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That other time Florida shut down in 2020

© Kim Klement | USATSI

© Kim Klement | USATSI

While we’re talking Florida shutdowns, remember the first time Florida shut down, back in March?

The Gators led 57-39 with under twelve minutes to go in the regular season finale against Kentucky. ESPN’s in-game win probability tracker gave Florida a 99% chance of winning the game, considering the 18-point margin and the limited time on the clock for UK to mount a comeback.

Not to mention, Kentucky’s starting point guard, Ashton Hagans, was sitting back in Lexington, and its best scorer, Immanuel Quickley, was about to foul out. The Cats were in trouble in Gainesville in the final game before the postseason. (lol postseason)

Then came the big 2020 shutdown in Florida.

Kentucky, playing without two of its best players, turned up the defense and crashed the glass, shutting down everything that had been working for the Gators. Offensively, Nick Richards remembered he is an unstoppable force with the basketball, then scored 17 second-half points to lead the charge. Richards did whatever he wanted against Florida’s child’s play they called defense, and before we knew it, the Cats had made it a game.

In the end, with only seconds remaining and Florida holding on to its lead for dear life, John Calipari dialed up Keion Brooks (yes, Keion Brooks) for the final play. Brooks received the rock on an entry pass from Johnny Juzang (this all sounds so crazy, right?), made one quick turn out of a mismatch toward a wide open look at the basket.

However, the rim in Gainesville was in no mood for Keion Brooks’ heroics on Senior Day, so it did a real dickish thing and deflected the ball from passing through the cylinder. But what the stupid rim didn’t account for was EJ Montgomery creeping up the weak side, patiently waiting for the tip-in, a game-winner.

It’s one of the all-time great comebacks in Kentucky history and it’ll be double-remembered for also being the final game of the season COVID ruined.

Remember it with a look back at “The Journey” episode from that unforgettable game:




Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

10 Comments for That other time Florida shut down in 2020

  1. mashburnfan1
    5:02 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

    Saddest part is we were down 18 to a bubble team. A team that lost in the teens to Mizzou and Ole Miss. Barely beat powers like Towson and Marshall by 6. A team that lost 7 games in the weak SEC and had ZERO good wins. I know many will blame the fact we did not have Hagans, he was probably getting another wad of cash so he could drive around at night snd flash it on social media.

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:06 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

      Truthfully you’d have been ok with that and singing the praises of the football team, even making excuses. You’re the saddest part of this entire site.

    • UKFanSC
      5:12 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

      He revels in it…… makes his day to be an a$$ hole. I believe if we all agreed never to acknowledge any of his idiotic posts he’ll go away. Maybe back to his LGTBQ site. He has friends there you know.

    • friendsofcoal
      2:39 am June 27, 2020 Permalink

      I’ve been saying it for a long time now. IGNORE the DUMBASS!

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:20 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

      You may be right UKFanSC, probably has even more friends their after his showing in the hot dog eating contest.

    • 4everUKBlue
      5:20 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink


    • Bluehender
      8:08 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

      Wasn’t it also their senior day at Gainesville? And it was Kentucky, which is Super Bowl weekend for every SEC school in basketball when we come to town. So the place was rockin early on, like every other road game. So you can call them a bubble team if you want but they were pumped and we still beat their a$$ on their floor. Without our starting point guard. Credit goes to Cal, Mashburnfan…sorry about your luck. My God, it’s good to talk some sports, right 4ever? Go Cats!!

  2. dale-in-orlando
    5:55 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

    I am blessed to say that I was there for the game. The TV did not do justice to how loud our fans were at the game. At the end, the “go big blue” chant was so loud that they turned on an emergency song on the P.A. system. Nothing like winning the last game of the season.

  3. ExiledUK
    7:02 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

    Mashburn is sort of an asshat but so are you UkFanSC. You were good until you dissed LGBTQ people, which I am proud to claim myself.

  4. az1006
    10:52 pm June 26, 2020 Permalink

    That feels like it was two years ago.