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The Goonies are back! Willie Cauley-Stein & Kyle Wiltjer take over Hong Kong

When Willie Cauley-Stein and Kyle Wiltjer ended up on the same trip to Hong Kong, we hoped there would be a Goonies reunion, and to the Big Blue Nation’s delight, they delivered.

In Hong Kong for the Yao Ming Charity Classic, Willie and Kyle teamed up for another YouTube classic. Watch as the two stroll the streets of Hong Kong to see if anybody recognizes them:

Man, I miss those guys. Relive their old adventures below:

Kyle Wiltjer Introduces You to the Newest Cat…Willie Cauley-Stein
The Goonies return
The Goonies Do the Turtleman
The Goonies go to LA

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6 Comments for The Goonies are back! Willie Cauley-Stein & Kyle Wiltjer take over Hong Kong

  1. binarysolo
    11:30 am August 2, 2017 Permalink

    I looove me some WCS and Wiltjer but that is some ignorant-ass stuff. You’re in a foreign country with a vastly different culture and language, and you make fun of how different they are? You’re adults now, representing the United States, grow up.

  2. Bleedblueky
    1:47 pm August 2, 2017 Permalink

    Actually I’m not offended as a Taiwanese Chinese American since I can imagine how big this culture shock to them to go the other side of the world the first time and I do believe they just behaved silly but harmless 🙂 still love my CATS and wish I could be walking on Hong Kong street to greet and surprise them 🙂

  3. chris43
    1:57 pm August 2, 2017 Permalink

    Screw Wiltjer! Why aren’t you hanging out with your Zag boys? Also you may wanna see if you can put this on a Zag fan site. I’m sure it’d get a crap load more views….ya know because the Zag fans are the #1 fan base in the world! I’m not even sure why Cal let Wiltjer be in the previous UK video…I’m assuming to show future recruits……see all these players? They toughed it out, got drafted, went pro……see this momma’s boy loser? He left, went to Gonzaga, and even after 4 years still wasn’t good enough to get drafted or play in the league. Hate to sound that way but screw Wiltjer!

    • Squall Leonhart
      10:15 pm August 3, 2017 Permalink

      Golly you trolls are ridiculous. Get lost. He was in Zag territory giving an interview on a Zag radio station when he was asked about that – he isn’t going to diss them.
      Kyle Wiltjer always maintained his connection to the UK fans even after leaving, posting pics with them he would meet, give radio interviews, appeared in the video at Rupp honoring Alex Poythress, came back here after his senior season and went on a radio interview tour across the state, an autograph tour and meet and greets with fans across the state, etc. He was very warmly received to big crowds, humbled by the support and appreciation he continues to receive. He is in the highlight films of our most recent national championship and played during the game.
      He left on good terms and maintained those good terms, plus it opened up opportunities for other UK players.
      That is reality. Go way troll, go away.

  4. snoopjdawg
    10:29 pm August 2, 2017 Permalink

    Cal puts players first and Wiltjer did what was best for him. He would have contributed in 2014, but doubtful in 2015. Getting traded by the team that drafted you to eventually step in for Ryan Anderson is tough. Kyle also made it clear that his words about each fan base were taken out of context. He loves UK and bbn. He didn’t want to transfer, but saw a brighter future in Zag nation. Oh well, love the Goonies.

  5. snoopjdawg
    10:30 pm August 2, 2017 Permalink

    *** he was signed…not drafted. My mistake