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UK drops out of’s Top 26

Darrell Bird | Cats Pause
Cal wiht Twins’s college basketball team updated its “Top 25 (and one)” late last night following Kentucky’s loss to LSU, and the Wildcats are notably absent from the new rankings. That’s quite the plunge from sitting at No. 13 prior to last night’s reconfiguration. Gary Parrish explains:

Kentucky lost at LSU late Tuesday and now has four losses to teams ranked outside of the top 50 of the RPI. That’s two more than any other school in the AP poll. So if somebody asks why the Wildcats are no longer in the Top 25 (and one), reference that statistic.

Too many bad losses.

Not enough notable victories.

That’s a rough combination for the preseason No. 1.

From preseason No. 1 to nowhere to be found in’s Top 26… what a beautiful mess we’re in.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

138 Comments for UK drops out of’s Top 26

  1. asdf
    11:38 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    UK had been moving in the right direction until last night, but until they show otherwise, they don’t deserve to be ranked.

    • twocoach
      12:00 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      No, they have just been playing crappier teams at home.

    • Danzigman
      12:05 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I agree, this team has to learn to work together. They also need to learn how to play on the road. Ranking this team is just wishful thinking at present. A team with inferior talent mopped the floor with them last night. Just plain embarrassing…

  2. justme
    11:42 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    is it possible that the cats are just getting beat by teams with better talent and coaching? is it possible that no team (of freshmen) could meet the expectations of a fan base demanding 40-0 and considers anything less to be a “lack of heart”? i didnt think so…..

  3. Syrin
    11:44 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Huh? Who could have seen this coming?

  4. Excitement is over
    11:45 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Cal did his job. He brought excitement back to UK. But, it is over. Time for him to go coach the Celtics. Is there any way we can lure Billy Donovan here next year?

    • Turner the Burner
      11:49 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

      What a terrible comment. UK fans are earning their reputation of kicking coaches out. He has been to an Elite Eight, Final Four, and won a title and you are ready to kick him out? How about YOU turn in your UK shirts and go somewhere else.

    • Maximus
      11:51 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I wish I could say that is a crazy thought, but I admit I’ve thought the same thing – the excitement was palpable, but losses like this raise a lot of questions. I saw few in-game adjustments, and he doesn’t seem to be getting through to most of this team. I know it’s hard to coach freshmen yada yada yada, but this is his style of which he is very clear about not changing.

      that being said, no way the Celtics get rid of Stephens. Dude has made a horrible team somewhat decent – he’s an incredible coach.

    • UKCatNKy
      11:51 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I hate to say it, but I would rather recruit players Billy Donovan gets than a whole new crop of freshman every year. After these 2 years, I am over the one and dones. We need veteran players as well.

    • Excitement is over
      11:58 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

      @ I got the syphilis Turner, It has already been done. And I don’t care which NBA team he goes to, but he is in love with Boston. And what Cal wants, Cal gets.

    • logic
      12:02 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      “Thanks for the championship coach….now get the fvck out!”

      It is embarrassing to acknowledge this might actually be a real UK fan….my, what an entitled group of armchair coaches we have….

    • Smitty
      12:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      UKCatNKY – I’m pretty sure that is what Cal is doing with this current team and next year’s team… 5 or 6 contributors will be back from this team along with next year’s guys. Those guys will be here for 2-3 years. He is getting the mix and changing his recruiting philosophy, it just takes a little time.

    • twocoach
      12:13 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Smitty –> There is a difference between recruiting guys that will build your program with experience and guys that were expected to be OAD that FAILED. Program builders are guys that came in expecting to start their careers on the bench that worked their butts off in practice to improve and contribute to the team. That process makes them enjoy their shot when they finally get it even more.

      OAD failures sticking around for another year are usually guys that are upset with what has happened and that they are still with the team instead of being where they wanted to be, in the NBA. They see another year in college as a NEGATIVE, not a positive.

      Cal needs to check his ego at the door in recruiting and target some guys in the 35-75 ranking range that can fill his bench with guys that will work their butts off and be rpoud to represent their SCHOOL, not just go out there trying to add to their NBA tryout highlight videos. I just don’t think Cal’s ego can stand the notion of not landing the #1 overall recruiting class or of UK not being talked about with the most buzz heading into the season.

    • Excitement is over
      12:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      @ Logic, First of all, I never claimed to be a coach. Second of all, I am entitled !! I am a fan. I have been for over 30 years. I have spent MY money on tickets. I spend MY money on gear. Therefore I am entitled to my opinion. And my opinion is that Cal is better suited for NBA …

    • stubbs
      12:55 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      And the rest of us are entitled to think you’re an idiot.

      Cal has an identical w/l record to Rupp so far. Calling for his job is ludicrous.

    • logic
      12:58 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I didn’t claim you were a coach either; I implied you were an armchair coach – there is a big difference.

      You certainly are entitled to your opinion but my reference to entitlement was speaking to fans (such as you) who are apparently not content with having won a national championship less than 1 year and 10 months ago – fans who seemingly feel entitled to a championship more often than that and blame Cal for not achieving such even though we hadn’t won one in more than a decade prior.

      Putting that all aside, however, I am sincerely curious who you’d like to land as coach if Cal were to move on.

    • raccoon
      1:20 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink


      Several of Cal’s players have not been recruited as one and done. WCS was not expected to be one and done (he was #35 nationally and signed knowing he would likely not start with Noel being there). Poythress was only potentially one and done. Is Poythress what is wrong with this team? Surely not, he has been great. TJ was probably the only guy who was a true “one and done failure” and it sure did suck to have him for the second year, helping us win a national championship and all.

      The other potential one and done players that had bad freshman seasons left for the draft anyway: Orton (who was actually a BCG holdover along with Hood) and Archie (I was a huge Archie fan).

      Breakdown of Cal players since his arrival:

      The guys who were recruited expecting to be one and done: Wall, Cousins, Knight, Kanter, Davis, MKG, Teague, Noel, Goodwin, Randle, Harrisons, Young

      The guys recruited to potentially be one and done: Jones, Lamb, Poythress, WCS, Johnson

      Guys recruited to be 3-4 year major contribution players: Bledsoe, Poole, Wiltjer, Lee, Willis

      Significant transfers: Dodson, Harrow, Mays

      I get that there are arguments for building teams different ways, but you are just incorrect on the facts so it’s hard to even address your argument.

    • Excitement is over
      3:23 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Stubbs, you are actually using the comparison to Rupp arguement? And I am the idiot? hahaha. That is like saying Wilt Chamberlin would be just as dominat today as he was then. Different time, way different competition and athletes. Not even a close comparison. Try again …

  5. M
    11:48 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I’m fine with this, but the RPI is an absolute joke.

    • Smitty
      11:50 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Real Time RPI has Arkansas at 75 as our worst loss. there are many teams in the top 25 that have RPI losses of 100+. Getting beat by 54, 51, 75, and 62 RPI teams are not “bad losses” Go look at the rest of the top 25

    • twocoach
      12:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      There aren’t any teams that have FOUR of them. That’s the point. Each one is not that bad, but ALL of them adds up to a pile of crap. Kentuckly has easily the worst resume of any Top 25 team. They are going to lose @Mizzou Saturday and drop both games to Florida as well. Yet some UK fans will get excited that the team is “back” after they beat a mediocre Ole Miss team at home next week.

    • Smitty
      12:24 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      twocoach – Really? Do they?

      UCONN has lost to Stanford – 53 rpi and wait for it….. Houston 171.

      Duke – Lost to Notre Dame – 92 RPI and 78 Clemson.

      Michigan – Charlotte 118

    • twocoach
      12:36 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Smitty, a resume is ALL of the games they have played, not just a portion. You conveniently left out the fact that UConn beat FLORIDA and won AT Memphis, both better wins than anything that Kentucky has accomplished.

      Nice try, though.

    • raccoon
      1:25 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      @twocoach not sure if you are trying to be a contrarian, but your arguments seem to be based on “look at what Kentucky has done” and then “set the goal post so that is bad.” Kentucky has a top-10 stregth of schedule. It isn’t like it would have been better or worse had we beat MSU, but lost to Louisville. Or beat Arkansas, but lost Boise State.

      This bad loss/good loss/good win business is incredibly stupid and only serves to affirm existing positions. “Two bad losses equals one really bad loss, but is offset by a good win and a great win and a road game top-25 RPI” Nonsense. SOS and win-loss. That is all you need.

    • twocoach
      1:44 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      You’ll see that I am right come Selection Sunday. It is SOS, RPI, “who did you beat and where” and “who did you lose to and where” that matter on that day, not just RPI and SOS.

    • raccoon
      2:44 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      What will I see? Honestly what are you suggesting I look for on Selection Sunday in a month and a half? I want to know so I can look for it.

      That with small variations the top-40 RPI teams go to the tournament along with the conference winners? Just like every other year.

      Show me a team that had a better SOS, W-L and RPI (all three) than a team that was picked over them ever. Just one and I’ll admit that these things matter. Or show me a team that was seeded more than one spot ahead of team that had a better SOS, W-L and RPI.

      These are things the media uses to drum up more interest. There is a reason that Joe Luinardi, who is pretty much a moron, is able to predict the field and seeding so well every year, and it isn’t because it is more complicated than you think.

    • twocoach
      12:37 am January 30, 2014 Permalink


      “Show me a team that had a better SOS, W-L and RPI (all three) than a team that was picked over them ever. Just one and I’ll admit that these things matter. ”

      OK, let’s give it a run:

      New Mexico 29 wins, #2 RPI (on SOS #2
      Georgetown 25 wins, #11 RPI SOS 16

      Georgetown gets the #2 seed while New Mexico gets the #3 seed. WHY? New Mexico’s best wins were @ #5 seed UNLV and @ #8 seed Colorado State while Georgetown’s best wins were a win over #1 seed Louisville, a win over #3 seed Marquette and two wins over #4 seed Syracuse.

      That took about 2 minutes, shall I go on? This is easy…

  6. What'sThatFalling?OhIt'sTheSky
    11:50 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with Parrish. The losses (sans Michigan State) are now looking terrible. UNC is no good and probably not a tournament team; Baylor is terrible (1-6 in conference); and we have lost to a team (Arkansas) that is 2-5 in the SEVENTH best conference in America and a team (LSU) that was 3-3 in the SEVENTH best conference in America. Our only conference road win is against a pitiful Vandy team that is 2-4 in conference. We now have to go to Missouri and will probably not be favored. If we lose that game, we could be heading down the path of last year’s team. This team is too talented and should be able to right the ship, but based just on results, Parrish is right.

  7. justme
    11:51 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    uk winning the national championship with 2 key freshmen a couple yrs ago will forever destroy the team-fanbase relationship. a championship yr is demanded every year now and anything thing less leaves the fans berating the team for lack of knowledge/heart/will. when your gratitude for Cal and his teams reaches the point of him leaving then we can start discussing how nice it would be to be relevant in college basketball again (see uk football)

    • jus sayin
      12:05 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink


  8. the ghost of Bill Hicks
    11:57 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I’m glad I never bought into that undefeated talk…..

  9. UKBlue
    11:59 am January 29, 2014 Permalink

    They should have just said: They are overrated & suck. Last night game just shows, this team I’m sorry is pathetic.

  10. timefor9
    12:01 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Honestly, I do not think we should even be in the top 25 because we likely can’t beat any ranked teams even at a neutral site and I believe that has been the case all season.

  11. Mudcreekmark
    12:02 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    It is what it is. We don’t deserve to be in the top 25. Arkansas lost at home last night to Missouri. We couldn’t win there but Missouri did. Last night we couldn’t beat LSU at LSU but Rhode Island did.Please quit talking about how talented we are. That is what is wrong with this team. They think they are way better than they actually are.

  12. Mr. Obvious
    12:03 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    This is the youngest team in the nation. Wait until the end of the year to make your opinions on the future of Cal, who has, in most ways, been an amazing coach. If this team is in fact similar to 2011, and goes to the Final Four, you will look like bigger idiots than you already do and I will be lumped in with you. Just stop…

    • Saw this coming
      12:09 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Wait for what. They start playing good by the end of the year so we don’t get killed in the NIT. That’s where we are heading. This is the result of a whole freshman team. Do you guys get it yet. We won a national championship with a good SENIOR leader and good freshman. That’s the formula for a winning team. Not a bunch of freshman that are prima donnas. It is like watching the NBA with all offense and absolutely no defense.

    • twocoach
      12:14 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Kansas is just as young and they are undefeated in the toughest conference in America with several huge road wins already under their belt…

    • adam
      12:32 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Saw this coming, let me guess, you wanted to get rid of Cal when he only won 2 SEC road games in 2011. How’d that turn out?

    • BPM
      12:33 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Fair point on Kansas but the difference is they don’t rely on their two stud freshman – they have a number of upperclassmen parts that are critical to their team. We rely almost exlusively on the freshman who are not quite as good as the 2 for Kansas.

  13. jus sayin
    12:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    So we lose to teams with a low RPI and that hurts us but our high RPI doesn’t mean anything? We are overrated but there are not 25 teams better than us on a neutral floor.

    • twocoach
      12:06 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Based on what, Kentucky’s “great” performances away from home?

    • logic
      1:00 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      @twocoach…try naming 25 teams you don’t think we’d beat on a neutral site.

    • twocoach
      1:46 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      It would be pure speculation one way or the other. The facts say that Kentucky has sucked away from home. COULD they beat any team on any day at a neutral site? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t put the odds very high.

  14. katdaddy
    12:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Are you guys with me now? Cal must go!! The program is headed no where but down hill. a couple of weeks ago i was blasted on this site for saying cal needs to go. Its not going to get any better. This is a NIT team too. We’ll be on the bubble as long as Cal is our coach. You can’t win with all freshman.

    • BBN
      12:05 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      NO, not even close.

    • M
      12:10 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I’m not with you.

    • muri
      12:12 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      You are right. Cal hasn’t won at all. So dumb.

    • Jughead
      12:30 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Not with you–I never travel with hysteria.

    • stubbs
      12:58 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink


    • logic
      1:02 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Absolutely not; far from it.

      An elite 8, final four, national championship and NIT I will happily take every 4 years. The best recruiting class every year I will happily take for four years. Same record as Rupp thus far in his tenure….

  15. SP
    12:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    We should get rid of all these players and start over


  16. Mudcreekmark
    12:06 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    If you look at the best players on the floor last night, LSU had 2 of the top 3 players in the game. Johnny O’Bryant was the best player on the floor by a large margin.Mickey was better than anyone on our team not named James Young.

  17. JustmeJustme
    12:06 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    3). I for one predicted the cats to loose a min of 6 games on this site at the start of the season. I was immediately chastised as a Louisville troll and requested to leave the site by no fewer than 10 posters. Reality is that the uk fanbase knowledge and expectations are the only issues with the team! We are getting the best seniors in high school every year and expecting them to crush the best fresh thru seniors in college every year!!! Doesn’t work that way people

    • M
      12:18 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I stopped at loose

    • Daniel
      12:37 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I stopped there too lol

    • Justme
      12:41 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Bad memories of your mothers?

    • JustYou
      1:00 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      You typed it not me. What’s on your mind? Walking in on one of the many gang bangs your mom took probably makes it justifiable that you spelled it this way.

    • Justme
      2:39 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Some kids spent their time playing sports and chasing girls…the nerds spent their time reading books and wishing they were the jocks. I can only imagine where you fall! Lol

  18. Call me crazy
    12:07 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Call me crazy but I think Cal is realizing the his recruit only NBA guys theory is backfiring.

    These guys simply don’t care about the game, they care about their game. They look at KY and think if they go there they will get drafted higher. That may be the case but that is starting to hurt our team. Sure, we have some of the most talented guys in college but they aren’t unpacking their bags. They refresh draft stock websites instead of watching film.

    Don’t give me the whole “they’re young” excuse anymore. Kansas is loaded with freshman and they look nearly unstoppable at this point. The reason is because they give effort. They want to be great for Kansas. Kansas players know that if they play hard everything else will take care of itself, like their draft stock. Much like MKG and Davis (4th & 5th most shots), Kansas players care more about winning then they do about their draft stock.

    • Adam
      12:11 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Cal’s doing something that has never been done before. there will be some growing pains, but I will definitely reserve judgment until the end of the season and see what the plan is going forward. He’s had 1 bad season and may well resurrect this one…

    • stubbs
      1:01 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Kansas has one fewer loss than we do. I wouldn’t hold them up as some kind of pinnacle.

      KU the toughest schedule in cbb, but UK’s schedule is no joke.

    • twocoach
      1:58 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Stubbs, really?

      Kansas: games against RPI Top 25 = EIGHT (four road, 1 neutral, 3 home)
      Kentucky: games against RPI Top 25 = ONE (neutral)

      Do you really think that Kentucky would still have only one more loss than Kansas if UK had played seven more games against RPI Top 25 teams and four of them were on the road?!?

  19. Scott
    12:13 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    As someone mentioned on KSR this morning, Cal noted that last year would never happen again. Well, it is. We are marching down a similar pathway – the inability to win on the road, the inability to guard, the inability to make needed baskets, the inability to be consistent on offense and defense and the inability to beat top 25 teams. Like Matt said early on his show, who would have imagined the current state of UK BBALL?

  20. Rufus
    12:13 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    After the Arky loss I stated this team is the same as last year, and they would lose 3-4 more in SEC play, and was blasted by many of the blue-tinted fans of this board. Well, what you think now? I think I need to up that to 4-5.

  21. C_Cov
    12:14 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    on the bright side of things. The worse this team is this year the better they will be the next!

    • Makers
      12:30 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      We all said that last year…

    • Scott Farkus
      12:36 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      That’s what we all said last year, but I will still agree with you. We “should” be better next year. I really can’t see anyone other than maybe Randle going to the NBA, and he isn’t even close to being ready. That isn’t to say that Willie, Poythress or Young won’t go the Daniel Orton route. We’ll see who is money hungry and playing in D League, Turkey or China in three years.

    • C_Cov
      12:46 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      We didnt have enough hold overs from last year if we kept archie and nerlens its a different story

    • Scott Farkus
      1:01 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Why did you have to remind me? I’ve done my best to forget Archie and Ryan Harrow.

    • C_Cov
      1:07 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Archie got alot of undeserved hate. He was a good player with alot of hustle. he tried to take the entire team on his shoulders and it was to much for him. He always had to create his own shot. If you put him on this team thats alot more balance and you dont see those bone head drives to the basket time and time again. Plus these fouls really would have played in his favor this year. I liked Archie

    • twocoach
      2:00 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Are you implying that bringing back players that are failing due to poor attitude and effort levels is a GOOD thing?

    • C_Cov
      2:04 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Archie never had poor effort levels

  22. Jughead
    12:15 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    What we are learning is that it is tough to win with NBA-bound 18 year olds. Immature transients who are passing time to get to the draft.

    It will be a LONG time before 2012 happens again.

  23. RICK
    12:21 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Shoot the 3 and win. Poor coaching, play some zone defense when its needed. Have your team ready to play when the game starts, all poor coaching. They were more physical than us, poor coaching.

    • Turner the Burner
      12:25 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Tell Boeheim to play man… They play what they play.

  24. bobofky
    12:21 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    ,, a hard rain’s gonna fall.
    Calipari’s business model is showing cracks This was telegraphed last season and again from the start of this season. There appears to be a disconnect between coach and player.
    Cal is being paid to overcome obstacles. I would suggest that he examine his whole enchilada from the time his feet hit the floor in the morning, while assuming the psyche of the players, fans and coaches.
    Caesars pizza had a fun little promotional TV commercial a few years back: a Caesar-like animated character delivered to, and knocked on, a neighborhood door and loudly declared “Pizza, Pizza. It was cute for awhile and then finally, you were sick of little Caesar. Pizza, Pizza.
    The point is, Pizza is a powerful word, who does not like Pizza? But, there is a limit to what people perceive as cute. More importantly Pizza,Pizza loses it’s energy after a time. Caesar might resort to ringing the bell and just shut up.

  25. Players First Program
    12:22 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Relax everybody the Lakers job might come open.

  26. justme
    12:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    im just glad we ran wiltcher off the team! lord only knows how many more losses we would have incurred. (pun intended)

    • PhilUK18
      12:39 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I don’t think you know what a pun is, because there definitely isn’t one in there. Also, it’s spelled Wiltjer. Lastly, he couldn’t guard a fence post. This team’s big problem is their defense. So yeah, he wouldn’t have helped much.

    • Brad
      12:46 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      What pun…

    • Justme
      12:51 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      It’s easy to understand why the uk fan base is what it is. All they can comment on is the spelling of post. A sure sign they were nerds in school and never dribbled anything other than their lips

    • PhilUK18
      12:58 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      JustMe- I guess you missed the part where I pointed out that Wiltjer wouldn’t help this team much because his defense was atrocious and that’s the main problem on this team? It’s ok, reading is hard for some of us, I get it. Let me know if I can explain anything else to you like I would have to with a small child.

    • Justme
      2:48 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Phil….I realized that you said something about defense…there was a reason I never commented on it. It’s stupid! Refer back to my comment of never playing the game. If you think these guys arent busting their azz on defense (with Cal screaming at them and pulling them out every time they mess up), you’re just stupid. Is it possible for another team to just have a great shooting night? If kevin Durante scores 30+ a night on every team does that mean no professional athlete can play defense?

    • PhilUK18
      4:48 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I don’t even know what you’re talking about with Durant, so I’ll just leave that one alone, because it makes no sense. And here we go with your obvious reading issues again. As far as their effort level on defense, where did I say they aren’t trying? The point is they aren’t good at it at this stage of the season. Kyle Wiltjer, you know, that guy the first poster was talking about, is terrible on defense, and would not fix that problem. Are you seriously this stupid or just pretending? I’m struggling to believe anyone could be as genuinely retarded as you’ve come across in this “argument”.

    • PhilUK18
      4:53 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      And since I know you’ll be confused by that, as usual, let me point you towards the defensive efficiency stats on KenPom. This team has been average, at best, all season on defense. I’m sure you’ll try and argue that too though, because you’re clearly delusional.

  27. yahoo
    12:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Marcus lee tweeted about his hair 30 mins after the loss.

    I’d cut him off the team

    12:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink


  29. katdaddy
    12:28 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    It will never happened again with cal. I thought when he first got here he could win multiple championships. But now i’m wondering if he’ll ever make the tournament again.

  30. Bluebarn
    12:29 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Is the statement in this article correct? Neither Michigan State, Baylor, North Carolina, or LSU are in the top 50 RPI?
    The LSU game may be the worst loss, but Michigan State and Baylor are good teams, and North Carolina had some good games early.

    • AnthonyBBN
      12:36 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      MIch St is 5th in the RPI, our worse loss RPI-wise is AR at 80th.

    • twocoach
      12:48 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Baylor is 1-6 in the Big 12 after a loss at home to a bad West Virginia team. They also lost @ Texas Tech. Still think they’re good?

  31. Mudcreekmark
    12:32 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Fans calling for Cals job are just showing America how ignorant our fans really are. We were in the hunt for a National Championship three of the first four years Cal has been here. Thats is all you can ask for. To have a shot. It takes some luck to win it all, we had some of it to get to the Final Four in ’11 and didn’t have it in ’10. We didn’t need any luck in ’12. Last year was terrible, but this year isn’t over.

  32. katdaddy
    12:34 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    He must go!

  33. Cat Fan
    12:35 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    This team looked like they wanted to be anywhere but Baton Rouge last night.

    Pretty sorry showing. Not ready to give up on them yet, but hard to get excited about this team.

  34. Bubba
    12:35 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Where can I buy a 40-0 shirt?

  35. katdaddy
    12:36 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Lost 17 games since ship and counting!

  36. DocWhiskey
    12:37 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    If the starting lineup for Missouri is anything other than this then things will not improve:

    Aaron Harris

    • medasm
      1:43 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      that would be my lineup

  37. B-man
    12:40 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    We have five losses, only two of which are “unreasonable”. They shouldn’t have lost to Baylor or LSU. Winning at Arkansas is always difficult, so I’ not surprised. Hell, I even thought the Cats showed a lot of fight in that game. Losing to MSU is reasonable, especially since it was early in the season. Losing AT UNC is reasonable (Keep in mind UNC also beat UofL and Sparty…at home). Road games for UK are always tougher for UK than other teams in the SEC. One thing I agree with that Cal says, when UK comes to town, it’s their SuperBowl. UNC even had a white out for the UK game. Freaking UNC made a big deal about UK coming. I can assure you that the LSU players and fans will not be near as pumped when Auburn comes to town.

    • Brad
      12:49 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Thank you. That is the most reasonable post I’ve read yet.

  38. Bluegrass Basketball
    12:40 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Honestly, we don’t deserve to be in the top 25! Point blank. It’s frustrating to see every game as a “slow start.” This team had all the hype to live up to our 2012 championship team and even had more All-Americans. The 2012 team would beat this bunch worse than they beat LSU in Baton Rouge! It’s tough to get a fresh crop of kids and have them compete at a high level year in and year out. I like the fact that we can recruit and get the nations best, but what has it done for is the past two years? However, to build and sustain a program we need more kids than just one and dones…look at MSU, ‘Zona and, excuse my language, Duke. All have kids that stay 2, 3, and even 4 years. Not giving up yet, but I just feel it will be more of the same until we look at that change.

  39. I am cold
    12:41 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Wait..i have seen this play with UK hoops before. It was right after 1998. The protagonist was a guy called Ten Loss Tubby. And I saw it in the late 70s early 80s with a yokel named Joe B. 5-8 years after you win a championship you get dumped for underachieving.

    Rick Jr. in 2016.

    • BBN John Cooper
      2:41 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      You didn’t just compare Tubby and Joe B. did you? Joe B. went to a Final Four the year before he retired in ’84, 6 years after his national championship. That’s not underachieving. Plus he was in the title game in ’75. Tubby went to 1 Final Four with a bunch of holdovers from a national champion and a runner-up and then made a career out of losing in Sweet 16s and Elite 8s the rest of the time here. Rick Jr. in 2016? Never trust a Pitino. He was the one who leaked Bledsoe’s transcripts before the 09-10 season. He goes to the houses of the players both he and Cal are recruiting just to put us down. No way.

  40. PlayersFirst
    12:44 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Cal has done a great job of making UK a players first place to come. However while they get to showcase themselves to better their NBA draft position they clearly have little interest in winning titles. The 2012 team appears to have been a fluke.

  41. Mo Blatz
    12:46 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    You dingleberries thought ‘one and done’ referred to the players and not the number of championships JC will win at UK.

  42. rick
    12:54 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Most of the comments on here are stupid, including mine. We should all be writing for this site, anyone can come up with the brain dead idea of 40 nad 0.

  43. Nerds
    12:54 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    There are so many great basketball coaches on this web site. I can’t believe major universities aren’t knocking down the door of your mom’s basement to hire you. The majority of the UK fanbase is a joke and frankly, quite embarrassing. And before you go ape, I’m a UK grad. Some of you are far too invested in sports. Lighten up, gang. There is more to life than cheering for a bunch of kids. Au revoir.

    • M
      1:08 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      When you say a majority of the fanbase you lose some credibility. Do you think 51% of the fans go on to websites and complain about the team and Cal? I’d like to think it’s a lot less. Sure there are some idiots on this site. However, I’m not sure if they are UK fans or trolls. I’m sure everyone on here knows that there is more than life than cheering on a basketball team. However, if sports in general provide an escape from the day-to-day grind then sobeit. There’s also some irony in your comment. Get off of a sports website and go save the planet.

    • Nerds
      2:00 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink


      Actual statistical numbers will never be available, so I can respond with scientific data. However, the phrase, “perception is reality” holds true here. While the actual majority of the fanbase may be intelligent, rational people able to discuss UK Sports in an objective manner, the idiots that get the most publicity ruin it for the “rest of us”. I’ve been reading KSR for years, but this is the first time I’ve ever posted.

      There is only irony in my original post because it’s what you choose to focus on…namely because it’s easier. I read the site MAYBE twice per week. And don’t worry, I am out there making an actual difference. But thank you for trying to micromanage.

    • twocoach
      2:07 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      It’s only the most extreme 5% of a fanbase that uses message boards, so basing your opinion of an entire fanbase off of message board posts is “frankly, quite embarrassing.”

    • M
      2:12 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Thanks “Nerds”. So when you said the majority of the UK fanbase is a joke and frankly quite embarrassing that should be interpreted as the small percentage of idiots within the UK fanbase that get publicity for being so vocal are a joke, and they create a perception that our entire fanbase is a joke?

      Yes, I would agree with that. Unfortunately though, there are people pretending to be UK fans that bash the team to add fuel to this perception. Most rational people understand that this is happening, and don’t generalize an entire fanbase because they realize that the so called reality is distorted. To those that perceive UK fans one way, based on comments on a message board, and lump everyone together, I hope they don’t have those same narrow-minded thoughts with all aspects of life. Using a generalization is by no means, scientific data.

    • Nerds
      5:52 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Good conversation, M. Seriously. It’s easy for the few that will capture the spotlight to bring down the image of the entire organization. I travel a lot for work, which means a lot of time spent in airports. I can tell you this…when the topic of sports comes up and I reveal I’m a UK fan/alum, the reaction is usually negative and more times than not, a negative is comment made about the fanbase. I agree with what you’ve said, and again, this has been a good discussion. Who do I think is right? We are both right. All the best, buddy.

  44. Please
    12:55 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    3 Words fair weathered fans Many of u fall under this category or you are not true UK fans or your just spoiled. with the one and done you loved the first 3 years so now you wine. this team will still b in he hunt for the championship but for now why dont you take your balls and go home and play with them like you normally do

  45. Mudcreekmark
    12:58 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I’ve not seen anyone comment on this on here yet, so here it goes. The problem with this years team is the same problem with last years team. We don’t have a leader and more than that, our point guard is not a pure point guard and not a leader. We had 8 assists on 32 made shots last night. Our point guard, Andrew Harrison, played 35 minutes and had one assist. How can that possibly happen? The Harrison twins played on the same team and one of them had to play point guard and one of them had to play two guard. It just so happened that Andrew was chosen to play the point. He is not a point guard and Cal cannot fix that. Either you have point guard instints or you don’t and the last two years our point guards didn’t have point guard instints or point guard basketball IQ’s.If you want to watch a point guard who has instints watch Tyler Enis from Syracuse. When a point guard drives to the basket and draws three men to him, he will find an open team mate for a dunk or an easy shot. Our point guard tries to shoot it every time he drives it, never looking to give it up. This causes team mates to get frustrated and this causes team chemistry problems. The point guard has the ball in his hand every time down the floor and it is his job to keep his team mates involved and to keep them happy. When is the last time you saw a great pass from AH, or anyone else for that matter? A pass that made you wonder how in the world he saw him. How did he get that ball in there. You never see it. Never.

  46. Carmine
    1:01 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Cant people think Cal did a great job the 1st 3 years but has done a mediocre to poor job since then, with out being called a U of L troll? I think Cal is a top 10 coach and i want him to stay,,BUT Great coaches are able to see when something isnt working and make changes..Cal talks about change but doesnt deliver on it!! We were ranked pre-season # 1 (and we heard just wait till next year from Cal himself) If this team isnt good CAL HAS TO GET A GOOD PORTION OF THAT BLAME..And to be clear i want him to make adjustments i dont want him to go!! ” THats what 18 year olds do” We are getting better” there the youngest team” Its a process ” all these Cal cliches are getting old

    • Mudcreekmark
      1:12 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      I agree. But the people calling for Cals job are just plain stupid. I don’t agree with every move he makes, and that is why we get on here and share our opinions, but to call him a terrible coach is just showing your ignorance. The man has won and won big every where he has gone in the college game. He didn’t work at traditional powerhouses either. UMass? Who even heard of UMass before he got there? Memphis? They had a couple of good runs years ago, but nothing like he sustained the entire time he was there. You cannot be just a great recruiter and terrible coach and go 35-2 for about 10 years in a row.

  47. B-man
    1:02 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    One thing I somewhat disagree with is the whole effort angle. Remember, this team is te 4th best rebounding team in the country. Rebounding is a 100% effort stat…you don’t become the 4th best rebounding team in the country by giving no effort.

    The issue is (IMO), defensive basketball IQ. They break down too much. Also, with such a big team, I think zone would be good. Our big guards have trouble staying in front of smaller/quicker guards in man defense. With our length, I think even we could be more effective and still make it hard for teams to get good 3-pointer looks. Good news is, defensive IQ will come with more games.

    I know what I’m talking about because I am an assistant coach on my daughter’s under 7 team (ha-ha).

    • M
      1:13 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Many games they rebound well simply because of their size. The effort/showing toughness seems to be evident against teams that hit them in the mouth, and have similar size. They do have a low defensive IQ and their awareness and anticipation is lacking. A low defensive IQ can also be tied to a lack of getting into proper position to rebound against physical players.

    • B-man
      1:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      M – I will respectfully disagree. I think it is safe to say that LSU punched the Cats in the mouth last night AND have a pretty big/physical front line; however, the Cats still had the rebounding edge. (I never would have guessed it until I checked the box score). The Cats also outrebounded Michigan State by quite a margn (when Dawson and Payne were healthy).

      With that being said, I certainly will concede that last night’s overall performance was pitiful.

  48. Orney focker
    1:05 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Orney says this has to be the most dysfunctional fan base anywhere, you love me,you hate me, you love me again, no wait you hate me again. Terrible,childish i want it now, except only the best attitude, no wonder we are losers. Get some players that will stay around for four years and things will get better. That simple, period!

  49. Bradsd
    1:07 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    People calling for Cal’s job,,,,WOW you guys are crazy. He is a awful floor coach but he took us to a final 8 a final 4 that should have resulted in a championship and a championship. We had one off year and a couple bad losses this year and you want him fired. YOU GUYS ARE NUTS!

  50. 9 is fine
    1:11 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    It’s time to stick a fork in this season. Here we are sitting half way through the season, and this team is still struggling with the same things they’ve been struggling with all year. I actually think they have REGRESSED since the start of the season. There is ZERO effort from anyone on a consistent basis (outside of AP), including Randle. Cal keeps saying this is a “process”, well in order to see results from any process, there first has to be an effort and a body of work established. “Fail fast”? This team can’t even do that, because to fail at something means to have tried at something. This team isn’t even trying. I hope for nothing but the best for these young kids, I just hope they can find within themselves a work ethic or none of these guys will be main stays in the league when they leave after this season. They would be an okay D-League team, I suppose. Maybe that is where Cal belongs, coaching the D-League. That is however where most of his players end up.

    • PhilUK18
      1:15 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      The D League is where most of Cal’s players end up? You mean like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, Terrence Jones, Anthony Davis, Demarcus Cousins, MKG, Darius Miller and Brandon Knight? Yeah, there have been a few misses, but if you think “most” of Cal’s players are in the D League you should maybe check what that word actually means.

    • Mudcreekmark
      1:18 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Lets see,Anthony Davis, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, DeMarcus Cousins four of the best up and coming NBA players. Plus Terrence Jones is killin it over the last couple of months. Pattrick Patterson is playing really well for Toronto. MKG has been hurt but is back in the starting lineup. Who are these D-League players you speak of?

    • M
      1:21 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      People make the D -League comments, but never say what team they root for. 99% of the time that makes for an extremely easy counter-argument.

  51. Orney focker
    1:20 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I agree with B-man, kind of like Syracuse, but Cal will never agree. He has a ego the size of….. Well I just can’t find anything big enough to compare it to. But even a moron should figure out that when Johnny O’Bryant has 15 points in the first few minutes, and bricks are flying from everyone else on the floor, well except for the kid from KY that wanted to kick our a$$ because we snubbed him, should have known to switch to a zone. Cal is at least a marginal in game coach. Great recruiter though. And another thing where the hell is this dribble drive we have heard about ever since he has been here? I have yet to see it, all I see is freshmen driving into the lane and the result is, a block or someone steals the ball or circus shot and rebound for opposing team. Is that it? Or am I missing something here, because I really don’t know..

  52. Basketballknowledge
    1:27 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    The fans that sit on the fence need to go back to UL where it took Pitino 12 yrs to do what Cal has in 4 yrs.Call me crazy, but last 4 yrs including NIT were better than what we had last 12 yrs prior since Pitino was here.I like being in the talk now every yr in recruiting and having talent to be a factor.I am sure UNC, Duke, Mich St and Kansas fans feel the same way, when they lose, they are unhappy and can’t stand not winning national championships every yr.People who understand basketball know what I am talking about.There are many factors that go into great teams and sometimes you do not know until everything is in place and then you see flaws.So, relax and enjoy when what we have.

    • Finally
      2:44 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

      Couldn’t agree more, the ones on here bitching and moaning surely weren’t doing it a couple years ago when we were celebrating a national championship… And just a few short years ago we had the hell that was Billy G to look forward to. I say enjoy what we have and stop complaining.

  53. Orney focker
    1:28 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I think we need a psychiatrist, we need someone to help us learn how to lose gracefully. And realize Cal doesn’t poop ice cream either, we need an intervention I believe.

  54. Bubba
    1:31 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Interesting Stat:

    Cal with players inherited: (Patterson, Miller, Jorts, Liggins, Orton) mainly:


    Cal with only HIS PLAYERS:


  55. Detours
    1:33 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I sure miss Tubby!

  56. Orney focker
    1:34 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Why are so many people on here this time of day? Are there this many unemployed people in this state? Obama said unemployment was at an all time low. Hahaha

  57. Orney focker
    1:37 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    How bout them LSU cheerleaders? Hot. Orney says that was the best thing about the game last night. Hey they don’t call me Orney focker fur nuttin.

  58. Mike Kays
    1:40 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    9 is fine–“They would be an okay D-League team, I suppose. Maybe that is where Cal belongs, coaching the D-League. That is however where most of his players end up.”

    Totally and absolutely WRONG. 17 players in the League right now, and maybe 1 or 2 occasionally go to the D League, never more than 2 at a time.

    Where have you been looking? Don’t make stuff up to try and make a point.

  59. Detours
    1:48 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    I sure miss Tubby. Did I mention that already?

  60. Reality
    3:11 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    It’s only a game. Why does everyone get so torn up over a game?? These kids will be moving on after the season and living their own lives. Without even so much as an after thought about any of us “fans”. Just watch the games and enjoy them. National title or NIT makes no difference. My life doesn’t change in the least based on the amount of basketball games these guys win. That’s the problem with this country now days. Too many people allowing themselves to be distracted by trivial nonsense and not paying attention to the good old USA going down the tubes…………………..3, 2, 1….COMMENCE WITH THE TROLLING AND INSULTS. LOL

  61. An old curmudgeon
    4:02 pm January 29, 2014 Permalink

    Like most folks commenting here, I was not real happy last night. However, I do have a somewhat different perspective; age does that to you. I remember being angry after an embarrasing, late-season upset loss to Miss State and seeing a frustrated Mike Phillips throw his wrist bands in the crowd in anger at something Coach Hall did late in the game. I also recall angrly leaving Rupp Arena after another humiliating, late season home loss to Ole Miss and the crowd screaming for Tubby Smith’s head. Those years were 1978 and 1998 and the next time you’re in Rupp you might want to check the rafter banners and see how those seasons turned out. Not saying this one will end likewise but my advice is to calm the hell down, support your team and let this play out.
    PS: I’d get the hell off WCS back, too. Despite the comments on this web-site, he wasn’t that bad last night. 6-rebounds and 5-shots (measures activity) in 17-minutes works out to 10.6-rebounds and 9 shots per 30-minutes. Plus he played the point in the press. His effort really wasn’t bad. Go watch the damned tape!