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What Will John Calipari And Kentucky Do When The One-And-Done Era Comes To An End?

One thing we know for sure is that the one-and-done era will not last forever. More than likely, it won’t last five more years. It’s a matter of “when” not “if.” But for the coach who lives and dies coaching top-tier talent and reloading year after year once they depart for the NBA Draft, what comes next?

That’s a hard question to answer. Calipari isn’t worried about it right now, saying Kentucky will still be first to the table, but the recruiting landscape has already changed tremendously in the decade that Coach Cal has made UK the poster child for one-and-done recruits. Coach K has emerged as a more-than-worthy adversary, challenging UK each and every year for the top recruits. And then there are some who would just rather be the star of the show. It’s already not as easy as it used to be. And it’ll be even harder once you have to figure out who’s actually going to play in college and who’s not.

However, I think we’re already seeing the trend that will continue to rise once the NBA abolishes the one-and-done rule: reclassification. High school kids have been reclassifying at a high rate in recent years. This trend came out of nowhere, but it could be a way for coaches like Cal to not be forced into changing their philosophies.

There’s always going to be an age-limit to enter the draft. Right now, it’s 19 years old. Once the NBA allows high school seniors to enter the NBA Draft, that age-limit will be 18 years old. So, instead of players spending their last season of amateur basketball as a senior in high school, they could reclassify and still play one year before going pro. This would vastly improve player development and help NBA teams in the process to see the true talent of some of these kids.

Sometimes, one year of college can hurt a player’s draft stock. The best example of this is Nick Richards. The 7-footer would have likely been a first round draft pick straight out of high school. Instead, he flopped. But then there’s guys like Zion Williamson and Trae Young. Williamson would have been a top-10 pick regardless, but No. 1 overall? No chance. And there’s no way Trae Young would have gone in the first round. He ended up becoming college basketball’s Steph Curry and was drafted in the top five.

The system’s never going to be perfect – there are pros and cons that vary player to player. However, the one-and-done era is coming to an end. An increase in reclassifications is certainly possible once a rule change inevitably happens, as it would allow players to improve their game and build their brand.

Will it happen? We’ll just have to wait and see.


Article written by Nick Wheatley

20 Comments for What Will John Calipari And Kentucky Do When The One-And-Done Era Comes To An End?

  1. CatfaninCinci
    9:07 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

    We’ll still get the best talent. Just the best 4-stars now. Nothing will change.

    • Luether
      8:10 pm May 6, 2019 Permalink

      Cal will continue to recruit 5-stars and get much of the talent he’s getting now. The 5-stars Dook has been signing are the ones that will go directly to the NBA…

  2. mashburnfan1
    9:32 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

    Do not call Nick a flop. He plays for Cal and ask any of the idiots on here, only Cal can develop kids for the NBA. Nick is not there because the refs and NBA fault. Same with Gabriel, Twins, POY, Briscoe, SKJ, Matthews, and the so many others that the NBA did not pick in top 5 after playing for Cal. Is a conspiracy now because they were top picks from High School, then Cal developed them for a year or three and the NBA messed up. I will be shocked if J David is not a lottery pick, Cal developed him for 4 years, and Brad should go number 1 as Cal developed him all his life.

    • ClutchCargo
      9:36 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      Feel better now? Damn, what an assclown.

    • mashburnfan1
      9:43 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      Is ridiculous, I agree. Is also exactly how so many comments look on here. Glad you could see how stupid those people are.

    • LilBigBird
      9:52 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      Some players take longer to develop that is an unfair statement by Nick.

    • nocode96
      9:54 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      Psst, hey mash, he’s making fun of you dipshlt.

      Hard to call anyone a flop at anything after limited exposure and only two years playing.

    • JLP
      9:52 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      I don’t like calling Nick a flop. He sees court time for one of the best bb programs in the country. I think it is fair to say he has underperformed expectations, but he is definitely NOT a flop. Some kids just take longer. He will undoubtedly play professional ball at some level. What small percentage of high school players can play in college, and what smaller percentage can go from college to pros? Nick doesn’t deserve such dismissal.

    • 4everUKblue
      11:18 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      In fact everyone is making fun of you mashclown. Ha ha ha ha!

  3. Dowser
    9:38 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink


  4. mashburnfan1
    9:46 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

    Barkley just said Murray has been good since Cal stopped holding him back……lol…Can’t wait to see the Sir Charles bashing in 3…..2….1…..

    • ClutchCargo
      10:56 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      Barkley and Cal are friends and bust each other’s balls at every opportunity. Try to pay attention.

    • nocode96
      12:05 am May 6, 2019 Permalink

      Look at who you’re talking to clutch, dude is hopelessly clueless.

  5. Smyrna_Cat
    9:58 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

    Barkley is not that knowledge about basketball. And you are going to listen to him? lol

    • IndianaSucks
      11:33 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      He may not be brightest human being but he’s a top 50 basketball player ever so I think I’ll listen to what he has to say about the game. Plus, he’s hilarious.

    • IndianaSucks
      11:34 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

      And that was in no way saying I agreed with him but like Clutch said…

    10:08 pm May 5, 2019 Permalink

    It seems a lot of people don’t seem to understand just how many kids are coming out of H.S. every year, compared to the small # that are drafted, or go overseas, etc. The rule change is really only going to affect a very small % of kids…most of which were going to leave after 1 year regardless. College BB will be better in the longrun.

  7. ScottGreene22
    1:57 pm May 6, 2019 Permalink

    Get the best available 2 and Done along with grad transfers and JUST WIN BABY WIN