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Wisconsin High School’s Don’t Want You To Chant Mean Things

I think everybody around these parts can agree that Wisconsin basketball isn’t something we like.  They are bad.  They make us say bad words and do bad things.  If we were wanting to vent our frustrations — at, let’s say a high school basketball game — we could get into some trouble.

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is taking a stand for rules that have been in place, but have not been strictly enforced, until recently.  What are the rules you might ask?

The WIAA email reportedly provided examples of now-banned chants, which included longtime favorites like “Fundamentals,” “Sieve,” “We can’t hear you,” “Air Ball,” “You can’t do that,” “There’s a net there,” “Scoreboard” and “Season’s over” during tournament play. (Add the obligatory clap, clap, clap-clap-clap to each for the full effect.)

The goal of banning chants from high school student sections: “The state athletic association is seeking to reduce the ‘amount of chants by student sections directed at opponents and/or opponents’ supporters that are clearly intended to disrespect.'”

The worst part?  One player was suspended five games for venting her frustrations on Twitter.  No word on whether or not students are allowed to chant “bullshit” in response.

Jay Bilas has come up with a solution for all of those meanies chanting “air ball.”

[On Milwaukee]

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

29 Comments for Wisconsin High School’s Don’t Want You To Chant Mean Things

  1. Sentient Third Eye
    2:04 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    How can they ban a player just for publicly disagreeing with the policy? Lawsuit!

    • krscat
      3:20 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      Fundamentally the same as the proposed legislation regarding accidents and social media. Free speech impingement. Have cake and eat it too?

  2. Rajonrondo9
    2:05 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    This is what’s wrong with America.

  3. bstains
    2:10 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts, we got screwed. All time classic.

  4. Mathlete
    2:22 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Man…. first Making a Murderer makes their entire judicial system look sketchy, now they can’t even yell “mean” chants at sporting events? Wisconsin is having a tough go of it lately.

  5. Cousins Fake Tooth
    2:33 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    This is what happens when Liberal’s are in charge of things. Have to make sure not to offend anyone or hurt little feelings.

    • J-Dub421
      2:59 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      Except, Wisconsin is predominantly Republican….

    • inside info2
      3:30 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      J-Dub — the Wisconsin school system is overwhelmingly liberal and is in a constant fight with it’s Republican Governor.

      The state itself has voted for the Democrat in the Electoral College in every Presidential Election since 1976, with the exception of Reagan. It is by no means predominantly Republican and is in fact majority Democrat.

    • J-Dub421
      3:55 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      They currently not only have a Republican governor, but a republican controlled legislature. That wasn’t really my point though. It mostly just annoys me when people try to boil a stupid issue (such as this one) down to “well it’s that other party’s fault!”

      Admittedly, I know nothing of Wisconsin’s school system as I have never lived there, do not have children, and would never ever consider living in Wisconsin.

    • inside info2
      4:42 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      Wisconsin is an absolutely beautiful state. A lot of stuff to do outdoors, when it is not absolutely freezing. But their school system and teacher’s union is one of the most “liberal” in the country — and that’s saying something.

      The bigger picture is that this is the Progressive, politically-correct agenda that is unfortunately sweeping the country. And the majority of Progressives are Democrats. I think this agenda is going to have terrible consequences in the long run.

      Go CATS!

  6. chicago_cat
    2:37 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Just imagine four years of Hilary

    • ehatt493
      2:57 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      I honestly doubt she’d be dictating Wisconsin high school sports policy.

  7. theWilkman
    2:43 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    That rule must’ve been written by the same dolt that wants to keep people from posting to social media after accidents.

  8. plumloopy
    2:47 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    As a liberal, this does not represent my viewpoint. I’m not alone I suspect.

  9. plumloopy
    2:47 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Hey, how about a chant like “UNDER-RATED!” in the event that, you know, the other team is doing better than expect and the home crowd wishes to encourage them?

    • kvltclassic
      2:53 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      No, that might offend the other team who will potentially see themselves as not living up to the athletic ability they were expected to achieve.

  10. dean winchester
    2:54 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Wow, whats next-dont smile on the court be because its taunting? Can we stop “protecting” our kids from anything that may require them to exercise judgement, maturity, or simply learning to be mentally tough? To quote a friend of mine from Spain-“the biggest problem with America is some of its own people. You need to learn to deport people for being ridiculous.”

    • ClutchCargo
      3:36 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      No offense to you, but I think your Spanish friend is living in a glass house.

    • Booby Petrino
      3:41 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      Yeah I think your Spanish friend is lacking some understanding. Where exactly do we deport “our own people?”

    • dean winchester
      4:08 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      His point isnt about Spain/casting shade on US, there is a reason he lived here for a third of his life, his point is some people here don’t appreciate the freedom they have in that we get offended way too much and decide to sue or legislate over the most minor things. He thinks people just need to lighten up sometimes. I think his point is valid. He loves America, just doesnt like some things Americans do. Hence his “deport” comment. I havent mastered Spanish, he hasn’t mastered English.

    • Mathlete
      4:17 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      Be honest, you’ve met some people you’d like to have thrown out of the country for gross idiocy. Some of them were probably running for public office!

  11. Badboy
    2:57 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    I never understood why fans chanted “OVER-RATED!” That is belittling your own team’s accomplishment in beating an opponent and implies that the opponent is not as good as advertised because your team is beating them!

  12. somerset bill
    3:26 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    these folks are going to be devastated by the public’s negative reaction to their efforts. scarred for life… let’s hope.

  13. CPACAT
    3:59 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    However, Jay Bilas does knock it out of the park with his proposed “chant”

    • Mathlete
      4:18 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

      What’s the cadence on that chant going to be? Do we still “clap clap clapclapclap” after?

  14. BlueDeuce
    4:08 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Just wow…what a crazy place we live today!

  15. Laker Cat 18
    4:21 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Making a Murder scandal and now this? Wisconsin has to be the 2nd most miserable place on Earth, outside of Indiana of course.

  16. MTcatfan
    4:59 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    Just to clarify, this was NOT done by a school district. It was done by the athletics association, but I would think there are more administrators doing that, which tend to be more conservative than teachers and teacher’s unions.