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UK vs. Vandy Box Score


Alex seems happy with the win:

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14 Comments for UK vs. Vandy Box Score

  1. Big Dave
    6:03 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    haha julius got out of that place fast! We’ll likely need a big game from him at Arkansas.

  2. ibleedblue
    6:06 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink


  3. crazycatfan
    6:11 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    Alex makes me seem happy!

  4. EasyMoney
    6:17 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    Is it me or has Randle’s playing time been drastically ebbed and don’t we play better without him. Randle was rejected both times he tried that weak shot inside. What is going on with him?

    • Big Dave
      6:42 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

      I agree. Randle is still trying to do too much by himself. He can be really effective if he can find WCS out of the double/sometimes triple team. I also see too many guys standing out on the perimeter and not moving like they should which leads to Randle either shooting a difficult shot or passing put to a low percentage three-pointer.

  5. catinthehat
    6:18 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    Someone with video skills needs to make a mix with this song for Willie.

  6. Ace
    6:29 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    Randle’s basketball IQ is not as good as it should be. He looks to shoot before he even gets the ball. He is a strong physical presence but his fundamentals are not great.

    Has anyone noticed if he catches the ball above the right block side that he can’t finish with his right hand. I have seen him throw two layups in last two games up with the left hand on an angle that he needs to shoot with the right hand. He can’t do it. The shots looked awful. It amazes me that as much ball as these guys plays that some of them can’t use either hand on layups or put backs He is left hand dominant for sure.

    I am not sure if any of these guys are ready for NBA except for Young.

    • catfanmike
      9:47 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

      Funny you say Young is ready for pros…he played the worst of any of them today, but you still may be right. Randle is good enough, but certainly has issues getting the ball and figuring out when to pass. Must be tough getting double/triple teamed.

  7. bung
    6:39 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    uhh…my moderation should rate a comment….

  8. bung
    6:52 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    we get beat on fast break points 10-2 again? I basket?? We must have the world record on ways to screw up a fast break. The rebounder passes the ball backwards or hands it off…no one in position to receive a forward outlet pass…everyone doesn’t run…a 3 on 1 fast break and the only guy covered shoots and misses it instead of passing to one of his two open teammates…good grief…

  9. bung
    6:56 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    thanks Ms. T for letting me past the moderation machine…its real hard to type things twice since it would require me to remember what I was thinking 3 minutes ago…

  10. MN CAT
    7:23 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    Too many 3-point shots.

  11. Jame223
    7:28 pm January 11, 2014 Permalink

    What we saw today was a sloppy performance BUT we saw great effort. Sometimes the shots do not fall and you have to play defense to win the game, which we did. The talent and ability on his team has never been questioned, instead, it was the effort and defense that was questioned. We saw them give great effort and play defense which shows signs of growth.

  12. somerset bill
    12:52 pm January 12, 2014 Permalink

    can we get the “hustle points” added to the box score? or is that just an internal stat?