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Shareef O’Neal officially decommits from Arizona

This morning, we told you four-star power forward Shareef O’Neal was second-guessing his future as an Arizona Wildcat.

Now, Shaq’s son has officially re-opened his recruitment to ensure he plays in the NCAA tournament next season.

When the FBI investigation first included Arizona as potential participants, rumors spread that the forward prospect was contemplating a decommitment.

He only signed financial paperwork with the school in case the Wildcats were included in any punishment.

Last night, ESPN reported head coach Sean Miller paid $100,000 to lock up the commitment of No. 1 prospect DeAndre Ayton. Later that night, Yahoo! Sports linked the school to three other shady recruitments including Brian Bowen, Rawle Alkins, and Lauri Markkanen.

Today, it was announced Sean Miller would not be coaching tonight, and his future with the team is in doubt. The school has yet to decide whether to play Ayton or sit him out, as well.

Needless to say, the future is incredibly dark for Arizona, and O’Neal wanted no part of that.

Kentucky has been linked to the talented prospect for months now, specifically following the initial round of FBI news. His father, Shaquille, reportedly loves Kentucky and John Calipari, and respects the school’s ability to get players to the NBA.

With Kentucky needing another forward for next year, it’s very likely the Cats get involved in his recruitment.

Watch him work:

Bring him on home, Coach Cal.

Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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22 Comments for Shareef O’Neal officially decommits from Arizona

  1. Booher
    4:48 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Baby diesel come on down to the #BBN

  2. BBNDan7
    4:48 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Shocked if he doesn’t go to Oregon

  3. a21CATSfan
    5:02 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Why would he consider another school involved in the investigation?

    • callitlikeiseeit
      5:08 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Because our siituation is alot different, at this point, than some. We had a player maybe take money while he was here{Bam}. UofA arranged for money to go to someone to get them to go to that school. Big difference, again so far by what we have been told, in those 2 penalties. I am sure there will be alot more come out and involve more coaches but as of now our part in this looks to be a situation any school or coach could have had no idea it happened.

    • a21CATSfan
      5:15 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Marcus Camby and Derrick Rose did much less than Bam (if true), and the school was punished while Cal left. So let me change my question; why would he consider Kentucky without Calipari?

    • BigBlueMeade
      5:27 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Why would he be leaving? Because an Elite 8 season was vacated? Come on, it still isnt clear where this money went to.

    • Bobbum Man
      5:55 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Blows my mind how misinformed everyone still is on this whole thing, all these people (to be fair probably mostly trolls) thinking it’s the end of Calipari and that UK is going down etc etc… for what’s been released so far worst case scenario is we vacate last year. Unless proof comes out showing cal knew or helped facilitate it all then he’s not going anywhere and he’s not gonna be in any trouble

    • Rixter
      7:39 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      People will never understand there is a world of difference between a kid meeting with and agent and taking money.. and a coach facilitating a player being paid. Ask Pitino, Chuck Person, and Book richardson what the difference is

  4. G_Money
    5:08 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Oregon? Wtf? Dumb comment man

    • BBNDan7
      6:47 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Really? Because his best friend Bol Bol is going to Oregon. Dumb response man

    • BBNDan7
      6:49 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      People amaze me at calling people dumb while making themselves look like idiots

    • FlatTopsAndBlockedShots
      7:38 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      It’s really not. Maybe you haven’t paid as close attention as some but he has gone on the record saying he wants to team up at the next level (meaning college) with Bol Bol.

  5. BleednUKblue4life
    5:20 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Not dumb. He and Bol Bol are good friends. Better than average chance he end’s up a duck.

    • GregoryEarl
      6:25 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah I agree. I’d say Oregon or Kentucky. I see Shaq and son waiting until there’s a little more information from this investigation before making a commitment. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up here. CAN YOU DIG IIIIIITTTTT.

  6. DelrayCat
    6:37 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Reminds me a lot of Skal…
    Which ain’t a bad thing…as he’s turned into a decent pro.
    Hopefully he has more intensity…and puts on some weight.

  7. kydrummer
    6:43 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Come on down big fella!

  8. cjmcgurk8
    6:49 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    UK, UCLA, and Oregon seem to be generating the most buzz. Landing him or EJ would certainly fill the gap in next year’s recruiting class

  9. BigBlueNationDude
    7:29 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    Probably going to Duke.

  10. Youngcat25
    8:35 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    It’ll come down to UK Oregon and LSU

  11. UKPROF
    9:51 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

    UK does not want him. BBN does not want him. Cal does not want him. Let him go, anywhere.

    • wyatts1
      10:58 pm February 24, 2018 Permalink

      Are you kidding? With all the attention this kid has gotten growing up from his daddy is priceless and goes a long way. I haven’t seen any videos on him and don’t know anything about him but I do understand that having a father such as Shaq on the sidelines would be a good thing for the team and BBN. Virtually a well of knowledge that next year’s bigs could go and drink it up possibly.

    • BBNDan7
      10:07 am February 25, 2018 Permalink

      Speak for yourself not all of us.