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What happens if Blackshear doesn’t commit to UK?

(Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports)

(Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports)

Virginia Tech graduate transfer Kerry Blackshear, Jr. will make his decision on where he attends school next season any day now. Whether or not he joins UK, his decision has big implications on how the Cats will function next year.

However, he is by no means the be-all and end-all for the Cats to have a successful season. Here are three predictions for what will happen if Blackshear decides to commit elsewhere.

  1. Cal plays more small ball

John Calipari always brings in a good recruiting class, but this year he was lucky that so many big men stayed. With P.J. Washington and Reid Travis departing, had Nick Richards or E.J. Montgomery gone to the draft, getting Blackshear would be a necessity. Now, it’s a luxury.

There are some very talented guards in the incoming class, as well as forwards Kahlil Whitney and Keion Brooks who could play at the four position if necessary. With college basketball shifting to smaller lineups, Calipari adapting this style would allow the Cats to play faster and have more backcourt players shine. Because of this…

  1. The Cats could finally put up some points

Something Calipari has struggled to do in his time at Kentucky is record a nationally great offense. The Cats have only posted a top-10 scoring mark as a team once in Cal’s tenure during the 2016-17 season.

Many of Cal’s best teams have seen their seasons end simply because they fell short offensively (Auburn 2019, Wisconsin 2015, UConn 2011, WVU 2010). With a smaller lineup relying more on athletic guards and shooters like Whitney, Brooks, Tyrese Maxey, and Immanuel Quickley, UK could finally have the high-powered offense they need to get over the hump. Finally…

  1. E.J. or Nick hits their stride

With Calipari’s big men, it takes time for things to click. Specifically, playing time, something Richards and Montgomery are lacking in. Montgomery averaged 15.1 minutes per game last season while Richards’ playing time decreased from 14.7 minutes to 12.1 between his freshman and sophomore campaigns.

With a thinner frontcourt and Sestina limited as a defender, Montgomery and Richards would find the floor more and, in turn, they would gain much-needed experience and confidence. Because of this, they would be more likely to take the next step in their games, both offensively and defensively.

It’s impossible to say what will happen if Blackshear does or doesn’t commit, and this is not to say that his presence would be detrimental to Kentucky. He would bring an offensive skill set and experience that could greatly benefit the Cats. However, without his presence, the other players would receive a chance to shine.

Article written by Hayden Adams

29 Comments for What happens if Blackshear doesn’t commit to UK?

  1. Bigblueswami
    6:28 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    We could learn to hit three’s and free throws when it matters

    • wildcatdon
      10:58 am June 24, 2019 Permalink

      You writers have no idea if Sestina is a defensive liability. You have not seen him play so why write this kind of stuff. Sounds like Yahoo news here sometimes.

  2. runningunnin.454
    6:29 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    Nothing much will happen if we don’t get Kerry; we will be fine with an abundance of talent. We will score, and our defense will be sterling.
    Kerry has far more to lose if his choice is UT. He won’t have top competition in practice to hone his skills and abilities, and he won’t have Kenny Payne’s expertise to further develop his talent. If anything, the recent draft proved that NBA executives value UK’s program much more than Tennessee’s.

  3. VirginiaCat
    6:32 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    I can’t say this with 100% certainty, but if Blackshear doesn’t commit to Kentucky, it is highly likely that he is coming to Kentucky. Just my gut feeling.

    • runningunnin.454
      6:43 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink


    • nocode96
      7:18 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      Attempt at humor, whooshed himself on his own lame joke though.

    • 4everUKblue
      6:50 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      That’s a real head scratcher.

    • Cmart0907
      10:05 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      We struggle to put up points because of Calipari simple offense. Dribble , Dribble , Drive , No shot , Kick it to the 3 point line , Brick off the rim. Dump it into the post hopefully our big man get us two points. Blah blah blah. No screens , no backdoor passes , no inbound plays. No nothing. Just pathetic.

  4. J. Did
    6:35 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    I concur with the aforementioned commentary. If the Va Tech grad xfer goes to UT, whoopty do. No worries. KENTUCKY is KENTUCKY! The student-athletes that play ball at/for KENTUCKY will succeed.

  5. jaws2
    6:38 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    I’m CERTAIN we’ll get by.

    • dave1964
      6:51 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      We will get by but will be dumbed by the sweet 16 without him.

    • 4everUKblue
      6:52 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      Please explain.

    • nocode96
      7:19 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      Don’t engage him 4ever, he’s the latest in the bigolblue family.

    • 4everUKblue
      7:35 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      Thanks code, I didn’t know that about him.

    6:59 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    We are getting Blackshear if it was UT he has had over a week, plus then few more days after going to UK to pull the trigge. IF it was UT why hasn’t he pulled the trigger. Sounds like Cal is having him wait til Monday, due to the fact KENTUCKY and Him will be one of the headlines going into new week. All the misdirection feels like a Knox and Randle deal to me.

  7. just a guy
    7:00 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    We don’t put up points because these kids come in as scorers, but Cal spends the entire season coaching defense. Our offense is always better in the early season and slows down as the season progresses, because their focusing on defense. It’s not till they leave that they explode on offense.

  8. TOMCATS1990
    7:01 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    We will be fine. Small ball is a stretch we will have plenty of size if CAL decides to play either way.

  9. Smyrna_Cat
    7:10 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    I was hoping we would have another “what if, cause we really do have any real news” blurb on Blackshear.

    I hope the next blurb is on “What if Blackshear had eggs and bacon for breakfast instead of pancakes?”

  10. JT55
    7:47 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    I have a feeling it’s UT. The delay is happening so they can work out their scholarship situation. Hopefully I’m wrong, but it’s looking that way.

    • UKinMKY
      8:09 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      There’s no “scholarship situation” to work out, they either piss off one of their players by taking them off schol or they don’t. Pretty low integrity move from UT if you ask me.

    • JT55
      12:06 am June 24, 2019 Permalink

      I agree with you. It happens all the time in college football. I’m not saying it’s right, just that it happens.

  11. kenny
    7:48 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    This feels like an article to let us down easy

    • Ridge Runner
      8:19 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

      I know it’s probably not good, but your comment made me chuckle. I have to admit.

  12. Smyrna_Cat
    8:57 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    We need more Blackshear post!! Sunday is almost over!

    9:26 pm June 23, 2019 Permalink

    The KSR staff will have to find something else to fill the space between the ads?

  14. Kyceltsfan
    12:05 am June 24, 2019 Permalink

    What would happen if we all had a positive attitude for one day?

  15. GACAT
    1:26 am June 25, 2019 Permalink

    If we don’t get Blackshear it’s going to be another 26-6 year with no shot to win it all. Boring