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Rick Pitino talked to and lied a lot, probably

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated recently chatted with Rick Pitino to discuss Louisville’s self-imposed ban and his opinion of the decision to do it.

Pitino told Davis he played no role in imposing the ban and he was left in the dark until Tom Jurich notified him of it on Thursday, the day before the press conference. He was not given any details because he hasn’t been interviewed, so he says, and he asked Jurich to take some time to think it over before going public.

Pitino also said he hasn’t read the book — yeah, okay — but, “I know that Eric Crawford found out a lot of inaccuracies.” You will never convince me Pitino didn’t read the book that cost him the NCAA tournament and will likely end his time at Louisville. He read the book.

Then, maybe the most telling part of the interview, Davis asked Pitino if he will be the coach of the Cardinals next season.

Pitino did not say he will be back:

You know, I do the same thing every year. I take some time and ask, Did you have fun? Is it something you want to continue doing? And every year for 15 years, I’ve said I want to come back. Now these circumstances are different than most, but I’m more passionate today than I’ve ever been. I think I enjoy teaching as much as I’ve ever enjoyed it. If there was a time where if I believe in my heart that Louisville is better off without me, I would leave yesterday.

Some other great Pitino quotes from the interview:

— “The mistake they made was they didn’t have (Tom Jurich) on the committee.”

— “​The second thing is, this took place in a dormitory that I built in my brother-in-law’s name in honor of his legacy after 9/11. I wouldn’t let anybody break a chair in that place without coming down hard on them.”

— “She’s saying this happened maybe 20 times over four years, so that’s four or five times a year behind closed doors. How the hell are we gonna know about that?”

— “Andre McGee was one of the cheapest individuals around. If it was his turn to buy a round in a tavern, he would go to the restroom.”

— (On skipping Kentucky press conference) “It’s an environment that’s very emotional for me and I didn’t want to deal with it. Normally, I like going to press conferences. I like dealing with the media.”

— “People at Louisville know that I am telling the truth.”

Read the whole thing here.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

23 Comments for Rick Pitino talked to and lied a lot, probably

  1. david8577
    11:53 am February 8, 2016 Permalink

    When I was a child, I didn’t like taking responsibility for my mistakes either.

  2. Howdy Doody
    11:53 am February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Obsession is a mental disorder Drew. Good Grief man, give it up. The NCAA has visited us more times than LousyVille in my 62 years on this planet.
    We should not be throwing stones from glass houses.
    The NCAA will kick LousyVille back a few years anyway.

    • UK Big Board Update
      11:57 am February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Howdy Doody never says ANYTHING positive. Ever.

      Yet he continues to visit, read, and post comments.


    • Booby Petrino
      1:40 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Howdy’s obsession with Drew’s “obsession” is out of control. Get some help, Howdy!

    • ukjaybrat
      1:49 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Drew’s “obsession” makes him money… your obsession just makes you look like an idiot who’s complaining about something on the internet

    • CATandMONKEY
      3:46 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Drew is quoting a NATIONAL news source. This is a BIG deal; if not for the Super Bowl, perhaps the biggest story in all of sports. It would be irresponsible to not address the UofL situation. If you know of any UK violations call the NCAA.

    11:54 am February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Rick would not let anything happen in Manardi due to the respect he had for his brother-in-law, yet he cheated on his sister.

    • RUPPS.rhetoric
      1:52 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      This is actually a very good point.

  4. secrick
    12:29 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Keep up the good work Drew, i love seeing anything bad about the cards, H.D. you don’t have to read.

  5. loservilletard
    1:03 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    liar, liar…pants on fire….you can’t believe a thing that comes from this proven liar. This time some court is not going to bail him out like the waitress he attacked….another 15 seconds of fame for little ricky

  6. inside info2
    1:30 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Evidently there is plenty of hear-say in the coaching world that Pitino knew what was going on. I appreciate everything that Pitino did at UK, but he is not a great human being. Karma, man.

  7. ukjaybrat
    1:50 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    “Andre McGee was one of the cheapest individuals around. If it was his turn to buy a round in a tavern, he would go to the restroom.”

    Yet everyone in Louisville would have you believe that he not only singlehandedly came up with the idea but also financed stripper-gate all by himself… yeah, ok

  8. ukkatzfan
    1:58 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    So I don’t know what the book said, but I know 11 women are suing her for saying they did this.

    The reason that I didn’t know was everybody had so much fear of what would happen if I ever found out. That’s why they were sneaking in through a side door. They all know their jobs, their scholarships would have been pulled if I ever found out.( thought he said he didnt know what book said…..side door sounds like he does know)

    First of all, I don’t believe there’s one coach that ever coached college basketball at this level that would ever tolerate it for one second. Forget me, I’m talking about any coach who has ever coached.
    (if you don’t count him, there would be no coaches in college that would tolerate such behavior)

    If the media were to interview any of my former players from Kentucky, anybody from Providence, anybody from BU, they will tell you I am a stickler with the rules.( he didn’t become a cheetah til he got to Louisville)

    First of all, I think what we did was as harsh a penalty as anything I’ve ever witnessed. I don’t know how much more you can levy on this school. (He walked in to worst sanctions at UK…. and then there is the death penalty to refresh his memory)

    Not a very good liar.

    • real True Blue Cat
      5:30 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Don’t know what else you can levy on this school? How about take the banners they hung with ineligible recruits they got by cheating.

  9. James
    2:26 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Pitino is so emotionaly hurt for the kids to be punished for something their not responsible for.. He suggested that it would be better if the school paid some sort of financial penalty . His pain for the kids is not enough though to suggest maybe the coaching staff that does bear some responsibility and pay up money. He never walks it like he talks it

    • real True Blue Cat
      5:33 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      As if they wouldn’t be happy to pay a penalty to have been able to use hookers to get players who hung banners. If there is a shred of integrity in the NCAA they will come down.

  10. UK Fan In Nashville
    2:32 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Of course McGee was cheap. How else would he be able to afford the pros?

  11. kygbfan
    4:12 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t get KSR’s obsession with Pitino. The fact that you hate one person so much is rather sad, for you. Dude whatever Pitino did to make you hate him so, let it go. Hate is not good for your soul.

    • theSkinny81
      4:21 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      Enjoy your probation; you’ve earned it.

    • kygbfan
      1:18 pm February 9, 2016 Permalink

      theSkinny81, I am a UK Alumni, so unless UK has suddenly been put on probation for something, it is not my probation. Just because someone doesn’t HATE Pitino or Louisville, doesn’t make that person a fan of either or less of a UK fan.

  12. BluKudzu
    4:29 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    This was a drastic action taken by the school, in the hopes of a less harsh penalty from the NCAA. The problem is, this will be precedent establishing punishment. Smrt, or anyone at Louisville, do not know, or have any idea, what will be handed down for this.
    The first thing, is lack of institutional control. Each time Rick comes out publicly and states this was done behind his back, further cements his feet for that charge. That will be on Rick, primarily and may go as high as Tom. One or both might be required to be let go, for Louisville to move forward.
    This is not about boosters throwing money at potential recruits, it is about sex, money, alcohol for minors, and many other charges that may follow.
    The NCAA, may wish to set an example to the rest of the college community, with the sanctions and punishment that place on Louisville.
    Most folks in the media, and other college compliance officers, are saying they will lose the championship they won, have to reimburse the cash winnings from the tournament(s), wins associated with the players that were involved in the sex scandal will be forfeit, and coaches will need to be removed. Strong recommendation will also follow for the A Department to be reviewed and held accountable. Ban on post season for two years, and probation for 3 years or more, for all programs.
    This mess is as bad as it can get. The NCAA could easily do this, if not worse, just to send a message.

    • real True Blue Cat
      5:36 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

      It was not that drastic f an action. They deserve what you later state. They are trying to get off easy.

  13. NashvilleCats
    4:32 pm February 8, 2016 Permalink

    Pitino’s problem is that by continuing to act like it may not have happened, he’s saying more incriminating things. For example, if Andre McGee was so cheap, and presumably therefore would have never paid for this, then there must have been someone else involved who was bankrolling it. Which then undercuts any possible defense that it was just one long, rogue coach. He needs to just stop talking because I don’t think he’s helping anything.