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Terrence Clarke says Kentucky can win a title if fans wear masks

Kentucky guard Terrence Clarke has title dreams in Lexington, but he says the only way he can reach them is if fans continue to wear masks.

In a Zoom call with actor Steve Zahn, along with UK basketball players Keion Brooks Jr. and Olivier Sarr, Clarke said he was confident the Wildcats had enough talent to win a national championship during the 2020-21 season.

“We’re praying for a season because we know we’re going to be the [national] champions,” Clarke said.

“We’ll have a season if everyone gets disciplined,” Zahn responded.

“Wear a mask,” Sarr added as Clarke grabbed his mask off camera. “There you go! There you go!”

“If y’all want to see us win a [national title], wear a mask,” Clarke said, pointing to the white mask on his face.

This excitement goes hand-in-hand with John Calipari’s comments made on KSR on Wednesday, with the UK head coach getting a bit giddy when discussing this team’s potential.

“We have to play this season,” Calipari told KSR, “because I do have a good team. Whew, we gotta play. … You guys have no idea how excited I am to get in the gym with my guys.”

Should a safe path be cleared for a college basketball season, Calipari believes this can be one of his best teams since he’s been in Lexington.

“Look, to come here you know you have to have a certain level of talent,” Calipari told KSR. “But the second thing you have to have is, you really have to be into your team and sharing and your whole thing in your mindset is, how good can I be, how good a teammate can I be? And so sometimes we will lose kids that are being told other things: that to be here, that’s what it is.

“This group is all bought into that, both feet. Their parents trust us with their child, and we’re really good. We got some really good players. So I’m sitting here saying, [having a special group] has happened three or four times, but let me tell you what those teams have done. The teams you’re talking about became unbelievable teams. Teams. That’s, like I said, where the work comes in. But I’m just not ready to start that kind of work and the reason is, let’s get all this other stuff under control.”

The potential is there, and it’s apparent those within the program feel it.

All we need now is a college basketball season to prove it.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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26 Comments for Terrence Clarke says Kentucky can win a title if fans wear masks

  1. Ned T.
    10:29 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    So, an 18 year old who can dribble and shoot a basketball is an expert on medical policy?

    Only on KSR—publishing liberal political articles daily.

    • satcheluk
      10:56 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Actually he is man enough to know his intellectual limitations and listens to the medical experts, unlike people like you. The only bright side I can see from this pandemic is the Darwin effect of culling our herd of anti-science morons.

    • CCinnamon
      12:36 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Ok which medics experts should we listen to? The ones that say wear it or the ones that say don’t? I realize one side is being shoved down our throats much more. Which leads people to believe the political narrative. I literally don’t know who or what to believe. One thing is for sure, the numbers aren’t making since.

    • PillsburyThrowboy
      10:59 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

      He seems to be more of an expert than you are. Viruses don’t care about politics or whatever conspiracy theories you read about.

    • You Can Call Me Cal
      12:14 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Are you an expert on medical policy? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m assuming you are not. So which medical experts are you listening to? Because Terrence Clark is just repeating things said by the ACTUAL medical experts (like the Surgeon General and the head of the CDC) along w/ our country’s leaders who speak to those experts on a daily basis, like the President and the Vice President.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:17 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      A real man would do some checking and would learn that wearing a mask will not only stop the ‘virus’ but cause harm to himself, it’s not that hard to find.

    • danielscott52
      12:26 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      We forget your a YouTube expert on everything

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:31 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      I use youtube because you sheeple sure as hell are not going to read anything that doesn’t come from MSM…like this:

      Masks Lead to Under-Oxygenation, a Forerunner to Fatigue, Weakness and Serious Diseases Like Cancer

      It is a commonsense scientific fact that wearing a mask blocks your airways and therefore leads to both hypercapnia (an increase in and accumulation of carbon dioxide in the body from breathing in exhaled air) and hypoxia (a lack of oxygen in the tissues). Symptoms of hypercapnia include dizziness, drowsiness, excessive fatigue, headaches, feeling disoriented, flushing of the skin and shortness of breath. Symptoms of hypoxia include anxiety, restlessness, confusion, changes in the color of skin, cough, rapid breathing, shortness of breath and sweating. Not surprisingly, both conditions are similar, since they are both characterized by a lack of oxygen. In addition, hypoxia has been shown to lead to impaired immunity in general, and to be a forerunner to serious diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack. It is also the necessary precondition for the development of cancer (as I covered in my series on natural cancer cures). Dr. Russell Blaylock highlights how wearing a mask is actually putting you at more risk of infection, because you are lowering your overall health, strength and immunity by under-oxygenation:

    • satcheluk
      6:14 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      4ever-is call you a retard, but they are not dangerous like you. You are intelligent enough to go get informed, but you willfully ignore the 99% of evidence that shows makes help and seek out other like minded morons to support your assertion. I and my family have been wearing masks since I moved to Tokyo in 2004 and never have any problems. And ask any surgeon who spends 12 hours plus with a mask on doing complicated surgery. Yup, no problems. Get your small brain out of your big azz and join the word of reality, not some Qanon dark whole with other trolls.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:32 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Maybe you should try youtube or anything other that MSM daniel, or you can just live with your ignorance.

    • PillsburyThrowboy
      1:33 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink


      If that is how you feel about a mask, then wear a face shield. You have no excuse for not wearing one.

  2. bbn606
    10:59 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    Hmmmm I think it will take more than wearing a mask.

  3. UK_fac_boi
    11:15 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    bbn606 is a doctor now everyone! congrats now you can leave the collar. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. UK_fac_boi
    11:16 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    Holler dang autocorrect

  5. Skooms
    11:26 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    LOL. @UKfacboi, I thought he was a priest or something when you first said that! ??

  6. crazycatfan65
    11:43 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    Liberals continue to show their true colors. Someone doesn’t agree with you or has a didnt way of thinking and BOOM, look at the name calling, put downs and smart ass remarks . Yep liberals, the all loving all inclusive party. 2016 opened my eyes #WalkAway.

    • madarchitect
      11:55 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

      This is more than not agreeing with the way someone is thinking. People are hurting and killing other people selfishly. The United States is the only country where people refuse to wear masks during a viral pandemic. This refusal is mostly based on politics as we have seen in recent statistics. That’s more than enough to warrant disagreement. There’s no need for name calling as the problem is evident – refusing to wear a mask because of your political affiliation.

    • rlee7932
      11:58 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Anyone that decrys name calling, put downs, and smart ass remarks while at the same time revealing that they are a supporter of the worst offender of those tactics Orange Shitler is a hypocrite at best and most likely in need of professional help.
      Oh and thanks for walking away, we miss neither you or the rest of your ignorant bigoted ilk.

    • 4everUKBlue
      12:20 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Politics has nothing to do with the reason I won’t wear a mask, I’m looking out for my health not anyone else’s and I expect the same from everyone else. I you really believe wearing the mask for one month is going to drive the virus into the ground then by all means wear it, I don’t believe wearing the mask for eternity will have that effect.

    • UKBigBlueForever
      5:42 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      You said it right there you selfish old geezer. You are only looking out for yourself… A country that’s supposed to stick together has a bunch of selfish aholes like you in it that think people on YouTube are the best source for information. I’m done talking even responding to your selfish idiotic comments. Go Fu** yourself you selfish POS

  7. zod
    11:57 am July 16, 2020 Permalink

    I do have to agree with you on one thing, C-19 deniers do have a “didn’t way of thinking.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Ned T.
    12:19 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

    You mask zombies are re-living 19030s Germany where you tell people something is true long enough and they begin to believe it.

    Try facts, zombies. Death rates are falling. Infection rates are falling. Most who died were in nursing homes. The average age of a death is 78+. Healthy young people have a zero percent chance of dying, and likely will never know they had it. The CDC has been WILDLY wrong with its predictions (and Dr. Fauci), and the data from the CDC is now known to be altered for political purposes. It is NOT a given that masks due a damn thing. In fact, every “expert” who urges masks has donated to democratic candidates, some heavily.

    This is a political hoax, and Mr. Clarke can shove it. RESIST. NO MASKS. FIGHT LIBERAL FASCISM.

    • You Can Call Me Cal
      12:54 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      From President Donald Trump, and I quote, “It’s not a political issue for me. I would wear it, if I’m in contact with people, if I’m close to people. And I have worn it before.”

      When he was asked about the Surgeon General recommending people to wear masks, the President responded, “Well, I’d say listen to that instruction, listen to your governors”

      When asked, “Will you tell Americans to wear a mask so that we can crush the spike in cases?” the President, who I believe we can all agree is not a Liberal and did not donate to Democratic candidates, responded, “I would have no problem with that, but what I really do is, I will say follow the guidelines because the guidelines say exactly that.” He is referring to the CDC guidelines there.

      This was from an interview yesterday.

    • T-Town Cat
      3:32 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

      Good grief. No reason to attack a kid who could still be in high school and is just excited about wanting to play for UK. He’s doing what he’s been told.

  9. Perry1987
    1:46 pm July 16, 2020 Permalink

    Screw the politics. Did Keion Brooks get a haircut. Like Terry Wilson his dreads are also gone! Fabulous look Keion!!

  10. wildcats8
    11:18 am July 17, 2020 Permalink

    As far right as anyone on this site trump 2020 but to turn safety into a political discussion is truly incompetent wear a damn mask quit being contrarians people are dying every day to this virus last thing your kids and family would want is for one of you jackasses to die because you wouldn’t wear a mask.