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Shai Gilgeous-Alexander postpones announcement

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander was originally scheduled to announce his NBA draft decision this evening, but it appears he needs some more time. According to TJ Walker, Shai will announce next Monday instead:

Matt has confirmed that report and is also hearing that Kevin Knox is genuinely torn about his decision. An announcement is expected by the end of the week.

So, now, we wait.


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37 Comments for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander postpones announcement

  1. RajonTheDon9
    9:33 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    He gone.

  2. BBaxterUK
    9:33 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Good news!

  3. mothandras
    9:36 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    My thought is that Calipari want to have a large joint announcement Monday with all the players announcing at once.. rather then these individual scattered decisions. “Everyone on my left is going to the NBA, and everyone on my right is too”.

    • Wildcats_Fan_87
      9:38 am April 3, 2018 Permalink


    • jimmer
      9:45 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Good call.

    • Jiminy Crickets
      9:47 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Yea the whole everyone going please stand up, was cheesy. I hope he doesn’t do that again

  4. Wildcats_Fan_87
    9:36 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Hmmm.. Should we take this as good news, or maybe the possibility of both announcing at the same time?

  5. tunesquad11
    9:39 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    They must be a package deal

  6. huntcalvert
    9:43 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    So weird seems like a no-brainer for both

  7. Dark Soul
    9:44 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    If they happen to come back which I highly doubt then Duke will want no part of us next year. They are the only team that worries me.

    • plumloopy
      11:22 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Duke has the TOP THREE prospects in 2018. I think they’ll be fine.

    • drew_123
      11:28 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      They still will have very little guard play. The top 3 guys they signed basically play the same position. I honestly am not sure how this is going to play out for them but in my opinion I don’t think they’ll be any better than they were this year.

  8. Catlogic15
    9:49 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Seems we’re the only program that gets teased like this year after year.

    • UK Big Board Update
      9:51 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Yeah, you’re right – the other players at other schools announce in the locker room minutes after defeat…..

  9. KYJelly
    9:51 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    I’m assuming this is to have everyone announce at once. Doesn’t necessarily mean Kevin is gone, could be Hami & Shai, but smart money is everyone announcing together like in years past

  10. specks
    9:56 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    OR……maybe he truly hasn’t decided and really wants to talk to his family more! Everyone seems to want to over analyze everything. Probably up until a month or two ago he probably hadn’t even considered the NBA, so probably truly torn.

    • Megan
      10:42 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      We like to pretend we know what we’re talking about, don’t we? Makes us seem smart. Like that loudmouth at the sports bar making sure everyone hears his knowledge. I hate those guys. And then some other loudmouth challenges him, and it becomes a couple of rams butting horns.

      People. They’re the worst.

      I’m with you on this. Don’t see the point in making things up. The simplest approach is to take Shai and Kevin at their word. Why would we second-guess them? Because it makes a better story?

      An acronym from days gone by: KISS.

  11. KYcats11
    10:02 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    The likely situation is everyone announcing at once. The possible situation is Shai wanting to see what Knox does and this end up being a package deal.

  12. I’m thinking he’s still gone, but at least this means he’s having 2nd thoughts (I guess?).

    • UK Big Board Update
      10:09 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Yep. Thats what the article says.

    • Of course. What I meant and didn’t say is I wonder if he’s getting conflicting advice from the so called “experts”. We constantly read “This one says lottery” but “This guru says high to mid-2nd round”, and the like.

  13. ThankfulCat
    10:14 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Maybe Cal has convinced them this could be his 40-0 team if they all return plus with the guys coming in?

    • Megan
      10:43 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Boy, that doesn’t sound like Cal. The public Cal, anyway.

    10:32 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Maybe Shai and Knox are in each others ear to do something special… “If you come back, so will I….” The haters in our fanbase are so quick to judge these guys, but I’m willing to bet they have never played organized sports at and elite-level. The bond and brotherhood you form with your teammates can be very strong… I’m probably dreaming, but it would be great to see Knox and Shai back for another year.

  15. Robkycats54
    11:20 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Something great is going to happen the whole kentucky team will return
    Platoon again but this year we will be more seasoned
    SG-Herro will start
    SF- Knox
    PF- PJ Washington
    C- E.J Montgomery will shock the nation! You heard it hear first

    BENCH will be stack insurance at each postion
    pg- green & quickly
    Sg- diallo & baker
    SF- keldon johnson
    Pf- Weyen & Vando
    C- Skj & Richards
    Most of those guys are interchangeable only prediction I’m worried about is E.J. Montgomery signing because of what we will have returning……. Good luck beating us next years #BBN

    • Willis Wolf Tattoo
      11:56 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Hope you’re right

    • wildcatfan20
      12:04 pm April 3, 2018 Permalink

      in this wonderful dream world, which player is giving up his scholarship?

    • JusSayin
      2:29 pm April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Herro probably wont start over Diallo. Calipari has been in love with his upside all year no way he sits him right when he started showing it at the end of the season.

      And NO WAY Vanderbilt doesn’t start if he comes back. E.J. Will sit in that case.

      Quade may start over Diallo if his defense improved but that’s the only Dark horse I see.

      I do think Herro pushes for starters minutes though.

    • Robkycats54
      11:58 pm April 3, 2018 Permalink

      Vanderbilt wouldn’t have started if he was healthy all season honestly… I think he’s great & better coming off the bench shades of Booker & plus E.J. Montgomery plays the 5, where vando likely plays the 3 or 4 this year….. coach cal just seen the championship where u need spacing to win, more easy drives and better shooters, Herro will start mark it down with Knox & SGA

  16. BluKudzu
    11:42 am April 3, 2018 Permalink

    First, I am a football guy. I can not claim to be on the same level of fandom for UK Basketball, as those guardians of the ‘Cats and Coach Cal in here. I get it, and appreciate those fans. They are what KSR is all about.

    So please understand my POV, regarding what I have seen, and how much I do not know.

    As long as the Gold Standard of College Basketball is a solid competitor for the National Championship, I do not care who goes or stays. That is kind of brassy, but, I think with the support UK has been given, should we not want to be at the top?

    I will admit the last couple of years, seems to have lost momentum for UK basketball. Hoping it will not continue, or this is just a temporary thing.

    Villanova, last night, was extremely impressive. We were nowhere near their level, at any point of the season, and hats off to Coach Cal; How he got this team, that far, to the sweet 16, was very impressive. I was worried they wouldn’t even make the tournament, given the play throughout the season.

    Double Digits in the “L” column does not inspire confidence in a deep tourney run. It has happened before, I am well aware, but certainly infrequent.

    My concern, is that, sure, we have players coming back, but they are the same players that lost a lot of games, and the best of that group will have moved on. Now we replace them with even younger players, with last year’s players that just plain did not have what it takes. Sounds harsh, and I apologize, but it is true. If those that we have coming in, are not absolute superstars, the void between UK, and the chances for any deep run in the tournament, becomes wider, and deeper.

    If the guys staying, (and I am glad that they are) were Juniors and Seniors, I would feel better about our chances.Maybe they finally got it, who knows?

    Cal is a smart guy, and he has been good for rebuilding respect for our program. I hope next season will be the start of getting us back deeper in the championship, than the last couple of years (man am I spoiled or what?), and hopefully on top. Cal can get us there. We should be there.

    Go Cats

  17. UKLugo
    12:02 pm April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Ooo. Joint decision? Could Knox be getting in his head a little??

  18. Racerr11
    6:51 pm April 3, 2018 Permalink

    Sounds like good chance Knox coming back and looks like Shai paying attention to that also so might be great for BBN….

    • Robkycats54
      12:05 am April 4, 2018 Permalink

      I agree with you sir they both will return kentucky opens the season rank #1 & will beat by 10 more after the Bahamas trip & more time of bonding earlier this year & playing getting to each other with the incoming freshman…. let 40-0 talks begin even though the SEC will be loaded with
      TEXAS A&M