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The KSR Gubernatorial Debate’s Wednesday Morning Wakeup

Matt Bevin (R), Jack Conway (D), and Drew Curtis (I)

With so much going on, KSR’s Gubernatorial Debate kind of snuck up on us, didn’t it? In one hour and six minutes, the three candidates for Kentucky governor — Matt Bevin (R), Jack Conway (D), and Drew Curtis (I) — will face off in the iHeartMedia Studios in Lexington with Matt Jones as the moderator and Ryan Lemond working the bell.

As someone who doesn’t even live in Kentucky, I can’t profess to know a ton about the governor’s race, other than Bevin participated in KSR’s GOP debate back in May, Conway has really nice hair, and Curtis (founder of seems to be the “wild child” of the bunch. Regardless, we’ll hopefully know more by the end of the show, and Matt promises to throw in some questions to make it fun for everyone. The comments section is sure to be interesting, at the very least.

The debate will also be streamed live on, and we hope to have that up for you as well so you can see if Matt and Ryan wore suits and how crazy Matt’s hands get when he talks on the radio.

There’s an insane amount of other stuff going on, so let’s go over that before the mud-slinging begin…

The Big Blue Madness Campout is officially on

In case you missed Drew’s videos and pictures from earlier, the Big Blue Madness campout has officially begun. …Even though people started lining up on Sunday. As usual, the race across the Avenue of Champions was pandemonium, especially since the camping space has been limited this year. One of those campers is our own Kelsey Mattingly (middle), who will be doing a writeup of her experiences later this week:


Scroll down for more pics and we’ll have more throughout the day.

Back to football…

Will we find anything out about Boom?

In case you were in a cave or something yesterday, the major story of the day centered around Boom Williams. Our own Ryan Lemond broke the news that Boom may not practice on the radio show and he took heat for it all day until Mark Stoops finally confirmed the story with reporters that evening. Stoops said Boom is dealing with a “personal issue,” and has not practiced all week, and it is uncertain whether or not he’ll play on Saturday. Stoops insisted he’s keeping the issue between Boom and himself, and we should do our best not to speculate any further. Instead, we’ll wait for an update from Stoops. It may come during the SEC Coaches Teleconference, which starts at noon.

We’ll also hear from the defense

DJ Eliot and his crew will address the media after practice this evening following arguably their most impressive performance of the season. DJ Eliot had an incredible and complex game plan that stymied the Tigers and had Freddie Maggard fawning at his feet. (You’ll hear more about that on the podcast.)

Speaking of…

The latest KSR Football Podcast will come out

…and though I’m biased, I think it’s our best yet. Freddie, Jared, Nick, and I had a ton of fun recapping the Missouri game, Patrick Towles’ performance, Jared’s Hall of Fame enshrinement, and the EKU game. We also discussed the Boom Williams situation and I gave the guys a vocabulary lesson. I think you guys will really like it. #Centipede

Happy birthday, Roush!

The newest member of the KSR full-time staff turns the ripe old age of 24 today, meaning the rest of us still have six years to make fun of how young he is. Roush has been doing an excellent job since coming on staff full-time a few months back and now he finally knows how to record the podcast. Join me in wishing him a happy day.

Someone set Ky Joe’s new rap to music

…and I hate how many times I’ve listened to it. It may be better than “Teach Me Bout Kentucky,” although that’s not saying much. Well done, JKyleMann.

Now, it’s DEBATE time

Personally, I think one of the questions should be what the candidates think about that song.

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

No, I will not make you a sandwich, but you can follow me on Twitter @MrsTylerKSR or email me.

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  1. Michael
    9:10 am September 30, 2015 Permalink

    You guys need to make that song the new KSR intro music…

    • CATandMONKEY
      9:32 am September 30, 2015 Permalink

      Teach Me bout KY is pretty terrible but this doesn’t even rise to the level of horrific.

  2. Remix
    9:46 am September 30, 2015 Permalink

    I’m all about the remix! Now if only you can get KY Joe ft. PitBull

  3. Roush's sunglasses
    10:02 am September 30, 2015 Permalink

    What kind of sunglasses are those Roush? Me like

  4. Why the insanity?
    11:19 am September 30, 2015 Permalink

    Old fatty drop some snacks off his cooler (full of snacks)?