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2013 Football’s Worst Case Scenario


With less than a week until the Mark Stoops Era, it’s time to step back and think big picture for a moment before the daily in-season grind begins. While I don’t believe any of these things I have listed below will happen, it is in the realm of possibility. Before you get the good news, here’s as bad as it could get this season (don’t worry too much, it’s impossible to be worse than last year).


-Another loss to Western. Despite an unprecendented amount of excitement surrounding the program, Petrino gets Antonio Andrews to make multiple big-plays on the inexperienced defense. Andrew Jackson completely shuts down the run, forcing Neal Brown to rely heavily on youthful wide receivers. Pro-Petrino fans of the #BBN receive the ultimate satisfaction and proceed to blow-up the Fan Outfitters Phone Line for many months.

– The Air Raid never takes off with coaches attempting to use two QBs. In a system based on continuity, tempo, and rhythm, using both Jalen Whitlow and Max Smith causes neither of them to ever develop positive relationships with their young WRs. Max’s shoulder injury prevents him from going deep down the field, while Jalen rarely puts together back-to-back successful plays.

– After defeating UK by 50+, Teddy Bridgewater wins the Heisman en route to an undefeated season and a BCS National Championship game birth. The most unlikely of all scenarios should be mentioned, just because every U of L fan out there thinks that this is what exactly will happen this year (SPOILER ALERT: IT WON”T!).

– Murderer’s Row decimates the team with injuries. The greatest fear for all UK fans should be the meat and potatoes of the schedule where UK faces off against #9, #10, #6, and #1. It shouldn’t be a fear for losses, it should be a fear for losing players. Coach Korem and the staff have put their highest emphasis on injury prevention, but it’s hard to stop big Bama boys from busting a few heads. If someone like Avery Williamson goes down, it could have a Nerlens Noel-effect, except the UK basketball team was a Top 25 team before his injury. Even if the Cats get through this stretch relatively unscathed, can they emotionally recover from being sent to the dogs for a month straight? How they respond will dictate the amount of success in Mark Stoops’ first season.

Last year's halftime crowd during UK/Vandy.

Last year’s halftime crowd during UK/Vandy.


– Fans forget that it’s Stoops’ first season and quickly quit showing up after a bloody Murderer’s Row. While nothing will every be able to compare to the Vandy atrocity, football fans can be shaky at times. After the Spring Game had 50,000 in attendance, I’m confident we can mark this one off the table. Just do me a favor #BBN, don’t take away what little confidence this program has by openly protesting the team’s actions.

– Barker can’t convince Elam to stay in-state, while other recruits forget about buying in to Stoops. After an abysmal year Matt Elam is more concerned about winning than staying close to home, taking his talents to Alabama. Barker does his best to continue optimism around the program, but Boom Williams and other high-profile recruits can’t settle for a team with 5 wins in two years.


The only legitimate worry I have at all is if the team can weather the storm during the awful September-October stretch. While this may be a little Debbie Downer for your afternoon, your best case-scenario will be posted shortly (Spoiler: it can actually be a REALLY great season).


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

29 Comments for 2013 Football’s Worst Case Scenario

  1. UpperSectionStudent
    6:02 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    This isn’t negative at all.

  2. Joe
    6:05 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Some of these are just down right silly….I do agree it will be a test of the team, coaches and fans the string of games after Miami.

  3. tuxedo park
    6:06 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    man. that was depressing…

  4. Jim
    6:08 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Way to get us pumped for football season.

  5. poop mcgee
    6:15 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Wow. Maybe you would list 120 career ending acl tears while you are at it.and a meteor wipes out Lexington. If we are going worst case scenario just go all the way.

  6. Why
    6:17 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Why write something like this, what a terrible post.

  7. kp
    6:24 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    I’m not trying to be a hater, but I think each of those have a legitimate chance of happening.

  8. arlo
    6:24 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    could it be that duhvill has the weakest skeds in d1 in both bball and fball this year? I just looked at their schedules and what a friggin joke

  9. kp
    6:26 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink


    except for the part about UL winning by 50

  10. How bored are you
    6:33 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    WTF?! Why even post this $hit? Do us all a favor and save all of our time and don’t paste negative crap like this anymore. Come on nick.. You’re better than this, this is a Corey Nicholas quality post.

  11. Jwmsix
    6:36 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    This could the the worst football post in history. Delete this crap and write something that does not sound like a Louisville post.

  12. PAK
    6:45 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    You can do better than this Nick. Learn from your mistakes (this is one of them).

  13. shelbyjoe
    6:48 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    I will agree with this: a 2 qb system seems like a bad idea. Personally, I think Jalen will start and play virtually every down with Max cleaning up late “IF” we have a big lead just to get him some reps. I think Brown and Stoops are simply not tipping their hand to WKU.

  14. Steve
    6:55 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Nick should just move on, what an ignorant post. I’m not sure I want to come here anymore!

  15. Section 133
    6:58 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Just stop it. Gawd.

  16. Beatle Bum
    7:02 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    This sucks. Get a job with the Herald Leader!

  17. Nich Rousch's spelling teacher
    7:15 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Nicky, did you mean birth as in berth?

  18. messenger
    7:22 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Not trying to depress anyone further, but UofL getting more national exposure below. And I agree – less than a week away, we should be talking positive, not this ridiculousness.

  19. E
    7:22 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    I think these posts work better when balanced with best case scenario. Doesn’t come across so negative, but still brings the issues to light.

  20. JRock1966
    7:25 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    What #5 said.

  21. Sayyyyy Whattttt?
    7:28 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Well there goes your theory, because I am a Louisville fan and I don’t think we have a shot in hell to win the Nat’l championship in football this year. Nor do I know any fellow Cards fan who does think that. But I would be pretty schocked if we don’t put up 50 points on your vaunted defense this year…They s’posed to be SEC?

  22. Flozell
    7:32 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    For this team this is the best case scenario

  23. UKHowell84
    7:44 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    UK fans calm down. He clearly stated at the bottom that he would be posting a best case scenario as well. This post doesn’t mean that everyone should start being negative, it’s just two perspectives. Lighten up

  24. Beatle Bum
    8:10 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah, who read that far?

  25. Beatle Bum
    8:12 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    But, now we know that if UL does not put up 50, they must be over-rated. Because UK sucks so bad, that anything but 50 must mean Z Smith decapitated Teddy $ridgewater.

  26. jpgott2
    8:43 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    The one thing I do not agree with is the ‘fans will forget that it’s Stoops first season and stop showing up’. UK fans has been known to pack the stadium for bad football for years. We were top-25 in attendance prior to last season where we revolted because of the cluelessness on the field.

    Stoops will have a couple years of little expectation. The only thing UK fans want to see right now is improvement and competitive spirit. Stoops has already blown the previous staff out of the water when it comes to recruiting. We as a fan base know this is going to take some time, especially with the schedules we will face, and are just happy in the direction of the program.

    The thing I also like about Stoop is that he is not going to smother us with useless generalities about how he saw a lot of positive things in a 40-0 beat-down, week in-week out.

  27. Please stop...
    10:47 pm August 25, 2013 Permalink

    Quit being such babies in the comment section. You all act like this post hurt your feelings.

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    3:09 am August 26, 2013 Permalink

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  29. JohnnyRed
    9:57 am August 26, 2013 Permalink

    Arlo – UofL’s schedule certainly is weak in both football and basketball – as a season ticketholder, it is depressing, but it is what it is – while Jurich is a great AD, he cant make the teams left in the AAC (or whatever it is) better.

    Also, I don’t think most CARD fans believe that a national championship will happen for UofL this year. Even IF the CARDS go undefeated (which is unlikely), the schedule is so weak that it will not happen.

    That said, GO TOPPERS, GO CARDS