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The NCAA just approved a rule change that should make John Calipari happy

John Calipari has a habit of inching outside of the coach’s box to talk to his players, so he’s probably going to be very happy to hear the latest rule change from the NCAA. Yesterday, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved extending the coach’s box from 28 feet to 38 feet to allow coaches to communicate better with their teams, especially when they’re on the opposite side of the court.

The panel also approved the SEC’s request to use a separate individual(s) to collaborate with the on-court officials on all monitor reviews during its league games this season. Apparently, this collaboration will take place from a central location that is not at the game site, so perhaps the league headquarters in Birmingham?

Other rules approved by the panel:

  • Resetting the shot clock to 20 seconds when the ball is inbounded in the frontcourt after a foul by the defense. If more than 20 seconds remains on the shot clock, the shot clock will not be reset.
  • More consistent throw-in spots in the frontcourt when the offensive team retains possession after a non-shooting foul or other stoppages in the game.
  • Referees can use the instant replay rule in the last two minutes of the second half or last two minutes of overtime to see if a secondary defender was in or outside the restricted-area arc but only when a call has been made. If the player is in the restricted area, a block will be called on the defender. If the secondary defender is in legal guarding position and outside the restricted area, a player-control foul will be called. The Big Ten and Mid-American conferences experimented with this rule last season.
  • A mandatory minimum of 0.3 second will be taken off the game clock when the ball is legally touched, and an official immediately blows his whistle.
  • A legal screen was redefined to require that the inside of the screener’s feet be no wider than his shoulders.
  • The cylinder rule was adjusted to allow more freedom of movement for the offense. If a defensive player straddles an offensive player’s leg in a way that prohibits him from making a normal basketball move – which now includes pivoting – contact that creates a common foul will be called on the defensive player.

There you go. All of these rules will go into effect in the 2017-18 season.


Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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