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The Top 5 Dynamic Duos In Kentucky History

Game 6 is currently underway on ABC and despite the fighting Lebron James’ best efforts it is likely that the Golden State Warriors will end tonight as NBA Champions. All season long a large part of the Warriors’ success has been the dynamic duo known as the splash brothers. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are averaging 26.2 and 18 points per game in the finals respectively to form a two headed monster that has been nearly impossible to stop. In honor of the splash bros. I’ve decided to look back at some of Kentucky’s greatest wing talents. Here are my picks for the top 5 dynamic duos in Kentucky history:

5. John Wall and Eric Bledsoe

You give Wall and Bledsoe more than one season like these other guys had and there is no question they come in higher than fifth. John Wall is arguably the first or second best point guard to ever play in Lexington and holds the single season assist record with 241. Eric Bledsoe just scratched the surface of the things he could do in his first season but still showed flashes of the player he would become today. While their finish in the elite 8 was disappointing there is no question they are one of the best duos to ever unite at this school.

4. Wayne Turner and Jeff Sheppard

Here’s a breakdown of “Tha Burner”‘s four years in Lexington: NCAA National Championship, NCAA National Runner-Up, NCAA National Championship and NCAA Elite Eight. Jeff Sheppard has that same resume but it was his senior year that saw him breakout and be named the 1998 NCAA tournament’s most outstanding player.

3. Andrew and Aaron Harrison

Via UK Athletics

While their accomplishments are have yet to be viewed through the lens of time it’s hard to imagine the things the twins accomplished will be any less impressive. Aaron hit 4 of the biggest shots in the history of this school. Andrew led his team to the only undefeated season UK may ever see. It’s a shame they couldn’t find a way to win a title, otherwise they would probably leap to the top of the list.

2. Anthony Epps and Tony Delk.

Anthony Epps ranks second in school history in career assists. Sixth in school history in career steals. And he tallied a 40% mark from beyond the arc. Oh yeah, and he led his team to back-to-back championship games. Tony Delk needs no introduction as he earned his place in the rafters earlier this year. There is a reason every team is compared to 1996.

1. Kyle Macy and Jack Givens

Kyle Macy has a claim to be the best point guard in the history of this school. Jack Givens is without question one of the best scorers. Both jerseys hang in the rafters for good reason as the sophomore Macy and the senior Givens combined to bring home the first non-Rupp title back in 1978. A dynamic duo indeed!


Who do you think is the best outside combo to play at Kentucky?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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23 Comments for The Top 5 Dynamic Duos In Kentucky History

  1. Ryan
    10:05 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    You have to include the Air Pair (Mercer and Anderson). They won a National Championship and even had a nickname. Way better than Wall and Bledsoe….they lost to a subpar West Virginia team.

  2. Mack Brown
    10:12 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    You hethern! How about Lamb and Teague!

  3. JLP
    10:17 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    Whomever Louie Dampier played with.

  4. Nealorac
    10:23 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    No Mercer Anderson?

  5. Coach Jamin
    10:30 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    Seriously, Mercer and Anderson “Thunder and Lightning” top every duo on this list.

  6. Serdi
    10:30 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    Pratt and Issel

  7. Old School
    10:35 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    Goose Givens was awesome. I agree Macy was an outstanding PG. Kyle was always dominant in control of the offense and deadly efficient at the charity $tripe. Also, I gotta say it: Those leather Converse were the best, highest quality, shoes ever made. They do NOT make ball shoes like that anymore. Closest I’ve ever had were some K-SWISS Tennis shoes I actually wore the balls of the feet on both feet; but the leather was intact. My bro used to do the same with those Converse. Not sure why they quit making them. But I digress. Kyle Macy was hands down THE best PG ever at KENTUCKY in my lifetime. One of the greatest times of my life was the 1978 win over DUKE when the Goose was Golden. What an incredible team. Just 110% solid and 110% dependable. Which describes Kyle Macy.

    • Kim
      5:25 pm June 17, 2015 Permalink

      Old School those old Cons are my favorite all-time shoe, but your happy memories are affecting your memory. Those leather Cons weren’t the highest quality shoes ever made. I was in junior high school when Givens and Macy’s team hung a banner and Converse were still kings. I’m sure you can remember your own Cons having “blow outs” where the edge of the outside toe would split where it attached to the rubber bottoms. Also, I remember being quite angry at Converse when they started making the stars and strips on the sides of those Cons out of plastic instead of real leather. The stars and stripes would start to crack and break off before the shoe was old. I honestly believe that was the start of Converse fall and Nike’s rise well before Jordan hammered the final nail.

      For nostalgia’s sake, someone who was there, please back me up on this.

  8. Jewelielou
    10:41 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    Louie Dampier and Tommy Kron

    Ralph Beard and Cliff Barker – two national championships and a gold medal, not too shabby.

  9. Reese Davis
    11:48 pm June 16, 2015 Permalink

    What about Wall and Cousins? Davis and MKG? And Aaron and Andrew should be out at #1 .

  10. Angelo
    1:14 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Wait a minute. Who were the last two to average 20 points each per game…
    Was it not Riley and Dampier? Just sayin…

  11. Rob Stacy
    4:03 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    You have to have Mercer and Anderson in there.

  12. Wes
    8:23 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Hawkins and Fitch don’t get enough credit. Two of my all-time favorites.

  13. LARRY
    8:37 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    It’s understandable that most of the KSR followers are not going to remember the teams and players from the distant past. Having said that, I would like to bring the past into the present with:

    Alex Groza and Wah Wah Jones *
    Cliff Hagan and Frank Ramsey
    Johnny Cox and Vernon Hatton **
    Cotton Nash and Ted Deeken
    Pat Riley and Louie Dampier

    * – NCAA Champions 1948-1949
    ** – NCAA Champions 1958

  14. Kyle's-a-mess
    9:06 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Epps and Delk at #1
    Mercer and Anderson at #2
    Turner and Shep at #3
    Groza and Jones at #4
    Givens and Macy #5
    The Harrison twins MAYBE in the top 15

  15. James Philpot
    9:19 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Will the Harrisons be eligible to return to UK or somewhere else if their draft day goes poorly?

  16. Wildcat Sheli
    10:03 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Have to put another vote in for Anderson-Mercer…..look at all that entire team accomplished despite DA’s season-ending injury….

  17. How can you NOT have Bowie-Turpin? I would also cast a vote for Robey-Phillips and their karate defense. Should have done a top 10 instead of 5.

  18. catlanta fan
    10:49 am June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Anderson and Mercer
    Wall and Cousins
    Davis and MKG
    Davender and Chapman
    Bowie and Turpin

  19. Kim
    5:29 pm June 17, 2015 Permalink

    Am I remembering it wrong, or wasn’t Macy a senior with Givens? It was Macy’s second year, but he transferred from Perdue or somewhere, right?

  20. Wildcat Sheli
    7:46 pm June 17, 2015 Permalink

    I also vote for Anthony Davis & Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, too….2012 Champs & #1 & #2 in the NBA Draft!

  21. Cats number 9
    10:57 am June 18, 2015 Permalink

    I think a top duo should have an NCAA Champ title. Let me go old school with you Adrian Smith and Vernon Hatton. Loved Macy and Goose. Maybe that was lacking this past year.

  22. Daniel
    3:38 pm June 18, 2015 Permalink

    What about Chuck Hayes and Eric Daniels?