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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

The Kentucky Basketball Team, Before and After Training


During each year’s NBA Combine, the UK Athletics staff creates a packet of information highlighting each player’s attributes.  Nothing is more intriguing than the “Before and After” pictures.  They are photographed shirtless on Day One, then re-photographed just before the event.  The proof of their progress is in the pudding.


I personally prefer Bootless Bam.


Has Isaiah added more ink, or weight?


Instead of adding weight, Brad dropped some lbs.


You know how you can tell this stuff is working?  The bulging vein on his left arm is one place to start.


I think Wenyen might be too tall for the camera.


Is anybody on the team more jacked than Dominique?


The smartest move Isaac made was not smiling in the second picture.  Now it’s obvious to NBA scouts that he’s developed into a badass after one year.


It’s not easy to add ten pounds of muscle in only four months.


I wonder if Briscoe and Monk know the same tattoo guy…


They say bourbon will put some hair on your chest.  I wonder if that’s what happened when Mulder switch from Canadian to Kentucky whiskey.


It looks like Derek Willis put on more than 12 pounds.


Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

20 Comments for The Kentucky Basketball Team, Before and After Training

  1. KatsKlaws
    11:10 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

    Why do those before and after pictures look like they were take in front of a funhouse mirror at a carnival? Everyone’s legs looks short…..

    • RealCatsFan
      11:15 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

      Looks like the aspect ratio is off. Wondering if that is the pictures themselves, or if they got “squished” when they were added to the post.

    • Catman1
      11:47 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

      I sure hope they were squished, and not edited to look like this on purpose….

  2. ukcatntn
    11:10 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

    nice socks boys.. nice socks.

  3. nagrom23
    11:24 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

    We got the biggest, baddest lollipop guild around! They all look 4 feet tall, especially Monk and Jones.

  4. Catsby80
    11:26 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

    Gabriel looks like he could line up at defensive end right now and knock someone’s head off… goodness.

    • Catman1
      11:46 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

      Even though he’s actually 6’10” 205? lol. at his height, to look like that, he needs to be 235, not 205!

      Please tell me you didn’t actually believe these pictures?

  5. Catman1
    11:44 am October 11, 2016 Permalink

    Lol, they definitely used a lens to make them look bigger. However, like KatsKlaws said, it makes them look shorter as well!

    But, judging on the practice on sunday, the guys looked much more in shape and everyone seemed to have gained some muscle. Love the work our trainers do with our guys! Keep up the good work. Fire the camera guy though, these aren’t fooling anyone LOL

  6. RUPPS.rhetoric
    12:23 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    This post just feels creepy to me.

    • runningunnin.454
      12:57 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      Not open to subjective interpretation at all… is creepy.
      Looks like someone was trying to stoke some ladies’ locker room discussion.

    • J-Dub421
      1:04 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      No creepier than all the posts with co-ed girls in bikinis, etc. with a bunch of old men commenting on their hotness and the order in which they would bang them in the comments section.

    • runningunnin.454
      1:16 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      Got to hand it to you, J-D; that was a good one.

  7. IndyPJ
    12:39 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    This is extremely awkward to view from your cubicle at work….especially as a single guy. That being said, yeah SKJ looks jacked!

  8. neverendingscott
    12:54 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    Looks like someone needs to learn how to use the shift when resizing images

    • Catman1
      6:15 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      the funny thing is, Bam is the biggest one out of all of them, yet in these pictures he looks like one of the smallest! lol

  9. A_Blue_Wildcat
    2:11 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    All of the pictures are badly distorted

  10. Big Blue Shawn
    3:26 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    Billy Hill probably touched himself to this one.

    • cats paw
      10:04 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      lmao i thought the same thing when i saw this. what a gay thing to think about

  11. jr1122
    3:43 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

    I dont have money for tattoos, so where is that coming from? And Brad dont even look like himself anymore

    • KatsKlaws
      6:29 pm October 11, 2016 Permalink

      I see this question asked a lot, so let me attempt to answer it from the perspective of a father who has several teenage boys running in and out of the house constantly. I am sure this answer is not all encompassing, but this is what I observe and experience.

      First off these boys have parents and they all weren’t found by Calipari sleeping in a car wondering where their next meal is coming from on any particular night. I know my own parents would basically spoil me as I do my son. If tattoos had been the rage when I was 17 or 18 I probably would have begged for them for birthday and holiday presents till I was covered in them just like these guys. This of course assumes that they are going to actual tattoo shops to get their ink done, which I admit can be very pricey. More that likely this is not where the majority of the tattoos are being done.

      The more likely scenario and what I observe most often from watching my sons friends and hearing them talk is a lot of these tattoos are done by people in their own peer group. The supplies are easy to obtain and there are some very artistic young people around. I know I have asked a young man where he got this very elaborate tattoo before and he has replied that a friend of his did it and charged him nothing or a very low amount such as 50-75 dollars. I am just amazed by it. So, many times when you see someone who appears to have 1000’s of dollars of ink and they are 18 years old chances are high that someone in their peer group is doing tattoos.

      Some people ask about these tattoos (and other things) with a negative tone as if something nefarious is going on with how these teens acquire them. I would suggest that there isn’t always a smoking gun behind everything you see.