to be HARD WORK or HAND WORK? I think the last one is more accurate.

  4. Smyrna_Cat
    10:23 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Kudos to LSU.

  5. James in SC
    10:24 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    “The Good News: UK can’t lose this weekend. The Bad News: we can’t watch UK this weekend.”

    I hate that loser mentality, we should be over that this year. I don’t think that’s what you mean, Nick, but it still sounds that way.

    Should read: “The Good News: Keeneland’s running. The Bad News: We can’t watch UK win this weekend.”

    Thanks for the post. Agreed about LSU being classy. Very good to see.

  6. Wow
    10:29 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Man, what a lovely group of girls. Wow.

    • Megan
      12:54 pm October 10, 2015 Permalink

      It’s an old picture but a good one. If I’m being honest, I’d do Buffy.

  7. Chris
    10:52 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    I’ll be honest, I don’t normally comment, but that first sentence about UK not losing this weekend is the same losing mentality that Coach Stoops and his Staff are trying to overcome among the fan base.

    • inside info2
      10:57 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

      be careful chris, i said something similar yesterday and got crucified.

  8. Chris
    10:54 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Also, I was at that game last night Kash Daniels was playing in. He was a man among boys. It was not even close.

  9. inside info2
    10:58 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    I didn’t know LSU was going that far for USC. That is great to see. Way to geaux LSU

  10. Mathlete
    11:09 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Louisiana knows exactly how awful it is in SC right now, they haven’t forgotten Katrina yet. Classy moves on their part, no wonder the Bayou Bengals are my second favorite team in the SEC.

  11. Bobbum man
    11:27 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    What an awesome feature by LSU. Also why would we feel bad for UL fans? These are people who loved bringing back Petrino, didn’t care about pitinos affair and abortion and are only concerned with winning. Then instead of criticizing the university who continues to employ these characters they find a reason to attAck UK fans instead of the school they root for who created this culture. Aside from the maybe 2-3 UL fans in the world who had an issue with the character of their coaches there’s nothing to feel sorry about. Want to feel sorry for someone feel sorry for the prostitutes daughters

    • Blue Mist
      11:48 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

      Bobbum you are right on target. How can one feel sorry for people who supported a culture of sexual misbehavior and immoral values. Whatever the consequences they receive it will be justifiable because they let this culture grow and fester.

  12. Bobbum man
    11:27 am October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Gesture* awesome gesture by LSU not feature

  13. Micah
    12:44 pm October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Also heard on the Big Blue Insider last night that the LSU sound man will be playing sandstorm over LSU sound system. They’re really doing their best to make it feel like a south Carolina home game

  14. Jacob
    1:12 pm October 10, 2015 Permalink

    Drake Jackson and his team has been stinking it up and got destroyed by Anderson last night meanwhile Kash has been leading his team to an Undefeated record and looks fired up every Friday night. Really starting to lose excitement for Drake. His effort has been dismal at best this year. Looks really overrated.

    • Dowhat?
      5:19 pm October 10, 2015 Permalink

      Are you an idiot? He’s the only kid on his entire team thats not terrible. Kinda hard for 1 lineman to keep ya undefeated.