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SOURCES: Kentucky basketball players temporarily leaving campus bubble

Photo by Eddie Justice | UK Athletics

Photo by Eddie Justice | UK Athletics

The Kentucky basketball team is taking a one-week break from on-campus activities, sources tell KSR.

After Terrence Clarke was seen out at a basketball event this afternoon – a fan posted a picture with the Kentucky guard with the caption, “Met my guy [Terrence Clarke] today” – several parents confirmed with KSR that the team was headed home.

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Met my guy @tclarke today

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While the team is headed home, several parents confirmed with KSR that the one-week hiatus is “just a break” and not COVID-19 related. Thus far, Kentucky basketball’s on-campus “bubble” has been widely successful, as players have been kept isolated to the Joe Craft Center and the Wildcat Coal Lodge.

As of today, the plan is to bring players back next weekend, with two parents confirming with KSR that the players will be returning on Sunday, August 9th.

Players originally arrived on campus starting June 28, with Isaiah Jackson being the last to arrive on July 19.

On a Zoom call with reporters back on July 14, UK head coach John Calipari said that Kentucky’s bubble was “as good as it gets anywhere.”

“We’re just trying to guard against all that stuff. We’re unique,” he said. “We’re in the lodge, where they’re in a single room with a single bathroom. They walk across the parking lot, they’re in a sterile gym that no one else is using. No one else is in the building. Weight training, conditioning is outside so now all of a sudden, the meals, they’re box meals. The chef makes them, leave them out. If we’re ordering meals away from campus, they’re delivered outside and left. No one breaks in to the building. 

“You’ve got a sterile bubble that’s as good as it gets anywhere. Now, we’ve got to say, okay, they’ve been negative for this period of time. They’re like a family now. They should be able to be together and if they want to do certain things, but we’ve got to go again with the science and what the campuses and the SEC — the SEC has been probably the most limiting of all the leagues out there for basketball.”

After a week off, the plan is to get players back on campus, re-seal the bubble, and resume on-court action.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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6 Comments for SOURCES: Kentucky basketball players temporarily leaving campus bubble

  1. Han
    9:16 pm July 31, 2020 Permalink

    I hope they all exercise good judgement, for their health’s sake and that of their family.

    As for the people calling this break a dumb idea, if it’s dumb to let them go home because they could get infected, schools shouldn’t open at all. Of course as a fan I hope we can have college basketball this season, but I think there are a lot more people more responsible for that than college players (namely our government’s objectively poor response to the pandemic, as evidenced by the greater success many other countries have had in handling it).

  2. Tom Bombadil
    8:14 am August 1, 2020 Permalink

    Han…give up the crap talk…learn something in your life for once. do you realize that this is the hub of the entire world? everyone and their sister, brother and mother comes here and leaves here and comes back here again over and over!! When someone institutes a travel ban, there you are crying racist racist! The whole country was shut down, what the hell do you want more? The entire country wears masks, schools haven’t been in session for 6 months, what the hell else do you want? Tell us oh genius what more can we do? Stay in your basement there I settled it for you.

    • Han
      10:12 am August 1, 2020 Permalink

      Just absolute bare minimum, I’d like a President who doesn’t think he’s done the best job ever while bragging about his tv ratings and constantly contradicting health experts. Or did you forget that the only reason we have so many positive tests is that we test so much more than everyone else and our tests are beautiful and if we tested less there wouldn’t be as many cases? Also, schools must be in session because it’s safe but my criminal buddies wouldn’t be safe from the virus in prison. Also we can’t vote by mail because of the corruption, nevermind the pandemic, but when I vote by mail via absentee, that’s cool. I’m a very busy man what with golfing in the same state I can’t go to to vote. Pay no attention to the fact I’m not supposed to vote from my business, by the way. That kind of voting corruption is fake news. The virus is gonna go away any minute and it’s all China’s fault I ignored it for months. Also Obama’s fault for me firing his pandemic team like I fire all of his people to hire unqualified donors and corrupt lobbyists.

      Just got starters, I think those are factors. But what do I know, I just pay attention to the blatant lies out leader tells every day. But I guess him tweeting conspiracy theories and virus denials for months have nothing to do with millions of Americans refusing to wear masks. Silly me.

    • chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door
      1:22 pm August 1, 2020 Permalink

      Han, Trump hasn’t been perfect in all this, I’ll grant you that. But you can add Fauci to that list as well, and he is supposed to be the expert of all experts. He and the Surgeon General have handed out conflicting information (including Fauci’s testimony this week) and it has not been helpful.

  3. Tom Bombadil
    12:51 pm August 1, 2020 Permalink

    Nice rant about nothing whatsoever… What’s your plan then that America hasn’t done already? What are we supposed to do goofball? Tell me genius what’s your plan? I know what you can do to solve this pandemic, throw out another TDS rant!!

  4. Heavy C
    9:22 am August 2, 2020 Permalink

    Numbskulls like you are what’s wrong with this country right now. You bitch and moan about everything because it doesn’t fit your political agenda. If there was a Democrat in charge you’d be talking Ass Backwards about all this. But let’s keep those Protests a rolling. Right?