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Today On KSR: More from Mizzou and what’s ahead

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

(Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports)

Good morning from lovely Lexington, Ky., where every bed in the Wildcat Coal Lodge is empty because the team didn’t make it back from Missouri last night. After escaping Missouri’s Mizzou Arena with an ugly win, the team learned they wouldn’t be going anywhere, breaking from the norm of an immediate exit to get home following a game. Coach Cal said he couldn’t think of another time his team stayed overnight during the regular season, but inclement weather postponed the departure and sent the team back to the hotel to see if their rooms were still available from the night before. The hope is they’ll make it back early this afternoon, and it shouldn’t set them back too far because it’s an off-day from practice.

Here at Kentucky Sports Radio dot com, though, it’s never an off-day, so join me for another fun-filled day of UK basketball web content. Take in more from last night’s win, plus a little bit of other stuff that’s on my coffee-drunk mind.


The latest update on Reid Travis is there is no update on Reid Travis.

The most important issue flooding our hearts and minds today is the status of Reid Travis after he hobbled off the court in the second half of last night’s game. Travis collided with his teammate, Keldon Johnson, and though it didn’t look too bad on television, he disappeared to the locker room and never returned. Travis walked off the court on his own, which is positive, but the look on his face showed some serious concern.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we hear anything soon. Coach Cal couldn’t provide an update afterward and Travis won’t get an MRI until the team lands back in Lexington later today. Cal has his call-in show tonight, but it might be Friday’s pre-Auburn press conference before we know anything.

Please be OK.

Play of the Game: Nick Richards knocking over two people with a dunk.

What happened there? Whatever it was, it was funny.

Richards had a pretty good game, by the way.

It’s really hard to like that Geist guy, right?

Mizzou’s Jordan Geist isn’t going to win college basketball’s Most Likable Player of the Year award. The senior guard is a lethal combo of cheap-shot artist and flopper, two qualities you don’t want to see in a basketball player. Whenever he wasn’t flopping and flailing around after phantom contact from Ashton Hagans or whoever was within five feet of him, he was throwing in some unnecessary, extracurricular activity, typical of a Cuonzo Martin player.

If Geist were any better, we’d actually care and he’d probably be a bigger story around college basketball. But by this time next week we all will have forgotten Jordan Geist exists until he pops back up for one game at the SEC Tournament during the Wednesday night session.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about Kentucky’s second half performance. 

As John Calipari noted in his postgame comments, once Reid Travis left the game, he told his team to “let the air out of the ball” and just get out of there. Had Kentucky kept pushing the pace and playing aggressively, the final margin is probably a little wider. But the Cats were playing to get the hell out, and when you throw in a couple of late, meaningless three-pointers by Mizzou, the final score is a little misleading.

Big football news you might’ve missed: Brad White will become UK’s new defensive coordinator.

Right around tip-off in last night’s game, KSR broke the news that linebackers coach Brad White will earn a promotion to become the new defensive coordinator at Kentucky. Earlier in the day, Ole Miss linebackers coach Jon Sumrall reportedly joined the UK staff, presumably to take over the linebackers for White, who will now take over for Matt House as D.C.

It’s a great move and it’s the move most everyone wanted to see. Nick Roush will tell you all about it here.

There is some good college basketball on tap tonight.

The unexpected second-place LSU Tigers host Florida in a game that could impact Kentucky’s SEC Tournament seeding or even the outright winner of the regular season crown. A win puts LSU in a tie for first with Tennessee, or in a tie with Kentucky for second with a loss. It’s one to keep an eye on.

Then all eyes will be on Cameron Indoor in the 9 p.m. game when No. 1 Duke hosts No. 8 North Carolina on ESPN in one of the biggest games of the entire season. You’ll probably want to tune in to that one for at least a minute or four.

The Bourbon Classic kicks off today.

Today marks the beginning of one of my favorite times of the year, the Bourbon Classic in Louisville. You may remember me writing about some of my experiences at the Bourbon Classic in years past, and I’ll be back again this year after a year away. Tonight’s event is already sold out, but I encourage you to look into some of the other Bourbon Classic happenings, like Friday night’s “Cocktail and Culinary Challenge” in downtown Louisville. It’s a bunch of talented chefs working with a bunch of knowledgable bartenders pairing their food and drinks together for a competition and you get to eat and drink all of it — all 20 small plate and drink pairings. See the full list of events here.

Now back to Reid Travis news watch…

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

12 Comments for Today On KSR: More from Mizzou and what’s ahead

  1. StillBP
    9:19 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

    I had to rewind that Richards dunk and ensuing domino affect a few times last night. Funny stuff. In slow mo it looks like they tripped over each other’s feet but in real time looks like the dunk killed them over lol

    • ClutchCargo
      9:36 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      I didn’t rewind it, but I remember thinking to myself “did I really just see that?” The announcers never said anything and the players just played on like nothing happened. They looked like the 7 and 8 pins in bowling.

    • Ridge Runner
      9:41 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      Yeah, that cracked me up when it happened. I remember thinking damn, dual flops at first.

  2. Ridge Runner
    9:48 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

    Another thing.. I don’t remember seeing a game where so many players ended up laying on the floor. Albeit from Mizzou flops, collisions, fouls, falling, etc.

  3. Iamheasyouarehe
    9:59 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

    I might have flown out to the game last night if there had been any seats available…

    • ClutchCargo
      10:03 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      They should have just put Missouri t-shirts on all the empty seat backs. That was a terrible crowd, but I can’t blame them for not showing up to watch ugly basketball.

    • markshane
      10:08 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      BEST PLAYER according to MOCK drafts scores 5 points…. Cal must be resigned to his disappearing acts. he dogs PJ constantly publicly!!!! Keldon = UNDER PERFORMER OF THE YEAR

    • Skooms
      10:22 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      Thanks for stopping by Mark, there’s the door……

      Iamhe, LOL!! I think about 2-3k people left at halftime too. It was already pretty empty, but a lot of people just said screw it at the half.

    • Iamheasyouarehe
      10:41 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

      Has Slater created a new username (marksman)? Sure sounds like one of his negative comments. Like Skooms said…don’t let the door hit you on your way out.

  4. kyinsider
    11:30 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

    Thank Goodness we played a good 23 min and got a 20 point lead, Missouri outhustled, outrebounded, and outscored us without Reid

  5. KYjellyRoll
    11:33 am February 20, 2019 Permalink

    The guys falling after the dunk tells the whole story of how they flopped and flailed the whole game

  6. mashburnfan1
    2:52 pm February 20, 2019 Permalink

    Cal would be believable if his history was not to run the clock down and take a bad shot once he gets a large 2nd half lead. So why did you do it all those other games, don’t blame the injury for this time. Main concern is that Travis is ok, not to use that for your continued bad coaching.