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Today on KSR: Please listen to Karl-Anthony Towns

With the rate that coronavirus is spreading, it was only a matter of time before it impacted the Kentucky Basketball family. Overnight, Karl-Anthony Towns announced that his mother, Jacqueline Cruz, has not only been diagnosed with COVID-19, but placed in a medically-induced coma.

In an emotional video, Towns described his mother’s condition and issued a plea to fans to take the coronavirus seriously. Karl’s father, Karl Sr., has been tested and is quarantining at home.

“I wanted to make this video to show the severity of this,” Towns said. “This disease is real. This disease needs to not be taken lightly. Please protect your families, your loved ones, your friends, yourself. Practice social distancing, please don’t be in places with a lot of people. It [raises] your chances of getting this disease. This disease is deadly.”

You can read more of Karl’s quotes in the post below this one. Our hearts go out to his lovely family, most of all Jackie.

“My mother is the strongest woman I know,” Towns said. “I know she’ll beat this. And we’re gonna rejoice when she does.”

This morning, John Calipari responded to the news on Twitter.

Kentucky is up to 163 confirmed cases

In his daily press conference, Governor Andy Beshear updated the number of confirmed cases in the state to 163, one of which is connected to a “coronavirus party” involving a group of people between the ages of 20 and 30 who purposely defied state guidance on social distancing “thinking they were invincible.”

“This is one that makes me mad,” Beshear said. “We have to be much better than that.”

Same. Stay home, people.

John Calipari: “Every day this happens, it’s one day that’s gone”

Yesterday, John Calipari took a break from his Alaska TV shows to answer questions from reporters on a Zoom video conference (which Ellen set up for him). He started things off by sharing his thoughts on coronavirus, urging people to stay at home to stop the spread.

“I think I’d be remiss–we’d all be missing the point if we don’t first address what we’re going through. The uncertain times, what’s happening around our country right now. First of all, we are all responsible for ourselves. Stay in your house. Wash your hands. If you go out, which you should – walking around, exercising a little bit – six feet from everyone. I think what’s happening around us, we still have to be responsible for ourselves. The other part of this then becomes, all right, now that I’m taking care of myself and I’m taking care of my family, what else can I do to help this situation and help others? It may start with helping a neighbor. Maybe you have an older neighbor who needs you to help with groceries or other things like that.”

“Stay in your house. Wash your hands. If you go out, you’re six feet from everyone. And every day – we have to look at this – every day this goes on it is one less day we’re to be in it. Because it will end. None of us know when, but we have to listen to our leaders, what they’re telling each of us to do and it will end at some point. And every day this happens, it’s one day that’s gone”

The Calipari Foundation and Kroger are working with Fayette County Public Schools to feed 400 families in need for at least the next four weeks, possibly more if schools are out past April 20.

“This is going to be ongoing,” Cal said. “For four weeks, those 400 families will get groceries. And then if they need more, we’ll do more. If it’s eight weeks or more, we’ll go that way. But for four weeks we’re going to do this.”

If you would like to help, there are two ways to donate. The first way is by texting GIVE to (859) 955-8173. The second way is by selecting the CONTRIBUTE button at to access PayPal Giving.

More coverage of Calipari’s comments

Calipari talked for nearly an hour, so we’ve still got a lot of content coming your way today. Here’s what we’ve posted so far:

Here is the entire conference in video form if you need something to do before the show starts:

New podcasts coming your way too

Fake Barney and I recorded a new episode of The OTT Podcast last night, which will drop on your feed later this morning. Jack Pilgrim and the Sources Say crew will also gather to give you the latest on basketball recruiting. Refresh, refresh, refresh.

“Survivor” Live Blog tonight

In a new weekly tradition, Drew, Nick Roush, and Chris Tomlin will be live-blogging “Survivor” this evening around 8 p.m., so come on by to join the fun and take your mind off things for a little bit.

KSR Dog of the Day

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Tiger King is the topic of today’s radio show

If you haven’t started the Netflix docuseries about the world of exotic animal trade, you might be the only one. The gang will discuss it on this morning’s show, which starts in one hour.

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2 Comments for Today on KSR: Please listen to Karl-Anthony Towns

  1. secrick
    9:37 am March 25, 2020 Permalink

    I will be praying for Karl and his family, like i pray for every family every night. We don’t need to see videos like this to remind us to pray. Do it every day.

  2. Matt10
    5:09 pm March 25, 2020 Permalink

    Cal needs to be quiet. He’s not a doctor and is giving some bad advice. Matter of fact most doctors are giving inadequate or bad advice because they know nothing about nutrition or building a healthy immune system. Not one person in the world has been killed by this virus who is healthy (or under 34 from what I can tell). The one thing you should absolutely NOT do is stay inside. Vitamin D is one of, if not THE best thing for everyone and you get it from sunshine (unless you are dark skinned then you need to supplement). A vast majority of US citizens are very deficient. During the Spanish Flu, with hospitals over crowding, many patients were put outside and they had a significantly higher recovery rate, with just fresh oxygenated air and sunshine.
    Our governor should be reminding everyone that healthy people are at little risk and explain what makes them healthier and less at risk. Supplement with vitamin C, take iodine and zinc. Avoid sugar. Get some exercise. Lose some lbs. Include in your diet some of the many natural anti virals and anti bacterials and immune boosters. If you do start to get sick, there are many things that work better than antibiotics, like raw garlic, oregano oil, colloidal silver and others.
    Fear and panic will do nothing but make things worse and lead to our government using this to steal more of our civil liberties. Be your own master. Think for yourself. There is better info out there than what our authorities, and basketball coaches, are telling us.
    Btw, I got the above info from my doctor wife and my own decades of study and practice with her.