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KSR’s Top 10 Tweets of the Day


The one and only Big Mick is a meaty masterpiece in its own right. Composed of two quarter-pound patties* of never-fresh, frozen, mostly beef raised close to the processing plant. Only McDowell’s has the frosted beef and processed cheese to give you a major reason for the afternoon trip to the secret bathroom only you and Debra know about on the 9th floor that is under construction.

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#10 CA Don

Same man, same.

#9 Chris Liner

It’s warming to the soul.

#8 Brad

Same can be said for NFL Quarterbacks.

#7 Tyler Campbell

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

#6 Nick Beasmore

Could Shannon the dude be the 30th entrant in the Royal Rumble?

#5 Mark Pickett

Blue. Gets. In.

#4 Christopher Peak

Start them young.

#3 Kentucky Towboater

Wait, it DOES exist??

#2 Terry Jordan

Give meTyler Ulis and Dbook over DX.

#1 John Robic’s Hair

I would pick up the tab just to watch Matt do that.

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Women’s basketball coaches will rock custom shoes in honor of Pat Summitt

Women’s basketball coaches will rock custom shoes in honor of Pat Summitt

The Kentucky women’s basketball game will be back in action Thursday night when they take on Missouri. And while it’s the first game back following their bye week – and another challenging, top-25 matchup – it will mean a little extra to the coaching staff. The game is part of “We Back Pat Week” across the SEC, bringing awareness and honoring the legacy of Pat Summitt. Representatives of the Pat Summitt Foundation are also scheduled to be on hand for a special check presentation.

Assistant coaches Niya Butts and Kyra Elzy will rock these custom sneakers by True Blue Customs.

The shoes will also be auctioned off as part of the foundation’s fight to end alzheimer’s.

Some sad news: the game will be extra bittersweet, as Pat Summitt’s mother just passed away Wednesday afternoon.

May their family find some peace during this heartbreaking time.

Calipari visits 5-star 2020 point guard, Sharife Cooper

Calipari visits 5-star 2020 point guard, Sharife Cooper

They always say no rest for the weary so, naturally, John Calipari is back on the road.

Today, he was in Georgia, visiting 5-star Sharife Cooper. The 2020 recruit is currently listed as the No. 2 point guard in his class and the No. 21 overall player, according to 247Sports. He received a scholarship offer from Kentucky back in September while on his unofficial visit.

Now, he’s planning his official visit. Cooper is tentatively scheduled to make his way back to Lexington for the Auburn game on February 23. Interestingly enough, Cooper’s Crystal Ball is currently 80 percent Auburn and 20 percent Kentucky. Plus, Cooper’s high school teammate, 4-star small forward Isaac Okoro, signed with Auburn back in November. Could Bruce Pearl and the Tigers steal the show when they come to town for their matchup against Kentucky?

As if it wasn’t already important enough for the Cats to get a win over Auburn… Now, they also need to come out and impress Cooper. Rupp needs to be rocking for this one.

Just look at that hair – Sharife Cooper belongs at Kentucky.


ESPN’s latest profile on Jamal Murray: “From Ontario to the NBA”

(Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images)

Jamal Murray had quite the hot hand during his time as a Wildcat, and now he’s emerging as one of the NBA’s young stars. The 21-year-old point guard for the Denver Nuggets is averaging 18.8 points and 4.9 assists per game, but it’s his constant dedication to perfecting his shot that makes him stand out among dozens of talented players.

In a profile by ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, Murray’s intense diligence and consistently-competitive nature are on full display. While his appearances (sometimes up to three in one day) inside Denver’s practice facility are impressive, it’s nothing compared to how he grew up playing the game in Canada:

“Try shooting 3-pointers outside, in the snow, with a bitter Ontario wind ripping through you, after you’ve just held a deep-knee squat for 12 minutes, a cup of piping hot tea carefully balanced on your thigh to make sure you do not waver — all this executed under the watchful eye of your father, a martial arts enthusiast and basketball junkie who has been honing your skills since you were an infant.”

In addition to his physical fitness, Murray also devotes time to improving his mental state. Meditation has become part of his routine over the last several years, and he’s not to be interrupted during this time, “not even during a recruiting visit in 2015 from Kentucky assistant Kenny Payne, who approached Murray one day as he finished his workout, only to be instructed by [Murray’s father] to wait while Jamal sat cross-legged, eyes blissfully shut, in a corner of the gym,” according to the profile.

The article also talks about Murray’s upbringing in Canada, his relationship with Coach Calipari and his highest (and lowest) stretches throughout his time in the league. It’s a great read that gives readers a fascinating look into the player – and man – Jamal Murray is becoming.

Check out the entire profile on ESPN.

Sagarin, KenPom predictions for the rest of the season

Kentucky is currently 15-3 overall, 5-1 in conference play. What will that record look like at the end of the regular season?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine, but I do have access to the Sagarin and KenPom ratings, both which include predictions for the rest of the season. Obviously, the chances these numbers turn out to be right isn’t great, but it’s a rainy day, so let’s have some fun and look ahead.

Sagarin Predictor: 27-4, 16-2 in conference play

Kentucky’s current Sagarin Predictor rating is 89.14, ninth best in the country. The home advantage is 3.1. Using those numbers and the numbers of Kentucky’s opponents, the Sagarin Predictor has the Cats finishing the regular season 27-4, the only loss being at Tennessee.

Sat, Jan 26 HOME Kentucky 92.24 Kansas 89.61
Tue, Jan 29 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Vanderbilt 82.31
Sat, Feb 2 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Florida 88.82
Tue, Feb 5 HOME Kentucky 92.24 South Carolina 78.24
Sat, Feb 9 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Mississippi State 88.25
Tue, Feb 12 HOME Kentucky 92.24 LSU 85.66
Sat, Feb 16 HOME Kentucky 92.24 Tennessee 91.03
Tue, Feb 19 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Missouri 82.18
Sat, Feb 23 HOME Kentucky 92.24 Auburn 88.38
Tue, Feb 26 HOME Kentucky 92.24 Arkansas 81.24
Sat, Mar 2 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Tennessee 94.13
Tue, Mar 5 AWAY Kentucky 89.14 Ole Miss 86.33
Sat, Mar 9 HOME Kentucky 92.24 Florida 85.72

That’s pretty much a dream scenario and one I’d pay good money to see happen. Unfortunately, there is no way to put a point value on “Everybody’s Super Bowl,” so you have to think the Cats have more slip ups than on the road vs. the current No. 1 team in the country.

KenPom: 23-8, 13-5 in conference play

The Cats are currently No. 8 in the KenPom ratings. KenPom also predicts future games and team’s final records, but the formula for the final records is based off cumulative probabilities, so in some cases — like this one — the numbers don’t match. I’ll be honest, I don’t really understand that, but KenPom’s projected record for Kentucky is 23-8, 13-5 in conference play. That would have them finishing third in the SEC, which could mean the late game Friday night at the SEC Tournament, depending on tiebreakers (gag):

Team Overall Conference Projected
Tennessee 16-1 5-0 15-3
LSU 14-3 4-0 13-5
Kentucky 15-3 5-1 13-5
South Carolina 10-8 5-1 9-9
Mississippi 14-4 4-2 11-7
Florida 11-7 3-3 10-8
Alabama 12-6 3-3 9-9
Auburn 13-5 2-3 10-8
Mississippi St. 14-4 2-3 9-9
Missouri 10-6 1-3 6-12
Arkansas 10-7 1-4 7-11
Georgia 9-8 1-4 5-13
Texas A&M 7-10 1-5 5-13
Vanderbilt 9-8 0-5 3-15

KenPom’s individual game projections are much rosier, showing Kentucky only losing two more times, at Florida and at Tennessee (the far right column is percentage chance to win):

Sat, Jan 26 HOME Kentucky 74 Kansas 69 65%
Tue, Jan 29 AWAY Kentucky 75 Vanderbilt 66 78%
Sat, Feb 2 AWAY Kentucky 64 Florida 65 50%
Tue, Feb 5 HOME Kentucky 82 South Carolina 66 92%
Sat, Feb 9 AWAY Kentucky 72 Mississippi St. 71 51%
Tue, Feb 12 HOME Kentucky 78 LSU 71 74%
Sat, Feb 16 HOME Kentucky 75 Tennessee 74 51%
Tue, Feb 19 AWAY Kentucky 69 Missouri 63 71%
Sat, Feb 23 HOME Kentucky 76 Auburn 71 68%
Tue, Feb 26 HOME Kentucky 79 Arkansas 66 88%
Sat, Mar 2 AWAY Kentucky 71 Tennessee 77 27%
Tue, Mar 5 AWAY Kentucky 73 Ole Miss 71 57%
Sat, Mar 9 HOME Kentucky 68 Florida 61 73%

Personally, I see two or three more losses for the Cats. One will undoubtedly come vs. Tennessee, probably at Thompson-Boling, and another at Mississippi State or Ole Miss. Add in a loss to Kansas on Saturday night or a random off night somewhere along the way and that feels about right; however, with the way this team’s building momentum right now, you never know.

How do you think Kentucky will finish the season? Pick their final record below: