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UK target Trevor Keels commits to Duke

(Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

(Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

John Calipari’s late scholarship offer for 2021 five-star guard Trevor Keels wasn’t enough to pull off the come-from-behind upset in his recruitment.

Offering a scholarship just seven weeks ago on Feb. 12 – Duke offered back on Dec. 11, 2019 – UK was never seen as a lead contender for Keels’ services, as the Blue Devils and Villanova Wildcats traded momentum back and forth in recent weeks before the consensus top-20 prospect settled on Duke.

Keels ultimately chose Duke over Kentucky, Villanova and Virginia.

“Our relationship, it stood out between all the four coaches (recruiting me),” Keels said on ESPN. “All four coaches are Hall of Famers in my eyes, but I think that relationship I had with Coach K was just different. We connected better.”

Keels, seen as one of the top shooters and scorers in the senior class, is ranked as high as No. 16 overall and No. 2 among shooting guards in the 247Sports player rankings. ESPN has him listed as the No. 19 overall prospect, while Rivals has him ranked No. 20 overall.

With Keels off the board, Kentucky will look to the transfer portal to close out the 2021-22 roster. Meanwhile, the Blue Devils move up to No. 3 in the team recruiting rankings, with the Wildcats sitting just two spots below at No. 5 overall.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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38 Comments for UK target Trevor Keels commits to Duke

  1. JT55
    7:35 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    The best players don’t come to UK anymore. This is a big reason why Cal hasn’t been back to a FF.

    • calcat
      7:42 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Where do they go

    • IndianaSucks
      7:57 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Wherever they want and they’ll get to the NBA. It literally doesn’t matter where they go. Any college, g-league, Europe the elite can get where they’re trying to be.

    • calcat
      8:35 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Like Brandon Boston and Terrance Clark. Top 10 recruits and not even in the first round

    • neat1ky
      9:00 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      So last yr if Boston had gone to Duke u would be saying same thing hahahahaha so but I like the 3 players he has coming in and today’s game will now include transfers so it looks like u need to catch up to new recruiting

    • CombatMedic_98
      9:53 am April 3, 2021 Permalink


  2. WILDCATS1968
    7:42 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    Mark it down, the kid from Davidson will have a more impactful year next year than Keels, so that kind of kills that theory. Ask yourself, would you rather have Keel for 1 year, or a 5th year, career 18 PPG scorer from the tough A-10 for 1 year ? I know my answer, but it won’t fit your agends.

    • IndianaSucks
      7:57 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Let’s ask Sarr

    • IndianaSucks
      7:59 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      For the record, that’s not me disagreeing but rather saying there’s no way to tell until the games are being played.

  3. kjd
    8:05 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    Cal resorting to the transfer portal to fill out our team once again. Pretty sad how far Cal has fallen in recruiting and he’s tarnishing the gold standard in the process.

    • timbo
      8:46 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Maybe you should read up. 8 of the 20 starters in the final four are transfers, lol. There are already 1,000 players in NCAA transfer portal. It’s the game, today (and has been for over 5 years, ask Kelvin Sampson). Don’t let that ruin your miserable objective though.

    • mashman 93
      11:54 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      How in the hell is that sad?

  4. MississippiBlue
    8:20 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    Well if we weren’t so tough on our own players on social media we may have a 5 star PG (Hunter Sallis), but yeah it’s all on Cal.

    • TBW3011
      8:46 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Cal? That you? Name the best freshman in college hoops the last 3-4 years and how many came to Kentucky. I’m talking lotto picks. The best of the best. We don’t get them anymore

    • MississippiBlue
      10:55 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Tyler Herro, PJ Washington, Kevin Knox, Bam, Fox, and Monk were all McDonal All Americans and lottery picks in the last 3-4 years. I don’t believe many teams can boast a similar crop of talent in that span. However, if you disagree, and would prefer to root for them please do.

    • panicpat
      9:33 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Waaaaaa. Don’t be tough on my little boys? Are you serious with that comment “Mississippi blue”?

    • MississippiBlue
      10:58 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Yes, I’m serious! Trashing our players does nothing for our program. It’s just used to negatively recruit against us. Anyone one who watched this season knows that we underachieved, and that the product on the court was unacceptable. But what’s the point of attacking our players on line. That’s the type of think that leads to players telling other kids not to come to UK. Believe it or not but most kids from the major metro areas aren’t dying to spend the next year or two in Lexington, KY.

    • 4everUKBlue
      9:54 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Getting the lotto picks guarantees you nothing, just ask K how far the greatest recruiting class in history with the greatest recruit in history go him. At least that’s what ESPN called that class and Zion.

  5. Eddiemcwildcat
    8:28 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    Rather have Hickman, Mintz

  6. CALfacts
    8:37 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    Why does cal wait so long to get involved? I mean this guy can shoot, and Duke was all over him back in December? Don’t understand …..

    • MississippiBlue
      10:59 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      I think he’s a good college player, and I would’ve liked to have him. However, he’s no Herro, Monk, or Murray. He reminds me of a less athletic Garry Harris. So definitely a take, but not the end of the world.

    • Skooms
      6:01 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      December of 2019. Duke was after him pre-Covid.

  7. Jambluehue99
    9:25 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

    I think some people would be much happier if they just rooted for the team instead of trying to over analyze (criticize) every move that’s made or not made. Whoever is on the team come this fall will be the team. You either support it or your don’t. To sit here in April and wring your hands at the thought of not getting every single top 5 player in the game is pointless. Cal had some dominate years. He’s had some off years. So has every other coach in the game. Some player over perform and leave early. Some under perform and aren’t dominate. Only Kentucky fans would be unhappy with both outcomes at the same time.

    • 4everUKBlue
      10:01 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Comment of the day right here. Nailed it!

    • 859bornandraised
      10:22 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink

      Thanks jambluehue99 for the greatest answer of all time

    • MississippiBlue
      11:00 pm April 2, 2021 Permalink


    • kjd
      8:24 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Let’s go get dominant players and see if Cal can dominate the competition.

    • runningunnin.454
      8:29 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Yeah, but some under perform and aren’t dominate, and leave early anyway; that does seem to be a problem at UK.

    • VirginiaCat
      11:06 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      I don’t think that it’s bad that Kentucky fans have such high expectations. It’s what has kept the program relevant all these years. No other program has won national championships under five different coaches. It’s the fan base that holds the program to a high standard and clamors for excellence. When that standard is no longer being met, the BBN demands better. UK basketball has not been good the last six years and ended this season’s with a 9-16 record. Kentucky did not receive a bid to the NCAA bid and wasn’t good enough to play in the NIT. Cal had a worse year than Billy Clyde. Unacceptable. The fan base is justified in seeking accountability. Cal is feeling the heat, which will force him to either re-evaluate his methods or find another venue.

    • MississippiBlue
      11:31 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      I’m okay with high expectations, but we’ve become delusional. We’ve finished in the top 10 of the AP poll 4 of the past six years. The two other finishes were 18 and this year. How does that equate to not being good?

  8. bigblueincincy
    12:11 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Such dumb comments on this thread! Please turn off comments KSR as the vocal minority of our fan base talk loudly for the true blue believers! Just ignorant!

  9. CahillsCrossingNT
    4:27 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

    Mike Kyzyzewski is like the big brother who plays keep away from his little brother (AKA the Kentucky coach). When Kentucky thinks they may get a top recruit, Krzyzewski lures him away yet again. Remember folks, Duke IS college basketball. Kentucky hasn’t been that since Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House.

    • runningunnin.454
      8:39 am April 3, 2021 Permalink

      Dwight Eisenhower? That is absurd; we have won four NCAA championships since Ike. Do you even know when Eisenhower was president? Let me give you a hint…Rocky Marciano was heavyweight champion.

    • CahillsCrossingNT
      12:05 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      It’s funny how you refer to him as “Ike” as if you were a friend of his. Then you say “we” have won four NCAA championships since his administration when in fact you contributed nothing.

    • runningunnin.454
      1:17 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      EVERYONE called him Ike; his campaign buttons said “I LIKE IKE”. This is a UK fansite, We say We have eight titles; We obviously does not include you. And yes, I was in the stands in ’75 when WE lost to UCLA, and when WE won in ’96 and ’98, and I cheered for US. Whom do you cheer for?

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:55 pm April 3, 2021 Permalink

      RG owns you Cahill like Cal owns Rick…..I’m hearing nothing but crickets.

    • Thetruthshallsetbennyfree
      8:11 pm April 4, 2021 Permalink

      CahillsCrossingNT makes a good point, coach K does step in with a bag o cash and buys players other schools want. I mean he outbidded Kansas for the greatest player of all time. If Cal started paying players it would be the other way around though. So it is what it is.