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Stop what you’re doing and watch Tyler Ulis’ latest mixtape

Got five minutes and thirty-eight seconds? Spend it wisely by watching Tyler Ulis’ new senior mixtape. When the Cats first started recruiting him, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m more excited about Ulis than any other freshman coming in. He gives the Cats a completely different look at guard and is flat out fun to watch.

Only two and a half weeks ’til Tyler and the rest of the team get to Lexington…

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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46 Comments for Stop what you’re doing and watch Tyler Ulis’ latest mixtape

  1. Not Dan Issel
    12:49 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Reminds me of when I watched one of these videos on Anthony Davis. Told my wife that if he was half as good as the video looked, we were getting a tremendous player. Same here. Kid looks incredible.

  2. Uncle Drew
    12:49 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Look out now.

  3. Joe Dan Gorman
    12:53 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Next year is going to be so fun.

  4. RegMan
    12:57 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Well, fun to watch but 5.9″ at the next level….can he guard anyone? office looks good for high school but college? Don;t think he has a chance….

    • jus sayin
      1:14 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      There is a kid named Isiah Thomas who plays for the Sacramento Kings. He’s a starter and he’s about 5’10.

    • JHK
      1:14 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      Did you see Chris Paul guard Kevin Durant last week ?

      Great players find a way. At the college level he will have absolutely no problem.

    • Morehead Cat
      1:38 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      Youtube highlights of him defending Tyus Jones (#1 PG and Duke commit) Ulis ate him alive and Jones is considered one of the only elite PGs in this class

  5. JoeWalsh
    1:03 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I love what I see, but like so many others I worry about his size. He’s going to have to be in tip-top shape in order to have the kind of impact he wants to here at Kentucky. I think 160lbs might be generous.

    Thankfully he’s not expected to start at pg next season.

  6. Jim Byrne
    1:03 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    RegMan, not sure if you are really a CAT fan or a troll! Smaller guys have made it in the NBA! It’s not about the size, as I’m sure you Tard fans like to think, it’s about the heart and skills of the baller. This young man is going to be a star.

  7. Jonathan Bowen
    1:08 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Ouch….all those broken ankles gotta hurt!!!! He LOOKS real good!!! REAL GOOD!! an ima trust Cal on this one…he seems to know what he is doing when it comes to recruiting.

  8. Bigger Blue
    1:08 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Love it, but would love to see if all those fancy passes were assists turnovers or what… as Andrew learned, finding someone to pass to is not enough, finding the right someone is what passing is about… I think this guy probably can… at 5-9 he seems to still be able to see the court with a high bb IQ.

    • Assist to Ulis
      6:47 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      Imagine this guy making these passes to elite players that can finish close to the basket. He’ll kill and we’ll have him for a couple years.

  9. J-Dub421
    1:14 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Wow!! Ulis looks very impressive. His passing is stellar. I also really love his moxie. That kid looks like he’s not afraid of anyone and will take on all comers. I’m not too worried about his size since he did so well at the McDonald’s All American game and several of the other all star games. He’s gone up against bigger players his whole life, and it doesn’t seem to bother him. I’ll trust Coach Cal’s judgement on point guards; his judgment has been pretty sound so far.

  10. Go Big Blue
    1:14 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Ryan Harrow’s mixtape was sick and he struggled in our offense. I didn’t see but maybe one or two clips of him being guarded by anybody that was D-1 talent. It’s great to break ankles of a future rec league champions but he will not do that to guards at any SEC school. Also he has literally no lift on his jump shot, Andrew Harrison is going to get a crap ton of blocks in practice. Like him but I still think he is a project.

    • M
      2:05 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      You’re right about his release. However, he’s so quick he’ll get more space.

    • Eli
      8:34 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      Tyler Ulis is Ryan Harrow with testicles.

  11. #9RoyHobbs
    1:15 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    One of the quickest guards I’ve seen in a really long time. RegMan, Muggsy Bogues came in at 5’3″ and, maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I’m pretty sure he did just fine. This kid has great vision and a great attitude. I see him tearing it up in years to come.

  12. JHK
    1:16 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I am not worried at all.

    What I don’t like sometimes about freshmen is the lack of heart and determination. Having been told he would never be a great player because he was small his whole life, Ulis will never not play with a chip on his shoulder.

    Remember Devan Downey ? That’s a better Devan Downey right there. We are very very lucky.

  13. Cross Em Up
    1:16 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    If you’ve seen one of these mixtapes, you’ve seen them all. Nothing but a a ton of crossovers and no look passes. I think Jon Hood even had one back in the day. Nothing that you see in these videos will transfer to the college game. How often do you see D1 guys iso’d on the perimeter spamming crossovers in a real game? That being said….I can’t wait to see Tyler in blue!

  14. emk5551
    1:17 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    First Cal PG that can’t dunk?

  15. Ahhahahaha
    1:17 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I love the highlight at 1:50.. Dude took an “ankle-breaking” and did something new with it. Have to love his creativity, and ability to try something different. Here’s to you #5. Now, FREEZE!

  16. Driver
    1:20 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I like the fact that he can dish the ball off while driving to the lane. I love Andrew, but we saw very little of him do that. He put his head down and bulldozed in and the defender knew he was going to shoot it.

  17. Bubba Earl
    1:32 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    The way he senses the court, his passing reminds me of Pete Maravich, but quicker!

  18. DH
    1:33 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Sick crossover. As for him not being able to defend taller guards, all he has to do is contain them. We have enough bigs to clean up defensive mistakes on the perimeter. Just force them to drive by not giving them any space to shoot over him.

  19. Oogie
    1:33 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Opposing point guards are in for a NIGHTMARE next year, having to deal with two point guards with completely different games.

  20. STL_BLUE
    1:34 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Unreal. What excites me the most is he will but switching positions with Harrison. Talk about night and day difference. There will be teams that match up well against size or speed, very rarely both. Next year will be fun to watch.

  21. Yesterdays
    1:36 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I’ll hold off on commenting from what kind of player he will be at the end of four years…I think he will contribute right away defensively but offensively wont give us much. Teams will just put a longer player on him and it will negate some of that quickness- Like we used to do to Siva with Liggins. Now everyone wont be able to do that, but Ullis is going to have some growing pains, and thats ok.

  22. Common Sense
    1:37 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I love seeing these people still questioning whether he can play against size or d-1 competition…

    Tyus Jones will be the starting PG for Duke next year…Ulis went for 26pts and 17ast against him

    At the McD’s AA practices and the JBC the player that was raved about the most wasnt Tyus Jones, or Okafor or Mudiay….it was Tyler Ulis. He was getting wherever he wanted to on the floor. Scouts also worried about him defensively, but came to find out that he is so disruptive he forces turnovers… He ate Tyus Jones lunch all through the McD AA practices… mind you he did all of this with a badly hurt wrist and ankle injury. This kid is a bulldog, and Andrew better strap up, because this is not going to be a walk in the park for him…Ulis is the kind of player that is Andrew’s kryptonite.

  23. bluebloodtoo
    1:52 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    I’m excited for him too, but let’s be careful not to set our expectations too high based on watching a talented player play against high school players and coaches.

  24. Justin Credable
    1:52 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Love the move at the 1:50 mark and the kids reaction to it. Classic!!! Kinda reminds me of my old playing days….not Ulis but the other kid.

  25. Bunny
    1:56 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Thanks for the post, Mrs TT!

    I liked what I saw and was impressed with his crossover and elite level of quickness.

    I am concerned about his lack of size, ability to guard anyone, and his left hand skills. At least at Ky, he’ll have plenty of help when teams post him up.

    He should help Andrew improve his defense if he at all tries to guard him during practice. Hawkins is the only guy who’s even close to staying with him on offense…

  26. Al/in/Indy
    1:59 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Ulis has some extremely quick moves in this reel. I think Cal knows pretty well what he’s doing when he offered him a scolly

  27. snarkster
    2:03 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Love the dude at 1:50. “I coulda stopped you, I just decided not to.” 😀

  28. Debbie Downward
    2:04 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    White kid at 1:50 or thereabouts stole the show! Classic response.. Not that I could do one bit better. I just kept watching that over and over. Classic

    • Bonnie
      10:47 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

      HI THERE! What did you say your name was again?? DEBBIE DOWNER?? I thought i’d heard that name SOMEWHERE! So you don’t like short people? They are much much faster then the bigger guy’s and a lot more AGILE! I think he will do an excellent job as a point guard ! Before you DOWN him DEBBIE, lets wait and see just how good he is ! You may be surprised at what speed and other things short people have ! He looks to me like he has Great moves,going to the basket ! So LET’s wait and see!

  29. snarkster
    2:04 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Love the dude at 1:50. “Like I coulda stopped you, I just decided not to.” 😀

  30. brian
    2:07 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    fyi for all those Tards fans saying Ulis won’t be able to play in college, Chris Jones is listed as only an inch taller.

  31. struggler
    2:15 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Been on the Ulis wagon for a long time here. He will do well. There will be moments when he is out sized and out muscled, but there will be more moments when he will defy logic and burn defenses. Think of energizer bunny vs a bodybuilder… first impressions will soon be worn down and forgotten as the body builder is sitting huge and muscle bound but gassed and out of breathe while the energizer bunny just keeps going and going! I love this kid! Hope to get to meet him when he comes to Nashville to play vs Vandy! Go CATS – Go Ulis!

  32. D
    2:28 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    He will provide the perfect “change of pace” to Harrison. If we need the size and strength advantage at PG play Andrew, if we need the speed and quickness play Tyler.

  33. Love this kid
    3:48 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    Every video or game I’ve seen TU play in has been impressive both offensively and defensively. All of our freshmen have great passing skills but his are elite. I wish this video had shown some of his defensive stops. He is as pesky as they get. His coming here is the best thing that could have happened for Andrew. The two of them going against each other every day in practice should help Andrew improve his quickness or be left in the dust. I can’t wait for the season to start. I feel sorry for opposing coaches trying to match up against us next year (everyone but RP anyway).

  34. KES
    4:11 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    GREAT! We have a midget coming off the bench! Who in division one is this guy going to guard? UK could have saved a lot of recruiting money by just going over to keenland and get a jockey to fill this role. but, thie jockey may be taller then this guy!

  35. yo momma
    5:47 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    KES = Kentucky Envy Syndrome

  36. somerset bill
    6:10 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    travis ford was listed as 5’9″ and though he wasn’t necessary known for his defense and he wasn’t as quick as ulis, but he seemingly got any shot he wanted and he was all-sec his last two years.

    i like andrew and after that run of games at the end of the year i can’t wait to watch him run the team next year. he’s definitely the starter and gets most of the time all year, but it will be fun to see the speed of play get cranked up when ulis is in there. definitely a win, win situation.

  37. Bonnie
    10:34 pm May 21, 2014 Permalink

    WOW TYLER !! YOU HAVE THE NEED FOR SPEED !!! You are awesome DUDE!! I am more excited then EVER now to know the team we are going to have this year! HERE is my NEW NAME for our team this year ! ARE YOU READY? I will call them ” THE FANTASTICATS !!!! Yes! NOW don’t forget that #BBN ! That is a perfect name for this team ! “It’s gonna be a BRIGHT BRIGHT sun shining day” !! And a VERY BRIGHT SHINING YEAR!!! GO BIG, BAD, BLUE !!! WE WILL BE HERE WAITING ON YOU !!!! #BBN !!! WE LOVE WHAT YOU DO!!!! WILLIE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU !!!!!

    • kyle heavy
      11:34 am May 22, 2014 Permalink

      This is awesome. I’m a UK fan, but I also have a life. This is pretty spot-on in regards to our fan base.

  38. Tha Blonde Bomber
    2:11 am May 22, 2014 Permalink

    I can’t wait for basketball season!!!