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The ACC is proposing an NCAA Tournament with every Division I school in college basketball (WHAT?!)

The NCAA Tournament is called March Madness for a reason, but the latest proposal for the upcoming 2020-21 season will guarantee unprecedented postseason chaos this year.

According to numerous national analysts – Jon Rothstein, Jeff Goodman, and Pat Forde are among those to report the news – the ACC is proposing that every Division I team in college basketball make the NCAA Tournament this year.

“The ACC has already had discussions with Dan Gavitt and the NCAA regarding an NCAA Tournament in 2021 featuring every Division 1 team in college basketball,” Rothstein reported. “All ACC programs agreed earlier today to have every single Division 1 team in the 2021 NCAA Tournament. Several are expected to release official statements later today. This is being done to “celebrate” college basketball.”

The ACC coaches will propose an all-inclusive NCAA tournament,” Goodman added. “The coaches just finished the call and voted unanimously on this. … This idea of EVERY team being included in the NCAA tournament this year is spearheaded by Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski. The proposal would mean that every single team in the D-1 ranks would be included in the NCAA tournament.”

“Can confirm reports that the ACC basketball coaches are proposing an ALL-IN NCAA tournament,” Forde reported. ‘”Just working on the bracket,” said a source. … Plan would turn conference championship week into the opening round of the Big Dance. From there the field is reduced to 64-68 by the following week.”

“For the last 21 Wednesdays, we as ACC head coaches have been meeting to discuss options for college basketball in 20-21. We are united,” Louisville head coach Chris Mack said in a statement. “The safety of our players is paramount. The ability to incentiivize the regular season without mandating a select number of non-conference and conference games provides options and flexibility for all member institutions.

“As ACC head coaches, we strongly believe it’s in the game’s best interest to have an all-inclusive 2021 NCAA Tournament.”

“This is a unique time and it’s time to do something different,” Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim told Goodman. 

There are currently 350 schools that are full members of 32 Division I basketball conferences, along with seven programs in transition from NCAA Division II that are officially considered new Division I members. According to Goodman, though, “only” 346 of those schools would be eligible for this tournament, as seven of the 357 are reclassifiers, three are ineligible due to APR, and Oklahoma State has been declared ineligible due to recruiting violations.

Would you be up for a mass-chaos edition of March Madness this year?

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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16 Comments for The ACC is proposing an NCAA Tournament with every Division I school in college basketball (WHAT?!)

  1. UKiyaoyas
    11:20 am September 9, 2020 Permalink


  2. Eddiemcwildcat
    11:24 am September 9, 2020 Permalink

    So basically just renaming the conference tournaments as NCAA tournament sounds like.

  3. FinnaGoHAM
    11:25 am September 9, 2020 Permalink

    Ridiculousness aside, the first thing that would have to be address is the logistics of such a scenario. Would you really have #1 Kentucky play #350 Prairie Valley State, with the second game having #175 Duquesne vs. #176 Stony Brook, with the winners meeting? Would you handle it like baseball regionals with the seeded teams hosting? Or would you seed the top 64 and have the remaining 290 play some sort of play-in tourney? And, where would you play all these games? And, if the players’ health really is the objective, how do you have 90% of your teams flying (or driving) all over the country for two weeks before the real tourney starts? It only makes sense that something that’s this much of a nightmare-scenario would originate from the mind of Krzyzewski.

  4. UKinIN
    11:41 am September 9, 2020 Permalink

    Did the ACC or Coach Krzyzewski consider how many participation medals this plan would be require? What about the cost of those “Yay You!” medals?

  5. UKinIN
    12:01 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    Can’t wait for Krzyzewski to announce that in 2021 every D1 team is a National Champion. (But remember he still has five more than you!)

  6. VilleCat11
    12:12 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    Is this little brothers way of not getting banned from the tournament for their bad deeds?!?!

  7. BobKYCats
    12:21 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    I believe what they’re proposing is already called the conference tournaments. I think they’re aware of that and this is just some form of ACC grandstanding; for what purpose, I don’t know.

    The only change I would like to see made to the tournament is to make the first four all at large teams, instead of making two 16 seeds play each other. They won their conference tourneys, they deserve to be in round 1.

  8. BigBluSoTru
    12:23 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    How quick we forget our coach and god has bascially proposed this same thing before. Calipari is onboard with this also.

  9. Bluebloodtoo
    12:42 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    So… does every conference get the same number of entries into the final tournament? If conference tournaments are opening weekend, then how would the selection of teams happen? This does sound a bit like chaos….

  10. runningunnin.454
    12:45 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    LOL, hasn’t 2020 been bizarre enough?

  11. Lip Man 1
    1:51 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    Just ludicrous. It’s clear the only reason the ACC proposed this is because of $$$. They are trying to recoup athletic financial losses, more tourny games, more TV $$$ gets distributed.

    Oh least we forget, the country is being ripped by a pandemic, but hey let’s play MORE games!

  12. ukcamel
    2:18 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    I don’t get this. The only reason to change anything is if you have to for public safety. That aside, just give us some normalcy and have the tournament be what it has always been.

  13. az1006
    2:29 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of if they’re truly making it a tournament. At the conclusion of the conference tournaments (“first round”) you’d only have 32 teams left. Of those 32 teams, only 5 would be from power conferences. So, either it isn’t really a tournament, or this is the dumbest idea ever conceived.

  14. Buttered Popcorn
    3:33 pm September 9, 2020 Permalink

    While it’s completely ridiculous and won’t happen, I’d find it entertaining!