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Tyler Ulis says Isaac Humphries couldn’t stop apologizing after the game

The technical foul on Isaac Humphries with nine seconds left in overtime was the pivotal moment in tonight’s game. Isaac celebrated a rebound by slamming the ball to the ground, earning at technical from the refs. Texas A&M took the lead on free throws, and although Skal Labissiere tied it up, the Aggies got the ball at the end of the game.

Tyler Ulis said Isaac Humphries felt awful after the game, and couldn’t stop apologizing for his technical foul.

“He kept staying sorry, but I just told him there’s nothing to be sorry about,” Tyler said. “Disregard it. They’ll make these free throws and they still have to come down and score. And they came down and they scored. You can’t blame this on Isaac at all. Isaac came in and did a great job and I told him multiple times, there’s nothing to be sorry about. He’s still in the locker room saying sorry.”

Before the technical, Isaac had 6 points and 12 rebounds, and, considering UK’s problems inside, this may have been his best game yet…until the end.

“I was fine,” Calipari said of his message to Isaac after the game. “He was celebrating, he was so happy, there was no disrespect to anybody. If that’s what they choose to call, what are you going to do? You can be mad or whatever, but I’m not mad at that kid, are you kidding me? Great kid.”

That was the first of a few subtle digs by Calipari at the officiating tonight.

“It was a heck of a basketball game, I just hate how it was decided–what decided the game.”

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32 Comments for Tyler Ulis says Isaac Humphries couldn’t stop apologizing after the game

  1. justaguyinthebackrow
    9:27 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    Is there video of the interview?

    9:34 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    I wish the rest of our bigs showed 1/10th of the emotion Humphries played with! Keep your head up young man!

  3. DelrayCat
    9:36 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    It was a stupid thing for him to do, but he is not the blame for the loss. Nor is the officiating.
    This loss goes squarely on the fact UK is not good enough under the basket. The fact Humphries has to play this much is indicative of how totally horrible Skal really is. And it certainly doesn’t help Lee is the worst free throw shooter in UK history. No, this team, to me, has actually over-achieved given how woeful we are under the basket. No Poythress = early exit in tournament. And Humphries, regardless of that bone-head play, deserves virtually ALL of Skal’s minutes from here on out.

    • damage_control
      10:48 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      His 2nd foul for over the back which kept Humphries out of the majority of the first half allowed them to get most of those offensive rebounds since he’s clearly the only one capable of rebounding on this team so yeah, officiating did play a huge part.

  4. buckeyebuster
    9:37 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    That TF called on Isaac was a border line call at best.. It is a damn shame that a fat stripped shirt has decided who he wants to win the game and take control from the players who should be deciding the out come.

    I hope the striped shirt did not have a hidden agenda against Kentucky basketball. That would be disgraceful.

    I noticed the other two refs had challenged his call, but Mr fat striped shirt stuck to his guns and upheld the letter of the law which prevailed.

    Just a damn shame the players did not decide the game….that’s all.

    • WeareBBN
      10:35 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      IDIOT. By rule it is a T. Actually the players did decide the game by giving up 20 offensive boards. Lucky it was even in OT.

    • damage_control
      10:50 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      By rule a lot of calls were missed in favor of TX A&M IDIOT so why don’t you stfu already?

    • justaguyinthebackrow
      11:04 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      Hey, idiot (WABBN), please state the rule where it is a T.

    • catfanmike
      10:43 am February 21, 2016 Permalink

      The refs swallow their whistles at the end of games all the time on blatant fouls and walks, especially lately, it seems. Are you going to call that shit during a deadball where the player did nothing unsportsmanlike to the other team in the last seconds. It was in celebration with his teammates and the ball hardly bounced 10 feet in the air(check replay)…AWFUL CALL! The ref totally took the game in his own hands and you could tell the other refs were saying are going to call that?…because when the refs stood together he was shaking his head like, no that is a T…lame as hell

    • za
      8:38 am February 22, 2016 Permalink

      Wrong, WeareBBN. It’s not cut and dry.

  5. thelexcat
    9:38 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    At least Humprhies showed some freaking initiative out there. The only guy rebounding out there tonight…

  6. Rixter
    9:38 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    After those 2 teams played their hearts out for 45 minutes, I hope the officials are proud that they decided the game.
    I also hope A&M is proud of their win that those officials handed to them.

  7. W F Reserve
    9:40 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    Refs decide another one. Didn’t have to call that T. Isaac wasn’t showing up other team or refs, just excited. Good ref tells him to settle down, but not Tad Adams. Walking call on Lee in regulation another turning point. Would have been and one and put us in control. Wasn’t close see to a walk. Doesn’t matter – nothing will be said and no one held accountable. Could make huge difference in seeding for tournament. Tired of this crap game after game.

    • WeareBBN
      10:38 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      By your theory when Webber called that timeout years ago, stupid refs should not have called it. By rule a timeout is not called until granted by the official. Had that official, who obviously had it in for Michigan, not granted the time out request there would have never been a T.
      Had the ball stayed near Hump they probably would have looked the other way, it did not and by rule it is a T. Quit crying about refs after every game, makes BBN look stupid. The 20 offensive boards lost the game.

    • justaguyinthebackrow
      11:07 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      Rule 10, Section 2, Article 7: A team shall not be granted excessive timeouts without penalty. Please state the rule where bouncing the ball is automatically a technical foul.

  8. Rixter
    9:42 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    I’m very irked at Cal, for 3 reasons:
    1. At some point, he has to call a spade a spade, stand up for his team and say, out loud, ‘the officiating is bush league in the SEC. He has miney, he can afford the fine.

    2. After a game like this, he doesn’t have one good thing to say about his players. He gives a ‘Cam newton interview’ to Tom Leach
    3. after 1 segment, he pussifies the rest of the interview to John Robic. Balls, Cal.. grow some.

    • canecat
      9:49 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      Cal is not permitted to criticize refs. SEC rules.

  9. Rixter
    9:43 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    *money, not miney

  10. rainman
    9:44 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    Humphries has no reason to blame himself, he’s the main reason we had a chance! WTG Issac, learn from it and come back better than before!

  11. wildcatmac
    9:49 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    If everyone would do what I have done, then things may change. After the TN (on the road) I have not had my tv back on ESPN, Disney, or ABC. Nor will I the rest of the basketball season. ESPN is losing money left and right. They want and need viewers so they want the games as close as possible. So I believe ESPN does in fact have direct out comes of these games. So what I do to watch the games is find a site to stream the game. That way ESPN is down 1 viewer. People do call me crazy for this but if everyone would do this then I bet a dollar to a doughnut things would change. Ether that or at some point Cal just tell the refs if you really want this to be about you. Well I can help you with that. Then just pull the players off the court. Let college game day sit for 2 hours explaining to the people watching why there is no game being played.

  12. Saul T. Nuts
    9:59 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    What is the official rule for calling the Technical Foul? Below is the only rule I’m seeing…am I missing something? If not, then this call was completely at the discretion of the ref.

    Class A Unsporting Technical Infractions

    Art. 1. A player or substitute committing an unsportsmanlike act including, but not limited to, the following:

    Disrespectfully addressing an official or gesturing in such a manner as to indicate resentment.
    Using profanity or vulgarity; taunting, baiting or ridiculing another player or bench personnel; or pointing a finger at or making obscene gestures toward another player or bench personnel.
    Inciting undesirable crowd reaction.
    Contacting an opponent, while the ball is dead, in an unnecessary, unacceptable and excessive manner.
    Flagrantly (severe or extreme) contacting an opponent while the ball is dead.
    A flagrant noncontact infraction that involves extreme, sometimes persistent, vulgar, abusive conduct when the ball is dead or live.
    Participating after having been disqualified (noncontact flagrant 2 technical).
    Leaving the playing court and going into the stands when a fight may break out or has broken out (flagrant noncontact infraction).
    Fighting as in Rule 10-5.
    Disrespectfully contacting an official

    • damage_control
      10:53 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

      Cmon WeareBBN- mister “by the rules” expert! Let’s see you put the actual rule on here for all to see instead of just calling people idiots!

  13. UKLugo
    10:04 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    Im not a troll. I love UK and I only hope the best for Skal; but I don’t know how anyone with any sense could use a draft pick on Skal. He was completely in over his head all night and I’m not even talking about the missed FT.

  14. WeareBBN
    10:43 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    Cal says he hates how the game was decided.
    Cal I hate how it was decided as well, by giving up 20 offensive rebounds because you won’t teach defense how to help and recover or fight through screens. When you just switch everything it puts Ulis on the center and many other bad match ups that lead to 20 offensive rebounds and the other team getting 18 plus more shots, only because A&M is horrible is why we were even in OT. A good team beats us by 20 plus if they get that many offensive rebounds.

  15. Wildcat Sheli
    11:09 pm February 20, 2016 Permalink

    3 weeks ago we lost to Kansas in overtime…a game where Pat Adams called a T on Isaiah.

  16. theoneguy
    8:50 am February 21, 2016 Permalink

    It is not specifically a foul to spike the basketball. It is likely that the refs will have to rely on delay as a justification:
    ” Attempting to gain an advantage by interfering with the ball after a goal or by failing to immediately pass the ball to the nearest official after a whistle is blown.”

  17. Piedma Schwartz
    11:11 am February 21, 2016 Permalink

    after watching the replay I’m not so sure he intentionally tried to spike the ball, I think he meant to make the spiking motion but didn’t intend to actually release the ball. Judging by his and everyone else around him’s facial expressions it seemed like a genuine accident

    • jody
      1:03 pm February 21, 2016 Permalink

      I’ve watched it several times and I agree 100%. The way the ball came out of his hand and his reaction says “accident” to me. Could have easily been a no call.

  18. Jay-cool
    2:44 pm February 21, 2016 Permalink

    I really liked what I saw out of Isaac tonight. 12 rebounds! I think this is a Final Four team.

  19. za
    8:39 am February 22, 2016 Permalink

    Ulis’s reaction kills me. He’s like the moral compass of this team. We’ll bounce back.