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The loss was Kentucky’s worst as top-10 team since 1992

Kim Klement | USA Today

Kim Klement | USA Today

Kim Klement | USA Today

How bad was Saturday night’s loss?

According to ESPN, the 22-point loss is Kentucky’s largest defeat as an AP Top-10 team since January 21, 1992, when the Cats lost by 22 points at Tennessee.

So, there’s that.

This team shouldn’t be losing by 20 points to anyone.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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8 Comments for The loss was Kentucky’s worst as top-10 team since 1992

  1. Ridge Runner
    11:18 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    Agreed with that last sentence, Drew

  2. jackuss1
    11:22 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    I hate to say I feel this game is on Briscoe who has a bad attitude and Bam who is a bust..Malik just likes to smile and without him we are surely toast

  3. ScoggDog
    11:25 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    This team is going to lose four more times before the end of the year.

    Second weekend of NCAA tourney, SEC tourney, and two more times in the regular season.

    They’re just not very good. And a few of them just don’t care.

    • binarysolo
      11:28 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      If we play the way we played Georgia in the first half we’re not making it out of the first weekend.

  4. HollywoodCat
    11:30 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

    I don’t agree. When has this team ever played defense against a ranked opponent? Save Mich St, who shouldn’t have been ranked in the first place, this team has allowed ranked opponents to score 84 points a game on avg. How can you expect to win regularly doing that?

    Then you play on the road, in league play and have a bad game. Bound to happen.

    Look, this team isn’t that good…and that’s a bitter pill to swallow, but unfortunately true. They play no defense against good competition and cannot rebound to save their lives. Is it fixable? Maybe, but probably not considering how late in the season it is.

    We can hope, but hope is not a strategy…

    • Ridge Runner
      11:41 pm February 4, 2017 Permalink

      Good point certainly taken

  5. runningunnin.454
    12:05 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

    January ’92? Lost by 22, like tonight?
    Wasn’t that the year we finished 29-7, and concluded with the Duke game that many analysts consider the greatest college basketball game ever played?
    Do you really want to give up this early?

    • GhostofCawoodLedford
      4:08 am February 5, 2017 Permalink

      Apples and oranges. The ’92 team was truly one of the best teams in the country that season. It had one of the greatest UK players ever on its roster (Mashburn), it had seniors who played for the name of the jersey across the chest, not for the NBA. When it lost to UT by 22, it was after Mash fouled out, and UT had Allan Houston.