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22 Fun Facts from the UK Football Media Guide


There’s pretty much only one reason I look through the media guide each season: the fun facts about each player at the end of their bios. Reading what each player’s hidden talent, nickname, or favorite thing about UK is may be the best way to get to know them. So, to save you the time of flipping through each bio, I did it myself this morning, and came up with this list of 22 fun facts about UK’s 2014 football team:


1. Despite the fact that most of the players were toddlers during his prime, Michael Jordan is still the most famous athlete in sports.

When asked what sporting event they’d most like to witness, past, present, or future, several players said they wanted to see Michael Jordan in his prime (Josh Clemons, Josh Forrest), or specifically his “flu game” (Drew Barker, Thaddeus Kuzunas, Ashely Lowery). Three players said Jordan is the athlete with which they’d most like to trade places (Shaquille Love, Ramsey Meyers, Miles Thompson). To me, this is further proof that Jordan is still considered the greatest basketball player of all time, or, at the very least, “Space Jam” was the most popular kids movie in the mid-90’s.

uk lsu

2. UK beating LSU in 2007 is UK football’s most famous moment for this generation

UK’s football tradition isn’t exactly great, but we’ve had some big moments in the past decade. The biggest is UK’s upset of LSU in 2007, and four players–Mikel Horton, Jacob Hyde, Matt Howard, and DJ Warren–said that’s the sporting event they’d most like to witness past, present, or future.


3. Tre’ Dunn and Eli Capilouto are workout buddies

Senior linebacker Tre’ Dunn’s profile might be the best of all. He says he wears the number 26 because “2 multiplied by 6 is 12 and 12 is the greatest number.” When asked for one thing he couldn’t live without, he said “my organs.” I  mean, that’s just straight up logic. The coolest thing about UK for Tre’? “Hanging at the gym with Eli Capilouto.” We need video of this.

(Photo by Clay Jackson/

(Photo by Clay Jackson/[email protected])

4. The Blaylock Twins are very musical

Junior linebacker Daron Blaylock says that if he could go back in time, he’d like to go to Woodstock, and his hidden talent is Guitar Hero. In fact, he claims he has “a voice of Fergie and Jesus combined” when he sings. His twin, safety Zack Blaylock, may have one of the most unexpected go-to hype songs on the team: “Sweet Dreams.” I’m assuming he means “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics, which is just awesome.

5. Javess Blue’s hidden talent shouldn’t be a surprise

Javess Blue says his hidden talent is tumbling but KSR readers learned all about that during his recruitment.


6. Darryl Long’s hidden talent is writing poetry

Get ready to swoon, ladies.

7. Some more random hidden talents on the team…

  • Grant Aumiller used to bass fish competitively.
  • Matt Howard is really good at quoting Forrest Gump. (I think this calls for a quote-off with Drew Franklin at Media Day)
  • Farrington Huguenin can stand on his hands for a while.
  • Travaughn Paschal claims that he can fly (Hmm).
  • Patrick Towles can play the harmonica.
  • Tyler Brause is really good at precision long-range shooting.

8. Jason Hatcher’s dream job other than the NFL is owning an animal hospital.


9. John Gruenschlaeger listens to “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion to get ready for a game

That flute solo is really stirring.

10. The “dream jobs” are all across the board

The players were asked what their dream jobs are other than playing in the NFL. There was a wide variety:

  • Junior long snapper Kelly Mason: Actuary
  • Senior wide receiver Demarco Robinson: Jungle Explorer
  • Freshman offensive lineman Josh Krok: DEA agent or US Marshal (he’ll be a hit at parties)
  • Freshman offensive lineman Nick Richardson: architect
  • Sophomore wide receiver Jeff Badet: financial advisor
  • Senior tight end: Steven Borden: Professional surfer
  • Junior offensive tackle Shaquille Love: chef
download (1)

11. Freshman linebacker Dorian Hendrix meditates every day.


boom from KSR

12. Stanley “Boom” Williams’ reason for picking the number 18 will make you love him

The freshman running back says he picked the number 18 to “follow the legacy of Randall Cobb and Jacob Tamme.” Yep, fan favorite already.

13. Here are just a few of the players’ nicknames:

  • Josh Clemons: Big Zoo Doo
  • JoJo Kemp: Jojo on the Go-Go
  • Nico Firios: Greek Freak
  • Khalid Henderson: Lee-do, Shotta, Waka, and Blondey

Who needs four nicknames?!?


14. Jacob Hyde and Jordan Swindle can wiggle their ears

I bet you’re trying to wiggle yours right now, aren’t you?


15. Braylon Heard says the coolest thing about UK so far is “horses”

Either the transfer running back from Nebraska actually enjoys equines, or he’s come to enjoy the other “talent” in the paddock at Keeneland since arriving in Lexington. I hope it’s the former.

16. Zach Myers wears his grandfather’s jersey in his sock for each game

Or, I’m assuming, a piece of it. This is his game-day superstition.


17. Za’Darius Smith drives a 1989 Caprice Classic

And he loves riding around Lexington in it. I guess that means he’s upgraded from the bike?


18. Bud Dupree and JD Harmon have inspirational reasons for picking their numbers

Bud says he wears the number two because “I’m trying to be number 1 but I am working like I am number 2,” and JD Harmon chose the number eleven “one is so nice, I had to rock it twice.” This isn’t in the media guide, but Drew Barker chose number seven because “seven eight nine.”


19. Zach West says he’s the best dancer on the offensive line.

Sadly, I haven’t found any Instagram videos or Vines to support this.

10186744 RevengeTitleCard

20. Blake Bone’s reason for wearing the number eight is deep

The freshman wide receiver said he chose #8 because “it represents infinity if you turn it sideways.” Odds Bone is a fan of the show “Revenge”?

21. T.V. Williams is a history buff

While most of his teammates said the one event they’d like to witness past, present, or future was a game or concert, T.V. Williams said the Civil War. I hope this means he has all of the Ken Burns PBS documentaries on DVD.


22. I was wrong–Lloyd Tubman’s go-to hype song is the most unexpected of all

The freshman defensive end says he listens to “Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney to get hyped for games. I know Ryan Lemond approves.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

7 Comments for 22 Fun Facts from the UK Football Media Guide

  1. Tell Nick Richardson he can pretend to be an architect:

  2. Geez Louiz
    11:20 pm July 24, 2014 Permalink

    That football player number 71 has to be like 7 feet tall.

    • Pancreas13
      9:27 am July 25, 2014 Permalink

      Yup. 6’11.

  3. FrankfortCat
    12:12 am July 25, 2014 Permalink

    Nice write up Mrs TT. Fun read

  4. Pancreas13
    9:27 am July 25, 2014 Permalink

    Died at “Jungle Explorer”

  5. Sheesh
    1:10 pm July 25, 2014 Permalink

    Mrs. Tyler Thompson…. At it again.. Doing LITERALLY ZERO research and then spewing garbage..
    I regret to inform you that you lead with an inaccuracy… which had me not believing you from the beginning.
    As awesome as MJ is… he is not the “Most famous athlete in sports”.. Oh dont get me wrong, He is definitely up there.. but not number 1.
    There have been official studies on this. Academics have went out and polled masses of people…
    They results? Well.. I shouldn’t have to tell you to do research.. but you should definitely look into it..
    The number 1 spot was filled by a Kentucky Native, Born and raised in Louisville… NONE OTHER THAN the one and only GREATEST… Muhammad Ali.
    Number 2 was Babe Ruth (Famed User of the Louisville Slugger)