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UofL fan changes mind on Calipari after hearing entire “SEC Wired” audio


Last night on the KSR postgame show, a Louisville fan called in to say he recently had a change of heart regarding John Calipari.

The caller, Tim, worked Sunday’s UK-Montana State game for the SEC Network and was assigned to Cal’s in-game audio for the new ‘Wired’ feature, giving him a unique and uncensored perspective into Cal’s coaching.

“I got to listen to everything Cal said for about two and a half hours,” Tim told KSR. “I got a perspective to Cal as a coach, as a man, as a guy who loves his team, that I never thought I would get. The guy who is in the huddle with that team is a different guy than is on the podium at a press conference.”

It was shocking to me. He loves the players. He loves them as brothers; he loves them as a man; he’s trying to get them to reach their individual potential. He is trying to get them as a team to reach a potential that he sees and maybe they don’t even see it for themselves.”

Tim said the perception of Calipari in press conferences is it’s all about Cal and nationally he is seen as a guy who brings in the 10 best players in the country and gets credit for coaching them up when he rolls the ball out there. “That’s not at all what’s going on. He has got a mind of a coach way beyond Xs and Os.

Definitely give the call a listen in the podcast from last night, below. Tim’s call begins at the 14:50 mark and it includes a story of Cal asking Andrew what he wanted to do with Dominique Hawkins and why:

Article written by Drew Franklin

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7 Comments for UofL fan changes mind on Calipari after hearing entire “SEC Wired” audio

  1. Musehobo
    3:17 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

    Wow that was awesome. Sadly, not everybody is as open minded as that caller. After people make up their mind about someone and end up bashing that person a few times they rarely back off of their statements…much like politics.

    But that guy wasn’t hearing it preached from a UK fan. It came straight from the horse’s mouth. If only other fan-bases could have the same kind of access this caller had…perhaps more would realize that’s he’s actually a great guy.

  2. Dusten
    4:01 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

    Damn, Matt! Love ya, but you gotta let a caller like that talk for as long as he wants! I wanted to hear about all 2 and a half hours of what he heard from Cal!

  3. I Love It
    4:05 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

    “That’s nonsense. Everybody knows slime can’t coach. I mean, look at the way Culley-Stain hasn’t improved since he got to UK. Cow just rolled the ball out there and he went from a non-invite to the McDonalds All American game to an NBA lottery pick. Nanu and Mangok are going to eat his lunch next month!”

    – Louisville Fan

    • Old_Pogue_Bourbon
      5:09 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

      Are one of them Egyptian?

    • RealCatsFan
      5:13 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

      Isn’t “Nanu” what Mork used to say at the end of his show?

  4. UKfaninLou
    5:24 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

    Totally awesome but that guy is likely to have an empty Crown Royal bottle heaved through his window tonight.

  5. catdaddyd
    7:10 pm November 26, 2014 Permalink

    Cal talked to Andrew about putting Willis in, not Hawkins. Caller is mistaken.