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The Morning After


Good morning, Big Blue Nation (emphasis on blue).

Today we try to piece ourselves back together after watching our beloved Kentucky Wildcats drop one to the Louisville Cardinals in what appeared to be a hostile KFC Yum! Center, complete with human cages straight out of your neighborhood strip joint. It doesn’t happen often, but last night we watched the blind squirrel find the nut as Rick Pitino got one — his second — on John Calipari in the rivalry. Little bro finally landed a punch on big bro in the backyard fight between siblings. And it sucked. There’s no better way to put it.

By now you’ve probably already ranted to your group text about shot selection, pick-and-roll defense, Malik Monk’s cold hand and defensive effort, or whatever else upset you in the loss. Maybe you screamed to the household dog about Calipari getting out-coached or how the Cats somehow allowed Quentin Snider to score 22 points. We all have our complaints and criticisms — some fair, some not — and we’ll dissect those on the show here in about an hour.

Until then, scroll down and give Mrs. Tyler’s game recap a read for some postgame analysis, while I touch on some other happenings around the land.

And if you’re just joining us and don’t know what the hell is going on, Kentucky lost to Louisville last night, 73-70.


At least Grayson Allen stole the headlines.

If there’s one positive takeaway from the night, it’s that Duke’s Grayson Allen did his part in keeping the Cats’ loss out of the top spot in the college basketball headlines today. Allen is the talk of the town for tripping a player and then throwing a sideline temper tantrum in the Blue Devils’ game against Elon last night.

The tantrum is really something to behold:

Sooo is there something wrong with him? Like, really. That’s not normal. Look at the assistant coach holding his hands down, trying to get him to calm down. That’s psychopath stuff right there. Never mind the trip, which was pretty bad and should lead to a suspension; Grayson Allen may be an actual crazy person.

College basketball’s talking heads are all over that right now, thankfully.

Yeesh… My pregame prediction was just a bit outside.

Allow me to eat a big bowl of crow for breakfast this a.m. after I predicted a runaway Kentucky win yesterday. That prediction was a little off, obviously, and I’ll gladly take that L with my head high. It’s not the first time or the last time I’ll be wrong. (Being wrong is one of my skills.)

But I do find it hilarious that people are blaming me for the loss for being too confident on the radio and not giving Louisville any credit. To those people, you do realize my extremely fanatical pregame commentary had zero effect on the game, right? I was on my couch drinking hot chocolate and live blogging all night. I did not give up one single point to Louisville, at least not to my knowledge.

And let’s not act like Matt and I were the only two people predicting a Cats win before the game. That was the consensus around Big Blue Nation, as far as I could tell.

Karl-Anthony Towns: “Once in a blue moon the little brother wins.”

Tough trash-talk loss for Towns in the Timberwolves locker room, but his response to Gorgui Dieng was accurate.

Also, Towns was a little too busy going for 17 points and 18 rebounds in a win over the Hawks to actually see the game.

Does some of the blame fall on Tyler Ulis?

According to The Herald-Leader, Ulis sent Quentin Snider a text after last year’s game to tell Snider to “be more aggressive.”

Nice gesture by Ulis to reach out to a rival, but did it help motivate the MVP of the game?

The Cats are off for Christmas.

John Calipari will give his team four days off to be with their families before they reconvene for Camp Cal. In fact, Isaiah Briscoe sat behind Big EZ, who hosted Monday’s KSR, on his flight home.

A photo posted by Zach McCrite (@bigez) on

The Cats won’t see action again until a week from today when they travel to Ole Miss for the SEC opener. If I’m Ole Miss, I’d prefer to get Kentucky off of a win, not a loss to rival Louisville. Good luck with that, Andy.

Join us at The Original Brooklyn Pizza in Lexington for a live recording of the KSR Football Podcast.

We’re stepping outside the booth and grabbing a table at The Original Brooklyn Pizza in Lexington to record the KSR Football Podcast’s TaxSlayer Bowl Preview episode tonight. So if you’re in the area and want to hang out with Nick Roush, Freddie Maggard, Jared Lorenzen and me, join us at 3330 Partner Place for some pizza and podcasting tonight. Kickoff is set for 7 pm, which means Freddie will be there some time around noon. Come join us!

Today’s Kentucky Sports Radio radio show will be the last of the week.

The entire iHeart company is taking Friday off for the holiday weekend so today will be the last KSR show of the week. I’ll be filling in for the vacationing Ryan Lemond in Lexington while Matt leads the show from the Louisville studio to discuss last night’s heartbreak for two hours.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

18 Comments for The Morning After

  1. ClutchCargo
    9:17 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

    Grayson Allen clearly has some issues, I was saying that last night when I saw that replay. The best thing that could happen to him is for some dude to knock his ass out next time he tries something like that.

    • runningunnin.454
      9:25 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      He is clearly a psychopath; If K doesn’t get him under control, he’s going to trip the wrong guy and be mumbling through a wired jaw for a month.

  2. runningunnin.454
    9:31 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

    KAT should have pointed out UK leads overall series, 32-15.

  3. winagain1
    9:44 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

    Ok.. to Grayson. First we need some labs, I want to look at bladder, kidney and liver panel as well as check testosterone levels and various other drug screens. I think we will start him off like this (pending blood work and drug screens are within normal range as well as organs)
    500 mg Lithium twice daily
    Seroquel 50 mg at night
    Risperdal M-tab (this is a benzisoxazole derivative antipsychotic to be used “as needed per rage or other overwhelming emotional incident.)
    Let’s start here and come back in two weeks and let’s see if there’s progress. Remember, keep your legs to yourself son. Good luck.

  4. garboon
    9:48 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

    Yaaaaay, another UK team that won’t make it past the first weekend of the NCAA tourney. =/

    • J-Dub421
      9:55 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Yaaaaaay another negative idiot freaking out over a loss in December.

    • garboon
      10:01 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Hey, idiot, how’d they do last year with a better front court? This year won’t be much, if any, different when you can’t rebound or defend.

    • runningunnin.454
      10:17 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Are you intentionally trying to be racist?
      AS usual, UK will play UL in March, and UK will send them home….AS usual.

    • garboon
      10:26 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      ‘Merica 2016 … Where you say a basketball player can’t rebound or defend and it’s a racist comment. #strongworkhero

      As for March are you referring to baseball? In a basketball sense they have met 6 times in 65 years in the NCAA tournament with UK leading that matchup 4 – 2. 6 times in 65 years doesn’t qualify as “AS usual” in my book.

    • Booby Petrino
      10:31 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      This idiot maybe doesn’t know the definition of his own handle. it’s not the rebounding comment that is racist, fool. Google “garboon” if you truly don’t know what it means #strongworkmoron

    • garboon
      10:33 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Actually it is a term of endearment where I come from. Just like other words in common usage about ones racial makeup. #doyourhomeworkhero

    • Booby Petrino
      11:03 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Yeah sure. Being called black garbage is a term of endearment. I’m glad I’m not from there. #fail #nicetrybutno

    • garboon
      11:44 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Says “This idiot maybe doesn’t know the definition of his own handle”, but doesn’t realize the definition of his own handle is an insult. Rad, bro.

    • J-Dub421
      12:18 pm December 22, 2016 Permalink

      If you think last year’s front court was better than this one, and don’t realize it’s December and that our team will continue to progress, then you’re an idiot. Cal’s team’s usually peak in March. See 4 final fours in 6 years if you don’t believe me.

    • UK Big Board Update
      1:14 pm December 22, 2016 Permalink

      IP address shows he lives in Louisville. Go figure.

  5. Sentient Third Eye
    9:57 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

    Concerning Grayson Allen, yes he was way out-of-line, but really, he’s just acting like thousands of adults have taught him to behave, thanks to their crass, childish behavior in the last 44 days. In America, it is now normal to throw a belligerent, disruptive tantrum anytime you don’t like something. And right and wrong are now only “relative” concepts, correct? So who’s to say tripping is “wrong”? That’s only being judgemental!

    Kids like Grayson Allen are not the problem; they are only the product.

    • winagain1
      10:21 am December 22, 2016 Permalink

      Yes environment is a factor in contributing to learned mental illness. Example, the battered wife leaves husband for another abusive husband, or alcoholic. There are many contributing factors to consider. With Grayson, I believe it will fall in the genetic variation catagory, call it a guess. I think your dealing along the lines of a bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, autism spectrum. Genome studies will tell you between 15-30 percent (roughly) are genetically inherited.

  6. BiasedBigfoot
    7:09 pm December 22, 2016 Permalink

    Agree Sentient Third Eye…
    “Relative” conveniently isn’t relative.