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This isn’t a good look for Malik Monk


No one but Malik Monk knows why Malik Monk was laughing while down 19 on a night he went 4-for-14 from the field, but everyone can agree it probably wasn’t the best time to be having a laugh.

The poorly-timed shot of the Kentucky bench with two minutes left in the game is a hot topic around Big Blue Nation right now and it is pretty tough for anyone to defend Monk’s playful mood during the end of that embarrassment.

Who knows, maybe he remembered his favorite scene from Step Brothers or someone off camera was tickling his toes with a feather… But regardless of what he found funny, this image isn’t doing Monk any favors right now.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

54 Comments for This isn’t a good look for Malik Monk

  1. Luether
    11:15 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    This team played the Fla game with a lack of heart – very disappointing…

  2. M_BOLDen
    11:17 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    You’ve never laughed off a bad situation?

    • Ridge Runner
      11:21 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      Image is everything. I’m sure the staff will discuss with him (hopefully) just as I’m sure he didn’t intend it to be perceived in a bad way.

    • EdC
      11:26 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      I’m sure the staff will discuss it with him and there will be no consequences. There never ARE any consequences for whoever Calipari’s favorite guards are. He brags about limiting Davis, MKG, KAT, Cousins, etc. but whoever his hero guards are … nope. Never once.

    • M_BOLDen
      11:27 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      That’s the look of, “I can’t believe this is happening.” What is there to discuss?

  3. sp
    11:19 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    Just waiting for the draft

  4. Downey
    11:20 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    100% agree.

  5. Maybe De’Aaron had just farted.

  6. jackuss1
    11:25 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    he cant help himself! Without Malik we are toast. I don’t expect any smiles whatsoever from Briscoe or Bam

  7. cayutsby91
    11:29 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    I think he’s laughing cause Calipari just told him “remember when I said we could be a great defensive team?”

  8. ognus
    11:30 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    The whole team just farted

  9. Jiminy Crickets
    11:30 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    Monk laughs through EVERY game. He was laughing during and after the TN loss too. He wasn’t just laughing after this game, he was laughing every time the camera found him, even when he was 0-fer and getting run off the floor.

  10. tfordstyle
    11:35 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    Lol he’s a kid. Hope everyone can quit being so emotional. At least wait until it matters before you reveal your inner 3-year old. Between the constant crying and Matt’s 600 man political movement that no one cares about; the focus is gone and quality of the site is suffering.

    • terwilliger
      11:43 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      Tford the only person revealing his inner 3-year-old is Monk. Can we get some men on this team, Cal? Tired of watching these children.

    • cats42301
      1:56 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      I personally am tired of 18-19 year olds being classified as kids. There are 18 year olds in the military who have more maturity, honor and integrity than most adults, they are classified as young men not kids. Monk is a young man who has zero maturity not a kid. A kid is someone who has toys and needs help in the bathroom, not an 19 year old young man who is in college. He needs to grow up and act his age.

  11. ukeasy
    11:38 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    I know what he was thinking…. I don’t give a shit!!!

  12. catfan2525
    11:47 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    Play back about a min before I believe the crowd was mocking him and singing happy birthday or something. Prob was laughing at that not the game. Chill out

    • Wildcat Sheli
      11:51 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      Yes, while the shot doesn’t look good, he was responding to those who were mocking. With his smile and not a scowl. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

  13. Harrelson55
    11:51 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    It’s his damn Birthday, what we want him sulking and his night ruined?

  14. jax0809
    12:00 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Unfortunately, I’ll be highly disappointed if Monk starts in the next game. He somehow needs to learn respect for his team and his program.

    • UK Maine-iac
      12:33 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      Because he…….laughed. I’m glad fans don’t run this show. We’d only recruit Kentucky born players and then wonder why we can never make it to the NIT.

    • Art Vandalay
      7:33 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      But they would stay for 4 years!!! And then I could get my checks cashed by them at the local bank after their ball playing days end and we could talk about that one glorious year we made it to the NIT. Knowing guys with 2 first names and watching them play mediocre basketball for 4 years is do much better than recruiting the best players available. Who wants to make a run in the tourney 5 of 7 years went we could be cheering for Jimmy Joe Bob?

      Can I get an amen?!?! Now let’s all go handle some venomous snakes and pray Cal decides to stop recruiting talent and starts recruiting kids with at least 2 names that are born and bred in KY…..and most importantly will be here for 4 years!!!!!

  15. jaxblue
    12:02 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    If you can’t laugh playing a game when can you laugh? Their performance stunk! I am certainly critical of their play. But don’t criticize a 19 year old kid for laughing while playing a game. If anything I want Monk to be as loose and fun as possible.

    • davis0710
      12:31 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      You can’t make 80 million playing monopoly? When can ya make 80 million? See how ridiculous that sounds?

  16. 3wildcat3
    12:03 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    You’re perpetuating the dismal outlook Drew. I know you, you’re better than that. What’s he supposed to do??

  17. cjruk1
    12:14 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    You do not laugh on the bench when your team is being blown out. End of story.

    • UK Maine-iac
      12:30 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      When and where was that rule written? Are you supposed to pout and smash the chair like Grayson Allen?

    • 3wildcat3
      12:42 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      Why? What else do you do? Not trying to question or argue with you, genuinely want to know what you do. That’s all. We are all in this together, no fighting or making fun of my mom or whatever.

  18. BrandonKY
    12:19 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    I love the “The Florida fans were singing Happy Birthday to him ” excuse . If you come to Kentucky your coming into the spotlight and everything you do or say is going to be analyzed from top to bottom so he should of held the laughing until he got back into the Locker rooms and on to the bus not a good look because he’s just not representing himself but the whole team.

    • Ray in Paducah
      12:59 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      If you embrace the one-and-done, you have to expect this kind of stuff. They don’t have the same ties as Richie or Rex, or even Rondo. It was a rowdy crowd that had been piling on him the whole game. This ain’t your grandpa’s college basketball.

  19. LegggoooCats
    12:28 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Give him a break guys, he actually was laughing off the Happy Birthday mocking from UF fans. That’s his way of dealing with it, not yours. Besides, if your worry after that game is him laughing, then you and I didn’t watch the same game. We have a team that’s regressed miserably in the past few weeks who needs to get it together now. BBN is nearing panic mode for this season’s hopes and dreams. Lastly, I tend to see things like this as a result of the AAU atmosphere that Jay Bills is so critical of… like he says, in AAU, there’s always another game, win or lose. I don’t think losses hurt the young players of this generation like they used to in the pre-AAU era of basketball.

    • jaws2
      1:17 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      ^^^^ Agree 1 BILLION %. When some of these kids are only here for 1 year, so what if we get our asses whipped.

  20. willmenser
    1:21 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Hang on. We’re talking about a 19 year old kid. He’s not aloud to laugh? Come on. I know we hold our players to a “higher standard” but at least he’s not getting drunk and raping 16 year old girls. He laughed. No big deal. All this hubbub about it is only going to divide and hurt this team. Come on guys.

  21. Moosetits
    1:55 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    I’m a die hard UK fan; have been all my life. I want us to win as much as the next person. I nearly cried when we lost this last year in the NCAA Tournament. Kentucky basketball is a big part of my life. I follow it just a bit too closely at times, and I love every minute of it; you know why? Because it’s FUN. I don’t see a point in being any part of it if you can’t enjoy it. The players come here for numerous reasons: school prestige, NBA dreams, and sheer enjoyment out of playing for the “greatest fans in college basketball.”

    I’m disappointed to see fellow members of the BBN criticizing a 19 year old kid for having a good time. What’s the point of him sulking and being depressed? It’s a ball game guys, there’s no harm in having fun playing it. It’s almost as if people WANT team morale to be low.

    Maybe I’m biased because I’m just a bit older than Monk, but I don’t see any harm in him having a good time, even if we are losing. When it all boils down to it, isn’t the enjoyment the reason we all care about UK as passionately as we do? Keep up the smiles Monk (as well as the rest of our squad), you got at least one member of the BBN rooting for you! GO CATS!

  22. cats42301
    2:03 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    You can really tell the age of posters here just by what is written.Those raised in the era before everyone got a trophy for just participating and those raised afterward. It’s the “all that matters is having fun” mentality where winning is secondary

    • symphonist41169
      6:59 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      Nailed it!

    • Moosetits
      8:50 pm February 5, 2017 Permalink

      I mean, I never got a “participation trophy” growing up. Winning is very much a priority as far as I’m concerned; I just think the level of hate he’s getting for simply laughing is absurd. He’s playing the game he loves and it was his birthday; there’s nothing wrong with staying positive when things aren’t going your way.

      That being said, the team does need to get their asses in gear and figure out what’s wrong, lest we lose even more games. I’m not denying the fact that some people think that having fun is all that matters (winning is most definitely the main priority), I’m just saying that the fans shouldn’t jump down his throat for enjoying himself. I understand the fan’s anger, I just think he should be cut some slack.

  23. CatManDo
    7:02 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Step Brothers is an awful movie, and I am a big Will Ferrell fan.

  24. EdC
    8:01 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Ultimately a freshman in college laughed for whatever reason. Ultimately it is on Calipari who keeps doubling up on freshmen year after year after year and then using youth as an excuse. The kids can’t control their age. Calipari can change his recruiting. Guess what … Malik Monk would have gone to the NBA from Arkansas too. No magic here.

  25. huntcalvert
    8:57 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Weren’t the Florida fans signing him happy birthday? I would find that funny despite the situation. Plus dependent on psychology some people deal with anger/fear by laughing. Not saying this is what he’s doing but he’s 19 and yea it looks childish but he is a child

  26. huntcalvert
    9:00 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Also, disassociation isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

  27. 8xchamp
    9:35 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Gonna free up a lot my March when this non defense playing, no team work havin, lack of hustle, bunch of shoot every time you touch the ball scrubs has their first weekend loss.

  28. UKfan4TwoDecades
    9:58 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    I was born and raised in Kentucky, born in 1962, and have been a UK fan all my lie. The same is said of my patents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, great grandparents, and many more. To add to it I played BB all my life and football where I excelled with starting on the varsity from the 9th grade on. I remember many mentally exhausting UK games such as; when Sam Bowie came back UK had the
    “twin towers” and was a “lock” to in the NCAA Championship but did not, the game where Christian Laettner stomped on our center who was on the floor and helpless and yet they did not throw him out of the game, as he should have, and UK lost that game, the game when Mashburn was killing it and the refs called “ghost fouls” getting him into foul trouble but the game was going into overtime and guess what? Mashburn magically got his 5th foul, the game that UK played Georgetown and had a good first half and then, in the second half, they could not hit a basket – play defense – coiuldn’t rebound – looked scared of Michael Graham – and lost with the worst shooting percentage in NCAA Men’s Championship history for the 2nd half, and I watched the 38-0 UK team lose when it matter. All of these games have common threads and they are that UK often has enough talent to win it all but they don’t. The problems, that caused their tournament demise, were evident and yet Cal played the same players – refused to implement another (even if it is used randomly) defense let alone playing full court press – had real talent available and let them redshirt instead of giving them the opportunity to earn minutes.
    Look at Sasha Killeya-Jones. One of the top high school recruits. Big. Strong, Can make plays. Rebound. etc. And yet, he sits the bench. The same thing Cal did to Wynyard last year. Had Wynyard been allowed to play his 1st year he could have gained experience and possibly had credibility to lead this team. Same with Humphries.
    Derek Willis is one of my favorite players as he is a Kentucky kid with length, talent, and can shoot. But, his spastic defensive attempts, many of which confirm he is 10 feet away from and then runs with one hand extended after the ball is released.
    Bam, like many UK players, seem to be good young men. But, like (sadly) has been the case over the decades, they don’t have the “chip on the shoulder” and the “we welcome your best game because we are going to ball out” and/or quit standing around with dish saucer eyes (blank stares) without any desire, or ability, to try a pump fake. A head fake. Wanting to draw fouls by going hard to the basket. Bam hardly EVER holds the ball over his head with his arms extended looking to find the free man as he is triple teamed so SOME ONE MUST BE OPEN! This is not rocket science.
    As a UK fan, since the 60’s, I can honestly say that this team worries me and as I have said for years “the days of getting the best recruiting classes year end and year out has an expiration date” (this year? next year, etc.?). What then?
    Since Cal has been at UK he has racked up wins and the best upcoming talent year end and out. But, he is not flexible. If he likes (personally) a player they will play regardless of they are a liability and we can’t win with this person. There are so many NCAA teams that have 1/1000000000000 the money, history, fanbase, talent, etc. of this UK team and yet they are winiing. They play with every pore filled with sweat. They dive for every ball. They block out. They know that UK is terrible, as they are in other places, in the post. They know that if they bring the ball up with some type of speed that Fox gets…lost. That if Willis is on them, as a defender, the other players spread out knowing they can easily drive and/or put the ball on the floor and get their shot off 95% of the time.
    That the “huddles” UK goes into is nothing but show. NO getting into another players face. NO accountability. NO anger at those who are underperforming. NO leadership. They can’t even define how they want to play.
    How stupid is it that we have some of the fastest guards in America and they are being burdened, by Cal, to “find Bam”. When the do it turns into a turn over. When they do the other team knows Bam keeps the ball close to his chest allowing for his shots to be blocked. Allowing for the ball to be taken/stripped with ease.
    The mentality of “lets have our guards explode bringing the ball up, leaving the other 3 players behind them, and/or then to try to find Bam who is always out of position and is (to put it kindly)…limited offensively and a liability defensively.
    Things have to change now.
    Inasmuch as it was highly upsetting to see Monk laugh on the bench I always watch Coach Cal and his assistance coaches and, with the rare exception of Kenny Payne who says a sentence or two during the game, I have never seen the passion. The “go hard” all game. Holding them accountable. No wily nilly substitutions. Use all the tools you have at your disposal. Play your heart out. Sweat. Sacrifice to get rebounds, loose balls, etc. Drive to the lane with a purpose and with authority. Crash the boards. Head fake. Get your defender up in the air on defense and make them pay. How about setting effective picks?
    These UK players life in a multimillion dollar facility. They have the best food, drinks, equipment, access, facilities, staff, coaches, etc. They have access to playing indoor anytime they want. Mix it up.
    How about playing Monk, Fox (guards), Bam, Sasha (forwards), and a rotation of Humphrey – Willis – Mulder – and Tai at the 5th spot? And playing Diallo?
    Then let Briscoe get his minutes, without being tasked with bringing the ball up everytime, and maintain a (better) leadership position by ACTIONS.
    If, over the next 72 hours, Cal does not address the laughing on the bench, while getting blown out 20, to (a) confirm Monk was laughing that they were singing happy birthday to him or (b) Monk, and a few others, are laughing on the bench being blown out by TWENTY POINTS to a far lessor team (i.e. player versus player, etc.) and for Cal to tear into them letting them know that as fans we are the most loyal fan base in America. That we can accept a loss if there is sustained hussle. If we see players going all out, offense – defense – etc, and standing up to the pressure with a “bring it” mentality.With a mindset that “I am going to destroy whoever tries to guard me and I am going to pressure them every time they have the ball and I am going to get position for rebounds and hustle every play”. “If I see another UK player not giving their all or with their head down then I am going to go to that person and rectify the situation whether that means substitution or a rear end chewing.
    Going to UK is a privilege.
    Going to UK affords a student athlete job offers, for the players and their loved ones, of all types and in many cases for life.
    Going to UK is something thousands, if not millions, dream about
    Going to UK builds a player up mentally, physically, and emotionally
    A few more things I am sick and tired about hearing “how good practices are” because it sure isn’t translating/showing up in many games this year.
    I a sick and tired of the “they are great kids” and “I like my kids” and “I have to look at the tape”. YES I, and many are, happy about the quality of the recruits but, as other teams confirm every year, you can have the combo great kids who are TAUGHT/FORCED to sacrifice for the betterment of the team, etc.
    If Coach Cal, and his sea of assistant Coaches, has to look at the tape to know how bad UK got destroyed we as UK fans have much greater problems.
    Lastly, here are a few suggestions:

    Monk – make him play full court pressure/defense everyday in practice. Have him get with a UK Coach and have him do agility drills to increase his strength, speed, endurance, and mentality. Make him drive to the basket against tall strong players until he accepts it and excels at it.

    Fox – have him run, cut, switch, etc. at full speed. Put 3 UK players in the paint and have him go to the lane – get strong contact – and learn to make the hard plays/calls. Put the ball in Diallo’s hands and have Fox defend him full court at real speed and it Diallo scores do it over and over and over until it is hardwired into Fox’s head.

    Willis – Have him get banged around. Feed him hundreds of balls demanding that he catch the ball and, with large defenders in his face, shoot the three. Add to this play ONE fake and a drive to the basket for Willis OR for Willis to pass it off to the trailer.

    Briscoe – No more outside shooting. Teach him to get away from walking the tightrope of the baselines he seems to be on every time. Tell him if he throws his hands up, and/or acts like his gummy bears were eaten, he gets taken out of the game and goes directly into the locker until he understands we, as fans, want him to excel and that even if he has to come back for another year it is what is best for him.

    *** Note – I have more to follow but I have outpatient Hospital appointment in regards to my cancer complications/treatments. I applaud KSR, the staff, and the fans who share their opinions – talents – etc.about subjects on and off the court.

    PS – We need to let Cal know how much we admire, respect, and appreciate him BUT he has had enough talent to have won 2 – 3 – 4 NCAA Mens Championships since coming to Kentucky and unless things change NOW then the cycle of not winning, and then saying “we are doing what is best for the kid and his family”, will continue to be spewed out without meaningful follow up questions and accountability.

    Jeff Schrembs

    • UKfan4TwoDecades
      10:01 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      * Sorry for the typo’s but I have been battling throat cancer for a few years, among other medical issues, and mistakes are made when converting what I actually say into words. I should have rechecked it. My bad.

    • EdC
      10:03 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      No way am I reading this tome you posted so I will never have any idea if I agree with you but:

      A. You say you have been a lifelong UK fan.
      B. You say you were born in 1962
      C. Your name here is UKfan4TwoDecades

      A lifelong fan that was born in 1962 is 4 decades if one assumes the first one probably doesn’t count.

    • UKfan4TwoDecades
      10:16 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      I used the screen name I have used for years and it started several decades ago on various forums. I am comfortable with that screen name and will continue to use it.
      Thanks for your comment/observation

    • jtrue28
      10:27 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      No one will read that.

  29. catfanmike
    10:10 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Diallo!!! Couldn’t hurt…we need some guys playing D and if he is that good maybe a leader is what we need. Someone to be infectious…when guys are scoring at will on our ole’ D, a change is needed.

    Also, Bam is a black hole in the middle. If he gets the ball, its not going back out and the defense crashes with no room for a rebound. we have no inside out game to keep them honest. We need to pass it a few times and create a good shot or even pass it to create open lanes to drive…stop dribbling the damn ball so much bc the defense catches up

    • UKfan4TwoDecades
      10:18 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      I agree with your comments and for the life of me I can’t figure out why Bam, when he has to pass does not LIFT HIS ARMS UP so they can’t take it and/or have his teammates be in certain close range positions so they can score. Common sense if Bam is being double or triple teamed someone on UK is available (or should be).

  30. rainman
    10:32 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Hope this isn’t as it appears, AAU attitude?
    While it is true Monk seems to laugh off all bad situations,
    there comes a time to be serious! I think that is something
    he needs to understand.
    And while monk’s play was disturbing, I am about fed up
    with Briscoe! It’s obvious when he doesn’t respect the
    situation, the Team follows his lead! He reverted back to
    OLD habits early in the game, and flopping on LAYUPS
    drives me nuts!

    Someone talk me off the ledge PLEASE!

  31. upset Cat
    11:47 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Calipari said he knew losses were coming if team didn’t change

    By Drew Franklin on ©February 04th, 2017 @ 11:26pm

    Posted in Basketball, Main | 35 Responses


    In his postgame press conference from the belly of Florida’s O’Connell Center, John Calipari told reporters that he knew Kentucky was in trouble once it dropped that game at Tennessee.

    “I knew after Tennessee we had an issue,” Calipari said. “I said to them, ‘You’re going to lost the next two or three if you don’t change. You’re not passing the ball, you’re turning it over.’ We’re making hard plays, we’re making cheap plays. We’re not – we just kind of got away. We’ve got to get it back. At the end of the day, we know how they can play because we’ve all seen it. Now we see them at their worst. Now, it’s a choice, do you want to be at your worst or be at your best?”

    For Cal’s entire postgame press conference, check out the video here.
    [comment 35] [Link]

  32. nacatfan
    12:16 pm February 5, 2017 Permalink

    Everyone responds a little differently to stress, hard times, anxiety, losses, etc. Leave the kid alone.

  33. scwhite9
    1:49 pm February 5, 2017 Permalink

    He’s a kid that had a very bad game. I guarantee he wasn’t laughing because they were getting their butt beat. He is happy all the time. That is what I love most about him is that he is almost always happy. Don’t think a laugh or smile takes away his wanting to win. I will never be that.

  34. cdhunt
    2:46 pm February 5, 2017 Permalink

    who cares if he is smiling. it is just a game. they looked crappy, move on. All Cals teams look like this from time to time