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WATCH: Calipari, Krzyzewski, coaches urge fans to wear masks

Earlier this week, John Calipari released a video urging Kentucky fans to wear masks to help stop the spread of coronavirus. Turns out he also took part in a public service announcement from the National Association of Basketball Coaches along with Mike Krzyzewski, Bob Huggins, Cuonzo Martin, Frank Martin, Jim Boeheim and Jay Wright. Check it out below:

Great message, but I think Huggy Bear may need a bigger mask.


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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17 Comments for WATCH: Calipari, Krzyzewski, coaches urge fans to wear masks

  1. GACAT
    5:13 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

    Who do these coaches think they are? I am going to wear a mask because they suggest it. Really???

    • Bluehender
      6:53 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

      That’s right. You gotta be free. Screw everyone else..

  2. JATR4
    5:39 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

    No one expects you to. Some people are just dumb! But there may be some who will.

  3. mcp157
    7:06 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

    Masks are not the cure. Hanging out, spreading the virus and developing herd immunity is the answer. Fauci’s lemmings!

    • Bluebird
      7:39 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

      Sure. I mean, none of the other countries that’ve successfully handled this have done that. But I’m sure you’re right. America’s 125,000 deaths are because we’ve exercised too much caution.

    • 4everUKBlue
      8:36 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

      Sure the US has had 125,000 deaths with coronavirus, just not from it. Do you find it strange that between January and May the number of deaths caused by heart attack and stroke have almost zeroed out?

    • Bluebird
      8:53 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

      Deaths from stroke and heart disease are doing just fine. Comprehensive stats are hard to come by, but plenty of places are reporting INCREASED numbers.

    • 4everUKBlue
      7:42 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

      Yes a disease SO deadly you have to take a test to see if you have it, so deadly soap and water will kill it, so deadly 80 degree temperatures will kill it….think for yourself, use critical thinking instead of letting the MSM control your thoughts.

    • mcp157
      8:08 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

      Increased numbers, bluebird, means herd immunity is happening. This process was inhibited by our initial Howard Hughes Society response. The earth was overpopulated and in need of more food sources before Fauci, Gates and others started this hysteria.

    • mcp157
      10:23 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

      And when did a flu virus become a disease?

    • mcp157
      10:43 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

      125,000 deaths calculated by hospitals that are being incentivized by the federal government. Increasing numbers of infections do not represent a problem. Sweden had a lot of cases of infections but a low death rate. Their economy has done well as compared to the USA.

  4. CahillsCrossingNT
    7:16 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

    Somehow humans have made it for many millennia without the help of John Calipari and other basketball coaches. That amazes me.

  5. bigblue98
    7:18 pm July 3, 2020 Permalink

    Would be great if knew what the herd immunity threshold is for COVID. In reading various columns the experts vary greatly on the percentage. Would be great if it was a really low percentage.

  6. mcp157
    10:22 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

    Huggins and Calipari stick to coaching. We do not need a couple of donut eating fat boys to tell us how to be healthy!

  7. Kentucky3203
    11:20 am July 4, 2020 Permalink

    So let’s unpack this for all you Conservative Uneducated Trumpites who listen to Faux (FOX) News. COVID-19 is a dangerous virus that spreads 20 times faster than the flu. For those of you who believe that this is just like “the flu”, it’s not. The flu has a vaccine that you can get every year. However, only 45% of adults in the United States got their flu shot. If 100% were responsible enough to get their flu shot every year, we would have a very small amount of the populous contract the flu. We could almost eradicate the flu if everyone received a flu shot each year. WE DON’T HAVE A VACCINE for COVID-19!, making it very dangerous, especially for those who have underlying medical conditions. By simply wearing a mask, we can decrease the spread of the virus. This is not a way for government to take away your rights or make you become more submissive, it is simply a way to protect others, especially the most vulnerable. Wearing a mask is no different than wearing a seatbelt. COVID-19 is real, people have died from it, in painful fashion, while alone and away from loved ones. Quit listening to Faux News FOX, learn to become more informed and think for yourself. These coaches are doing a great public service, and much more highly educated and intelligent than most of the Faux News watchers. GO BIG BLUE! Wear your mask and stop the spread!

    • JATR4
      1:50 pm July 4, 2020 Permalink


    • mcp157
      3:54 pm July 4, 2020 Permalink

      The virus may spread faster than the flu, but it is a virus and not a disease. I pride myself on not listening/watching any of the talking heads on FOX or MSNBC, both have agendas. If you really knew anything about virology you would know the spread needs to happen to develop herd immunity. Stop listening to MSNBC. Wearing a mask is not the equivalent to wearing a seat belt. Apples and oranges, seatbelts being proven to save lives. Maybe if you are sick and/or old you should wear a mask to protect yourself but otherwise, the logical and humane thing to do is let herd immunity happen.