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Rex Chapman is Feeling Froggy


King Rex has developed a great amount of street cred since he arrived in Lexington back in 1986.  A good rule of thumb is to not disagree with Rex — he know’s what the hell he is talking about.  During today’s game Rex made a BOLD statement on Twitter after Derek Willis took a rebound coast-to-coast for a score:

“Gonna go ‘head & say this publicly (said it 2 a few pals) – I won’t be surprised if in 7-8 yrs D.Willis proves 2 b this roster’s best plyr.”

While 90% of the KSR comment section and callers will agree that Willis needs to play more, this statement takes the conversation to another level.  Can Willis really grow to be better than the athletic 7-foot Willie Cauley-Stein?  Julius Randle is a guaranteed lottery pick, but can Willis’ game translate better to the league?  Rex certainly believes in Bullitt County’s finest, seeing Willis as a longer and more athletic version of Scott Padgett.

Do you agree with Rex, or is this just silly? @RoushKSR

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

89 Comments for Rex Chapman is Feeling Froggy

  1. Rick
    6:09 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Chapman’s comment was a disgrace to Willis….he stated he could be good to
    THIS team in 7-8 years…..hw will be a major contributor THIS year or next, at the latest.
    Do you quote this correctly?????

    • Stmedl01
      8:21 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Obviously Rex was saying that Willis needs more playing time, is better than most realize, and could be the best nba player down the road of everyone on this team. You sir need a lesson in comprehension.

  2. WTF?!
    6:14 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rick, he meant that in 7-8 years Willis will be the best player *from* this years roster.

    Regardless, it’s a silly comment, particularly given how little we’ve seen of Willis. I remember it wasn’t all that long ago we kept hearing about how great Jared Carter was going to be. Willis will be better, probably much better, but he will not, in 7-8 years, be a better player in the NBA than Randle or Young.

  3. Weekly Reader
    6:15 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    “I won’t be surprised if in 7-8 yrs D.Willis proves 2 b this roster’s best plyr.”
    It may be a shock to some, but players aren’t on the team for 8 years. Perhaps you should read it again…and again…then think about what you’ve read.

  4. WTF?!
    6:16 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Oh, btw, there is no way he will be a major contributor this season.

  5. Ruppeat Offender
    6:19 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t think he’s way out there with that comment. Willis will have the opportunity to CONTRIBUTE more, since he will likely be here for at least three years. He has the look of a real-deal basketball player. He’s fearless, highly-skilled and versatile. He’s a big guy who can shoot. Rex is no slouch when it comes to identifying talent, either. He did it professionally for the NBA for several years.

  6. whodat
    6:20 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    amazing that some apparently have reading comprehension skills that qualify them for the dirty bird board. It was obvious Rex was referring to the NBA… now whether you concure with his assessment of Willis is another matter.

  7. 1986 Bullitt East Grad
    6:21 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    I do believe Mr. Chapman was an NBA player and talent scout. He may not be as off base as you guys think.

    • Word
      6:55 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink


    • JP
      10:14 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Talent scout for Minn…That year they also need a PG and passed on Rondo. Enough said…he obviously missed that one so we know why he is not a talent scout anymore.

  8. LeitchfieldAlex
    6:24 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    I love Rex BUT he’s drinking TOO much these days. Though I do think Willis is a very good player and we haven’t seen how good YET !!!! Go Blue !!!!

  9. Bradley
    6:29 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex knows his stuff. That said, his comment is laughable. Maybe someone in the Charlotte Hornets front office hacked his twitter account.

  10. Dwoos
    6:29 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Randle is a future nba all star. There is no guarantee Willis will see the nba. Love Rex but come on

    • Duh
      10:23 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Randle will be nothing in the NBA until he either A) develops an outside game offensively and more lateral quickness or B) learns to finish around the trees inside

  11. Jason
    6:30 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Willis is already better than WCS Randle has more muscle but Willis is faster better ball handler and way better shooter

    • scout 21OH
      8:02 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      …and unfortunately, Willis will not get the minutes he needs to prove that he should be getting more minutes! Willis would start for any other team in the state, including Louisville, but he’s at UK. The price many pay to play at UK, just ask Jon Hood.

    • Duh
      10:26 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      @Scout — Willis can’t guard his shadow and neither could Hood. That’s why they don’t see the court outside of garbage time. Don’t let 2 minutes against teams that have given up fool you

    • Dee W.
      10:40 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      “Duh” – the first half is “garbage time”? The other team has “given up” when they aren’t down by much or any at all?

  12. CatsfanMike
    6:30 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex knows talent!! I said to my son earlier in the season I thought Willis could be another Padgett and even better. Give the kid some time to develop. We need more Willis’ and less one and dones. As special as Davis and Kidd-Gilchrist were, they don’t win a championship without Miller.We need more players to stay longer. Willis will help the Cats over the next 3 years.

    • Blue To The Bone..
      8:20 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      And Miller doesn’t win a championship without Davis and MKG…This is why they call it a TEAM game…

    • Eric
      8:52 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      But does he get clock next year when a new crop of 1 and dones arrive that have been promised all the pt? Willis is expendable to cal, a backup backup plan ie harrelson when enes didn’t get eligible and eloy proved to suck.

    • First time poster long time reader
      10:16 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Eric you have no clue do you

    • First time poster long time reader
      10:23 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Call never promises players anything. He says it’s not for everyone names don’t matter check your egos at the door and if you want it You have to earn it. Willis is no back up plan he will be a similar role for next year like Alex is this year. Was at a practice this year and was told by Cal Willis is great never had a player that size that can shoot that well & will play 10+ yrs NBA and when he gets it he is gonna be good. Said D’s biggest problem is his “d” understanding where to be on floor and confidence, and just not second guessing so much. Just to know his role and go in and shoot, not turn down open shots, like he had done in his previous playing time

    • Eric
      12:26 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Sorry first time can u name the game/instance where Willis passed up a shot? Because all I saw was him light it up in blue whit and exhibitions and ride the pine since. Again, you are drinking cals coolaid instead if using your brain. You have to get opportunities on the court to improve, and cal hasn’t given Willis any!

    • First time poster long time reader
      2:54 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Games early on exhibition etc. And have you been to any practices? You are probably one of those people to that think Polson should be a starter and that Cal ruined John Hood…

  13. Radioshack Carl
    6:31 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Hey Nick, do you think Rex would have considered you to be the best player on the ’09 Desales Fighting Colts JV football team???? From your past posts throughout the years it appears you were a true leader and I wouldn’t be surprised if you made a huge difference by your special teams play. I’m sure over the Christmas break you went back to your old stomping ground to relive the glory days. Keep up these great posts, my knowledge of UK sports is growing each time I read one of you terrific article!!!!!!!




    • Dr Suess
      9:32 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Please, remember to take your meds!!!

  14. White Castle Sliders
    6:35 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    D. Willis is the best shooter on the UK team BY FAR…. the kid can ball. Not sure he’s quick enough and athletic enough to be the best player from this years roster in 7 or 8 years. But I love to see those KY boys that can pull up from 30′ and knock em down and Willis has that.

  15. Childish games
    6:38 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    So Rex won’t kiss KSR’s butt and this is what you do. I’m sure recruits will appreciate you mocking UK legends. Classy KSR.

    • PhilUK18
      10:09 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      You think a 17 or 18 year old kid is going to choose not to play at UK bc of what a UK fan site thinks about a former player who was here before any current recruits were even born? Wow…

  16. bobofky
    6:39 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    (1) Rex has seen a lot of basketball and (2) a lot of basketball players. Most of us see the ocean, (3) King Rex sees the pearl in the oyster. (4) King Rex has a certain je ne se quoi. If I had to bet on King Rex’s prediction one way or the other, I’m going along with Rex.
    Rexington, remember!
    haha nice togs
    We still love you Rex

  17. Ken In Middletown
    6:39 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex -I have a great deal of respect for your basketball I.Q., but come on dude, what have you been smoking?

    • Abe Shinzo Lincoln Continental
      6:40 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      When his dad Wayne played ABA ball for the Colonels, Rex as a small boy lived in Middletown (Dunbar Place in Douglass Hills).

      BTW, I agree with King Rex; Willis has a great deal of potential. Looking forward to seeing him develop.

  18. Rex Chapman Hater
    6:40 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Trying to be impartial here as I think Rex Chapman is a contrarian who is too far in one direction or another with each and every opinion he spews, but this may be the stupidest thing I have ever read from someone who probably does know a thing or two about the sport.

  19. Shooter
    6:42 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex must be drunk, I sure hope Willis is the best ever, but I don’t see it happening.

  20. Jeyyyyyyyy
    6:46 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex said he “wouldn’t be surprised.”

    That’s not a prediction. That’s stating its a possibility. I would be pleasantly surprised, but not shocked.

  21. Dwoos
    6:50 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Kevin love is the only 6′ 9″ white in the nab that is great from America. So Willis has a lot of work ahead of him because randle is going to be great in the nba where he won’t get triple teamed

  22. UKBlue
    6:58 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    That statement is like me saying I’m going to hit the lottery in 7 – 8 years. Does he have the potential: who knows 50/50 shot. Will Rex be right: odds are No. Will I hit the lottery: odds are No. Was this a waste of time: Defiantly

  23. Hum !!
    7:01 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Many have praised Rex for his athletic ability. Have not heard same praise for his intellect.

  24. jimlowe7
    7:16 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex was OBVIOUSLY (unless you are mentally challenged) speaking of how Willis will compare 7-8 years from now AS AN NBA PLAYER to all the other guys on “this roster” (i.e. this year’s UK team). It is not hard to believe he will become a valuable NBA player off the bench (maybe even the “6th man”) but I find it hard to believe he will EVER be a regular “starter” in the NBA, let alone a team’s “star”. The point of what Rex said is also OBVIOUSLY NOT to promote Willis but to devalue the Freshman “one-and-done” players on this team. His opinion of how well ANY PLAYER will be doing in 7-8 years is equal to his opinion of the current POWERBALL numbers – less than one in a million!

  25. $1.75 Tacos?
    7:17 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Between Rex and some of you geniuses, Rex is the only one that has worked for a NBA team

  26. The young and the rest of them
    7:33 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    I have much respect for King REX . However James Young will be the greatest alum of this team!!

    • catdaddyd
      9:05 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      01 Young, James……. 19-19 611 32.2 87-218 .399 42-127 .331 54-81 .667

      Young is shooting just under 40% from field, 33% 3pt, and 67% from FT line. Sound like an all-pro to me.

  27. One of the some of you geniuses
    7:37 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Lots of folks have worked for the Chicago Cubs over the years too, but how has that turned out?

  28. [email protected]
    7:40 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Someone once said that Jared Pricket was the next Larry Bird. But hey, I think D. Willis can play. He is more like a 4 year guy, but you can certainly see his potential. I would like to see Cal use the bench a little more (like today) and develop guys like Hawkins, Lee, Johnson & Willis as much as possible. But they can’t develop by sitting on the bench. It will pay big dividends next year if you have guys like a Willis that will be able to play at a high level and compete with the young guns coming in.

  29. bmt22033
    8:06 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    I would bet a *lot* of money that D. Willis will be a better player than Cauley-Stein in 7 – 8 years. I can’t imagine him besting Randall or Young in the long run, though.

  30. jmfatz47
    8:17 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Anyone can see that Willis has length and passes the “eye test” as far ability and potential go. Obviously Rex is going out on a limb and predicting that Willis will continue to grow and fill out his frame. On top of that, he has a great handle and an excellent jump shot already. Does Rex get to view UK’s practices regularly? If so, this could be why he is projecting great things for Willis down the line. As a UK fan who rarely gets to see much of Willis, I have no idea how he will stack up….nor do I know how much bigger,stronger and faster he will get. All I can say for now is that when I see Willis on the court he appears to be a very athletic kid who will certainly be a big factor soon. He is completely different than Jon Hood and I also believe he has a bigtime work ethic. Only time will tell as far a his development goes but again, the kid passes the eye test so far as someone who will 100% get better everyday. I HOPE he gets more opportunities to show out.

  31. Blue To The Bone..
    8:26 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    For ALL of you raging on Rex …PLEASE tell me how long your nba career was and which team you were a talent scout for…Rex is right…D. Willis will be an excellent nba player within that time from…You guys are probably the same folks who made all the nasty comments about S. Woods and his comments about last years team…Players like Rex know good players when they see it because THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR…It is more than about dunking …D. Willis has a great bb IQ…

    • Eric
      8:56 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      And he’s 6’9″, can shoot, handle, etc. but you get crucified by the sheep on this board if you dare challenge the conventional wisdom.

    • catdaddyd
      9:09 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Some guest said on KSR radio show that Willis will be a pro as well. Can’t remember is it was Seth Greenburg or who, but it was someone who had been to several practices.

    • First time poster long time reader
      10:32 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Agree blue to the bone Cal has bragged that Willis has good basketball instincts and can be a good passer but like he says not everyone is on the same time table for confidence and development

    • Eric
      12:29 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Nor are all given the same in game opportunities for confidence and development. The one and dones with all the hype get the opportunities.

    • First time poster long time reader
      2:57 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      They (one and dones) have to develop and become a cohesive unit in order for us to win a title, Willis does not currently fit for that situation. So let’s sit Randle and young so Willis can play?

    • Eric
      11:41 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      No, but let’s carve out 10-12 min a night and see what the kid can do.

  32. Jeremiah was a wildcat
    8:32 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Don’t see any need for the negativity. Rex made a positive statement, and he should know something about it. Let’s hope he’s right, and for Willis that would be an incredible accomplishment.

  33. Eric
    8:34 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Dear idiots:

    Willis is an NBA 3. Randle is a 4, and an undersized one. He’ll never be as good as tones is now. Can you see him being better than David west or lamarcus aldrige? Please… Wcs has no offense. None. Dakari is a lug, needs to drop weight and get more athletic to have an impact in the league. For those of you that think the twins are nba studs you are simply beyond help, only time will show you the error of your ways, just know neither would start for the bobcats this year, the worst team in the league.

    Young is the only guy I think could prove Rex’s statement incorrect. He could be a more athletic James harden type.

    We aren’t seeing Willis because he wasn’t promised PT like the twins, young and randle were. If you think Aaron scores on Willis if they are matched up you are crazy. Willis out sizes, out shoots, out handles him, and out athletics him too.

    Some if you fools just buy the narrative that Matt or cal is selling without using your brains or your eyeballs.

    • Brandon Bowlds
      8:39 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Dear Eric, drink bleach.

    • Eric
      8:47 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Brandon, you are a sheep.

    • Jeremiah was a wildcat
      9:32 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Dear Eric,

      Can’t wait til you are the new head coach of the University of Kentucky Basketball team. It is clear we will win more games and recruit better players once you grace us with your superior intellect and ability to see talent and your clairvoyance to see the future.


      A person who thinks you should get over yourself

    • Me
      9:50 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      I love how you call everyone who disagrees with Rex’s comments an ” idiot”. What qualifies you as not an ” idiot” for having the opinions you have?

    • Eric
      9:52 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Jeremiah, how about a response to any of my points? Rex thinks Willis can be the best pro on the team. I agree, and you tell me to get over myself?

    • Eric
      9:57 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Me, you are completely right, I owe a clarification on who I’m calling idiot. That would be anyone that is lockstep with cal and buys the conventional wisdom, has checked his/her brains in at the door, and ATTACKS anyone who dares challenge the conventional wisdom. So I guess about 80% of this board.

    • Jeremiah was a wildcat
      10:14 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Having an opinion is fine, and I agree with a few of yours. I took exception with the blanket idiot remark. My point further up the line of post was simply why do folks want to be negative on Rex for making a positive comment about a player everyone hopes is going to be great. Bottom line is who knows?

    • First time poster long time reader
      10:37 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

      Dear IDIOT Willis is the stretch NBA hybrid 4 that every GM is in desperate need of. He may play like a 3 but will be a 4 he is 6’10” … Don’t see too many 3s that big. KD is it. When you think Willis think more of a Dirk type 4 not a LeBum 3 or Paul George

    • Shoot!
      12:04 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      I had hoped that Willis would be around for a few years. However, after hearing of Rex’s prediction and then reading all of the supporting information from Eric, sh** I am convinced Willis will be a lottery pick this year.

    • Eric
      12:34 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      First time, Willis is no nba 4, the dude has ball handling skills, will never be a back to the basket player. Kd-lite is exactly who he has to be in the nba, unless he puts on about 50 lbs of muscle, and I don’t see that happening.

      Shoot, you are the idiot/sheep that makes up 80% of this board. Keep on thinking the twins are stone cold. It’s easier than opening up your eyes and thinking!

    • First time poster long time reader
      3:05 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Eric never made comments on twins and NBA has gone to more and more positionless ball where just the 5 best play very few true centers anymore or PF Bosh Gasol Ebaka Love etc are more face up and shoot 3s or look at AD he is not a back to the basket, u just name a select few like Aldridge or West or Randolph two of which u probably couldn’t have named before this season or last, and I thought we were partialy on the same page, i said Willis is gonna be great, you my friend are the sheep

    • Eric
      11:44 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      First time, my man, I wasn’t calling you the sheep I was calling shoot the sheep! I never insult anyone that has the courage to put an opinion out there!

  34. joejax
    9:25 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    REX needs to be drug tested right now, and anyone who is buying this is just a delusional Kentucky fan who wants to believe it because he is Kentucky bred.

    • Pee Tester
      12:17 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      I am on my way with 2 pee cups!

    • Pee Tester
      12:24 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Hum ! No drugs…..just full of sh** !

  35. bung
    9:33 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex talks…people listen…How bout that Kentucky fast break finally showing up?

  36. Wayne
    9:42 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Rex is a UL fan, why should we care what he says? That’s what my money is on.

  37. hooters
    10:36 pm January 25, 2014 Permalink

    Wayne hope you don’t put too much money on that idiotic statement. You’ll go broke. He likes uavel but loves UK. You sir are an idiot

  38. Shoot!
    12:16 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Eric, sorry to inform you but not all athletes are of superior intelligence. In fact, ample evidence exists to prove that some really good athletes are, without a doubt, mental midgets….not calling any names though.

    • First time poster long time reader
      12:20 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Ooh I know. Shaq, Chad “ocho”, JR Smith, any player from Ville and possibly Rex

    • Shoot !
      12:30 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      And, we won’t even count Rodman and Iverson !

    • Eric
      12:38 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      Ok shoot. You are the same dumbass type that turned on mike casey when he dared criticize our drunk of a coach gillespie. Yeah Rex has no clue, played in nba how long? Nba gm now long? He’ll be proven right on this one I bet.

  39. 420
    1:10 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    I think he might of had a little too much of me back in the day…;:

    • what?
      4:29 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

      “might of??”….listen you mental giant. I’m sure what you meant was might’ve, which is the contraction for might have. Just like could’ve is the contraction for could have and should’ve is the contraction for should have. “Might of” just means you probably didn’t graduate high school.

  40. B. Leaver
    7:48 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    @420: Ever had “Sweetwater 420” ale? Best beer brewed in the ATL.

  41. Rqa
    8:42 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    To all of those ragging on Rex’s comment…you all need to learn to read and comprehend.
    Rex did not say that DW “would be”… He said “I would not be surprised if…”. There’s a big difference.

  42. Older UK fan
    9:44 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    I don’t know whether Rex’s prediction will turn out to be right or not, but I’m certainly pulling for Willis to be great someday. It’s a real sacrifice he’s making, giving up playing time at another school just to sit on the bench at UK. Willis loves Kentucky, and that’s an important factor.

  43. Former Teammate of Derek Willis
    10:35 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    I played with Derek for 3 years in high school, and Rex’s comments are in no way out of line. Derek Willis is the most skilled person I have ever played with or seen, including Dominique Hawkins who is getting about 15 minutes a game last I checked. The dude can flat out ball. In regards to him being a future NBA star, yes it will happen, just not right now. If you think about it, Randle will go very high in the draft to a completely crappy team, and then begin developing his game and in a few years be great, but his team still won’t be great, ie John Wall

  44. ekywildcat
    11:57 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Why is the King wearing his shorts up to his tits?

  45. lou eato
    11:59 am January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Believe Rex was simply saying to Cal that Willis is good enough as is Marcus Lee so why not let them play which will benefit entire level of play as the season progresses. I am still in agreement with Cal that this is the most athletic team he has had at UK. Doubt that I am the only fan that wonders why we do not press from the opening tipoff and wear teams down???????????? Remember 1996???? This team has more raw talent and athleticism than the 1996 team!!!!!!!!!! We need to guard teams as soon as they cross mid-court…….do not let them get into a play running comfort mode!

  46. Sittin' Bull
    1:45 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

    I told a buddy of mine D Willis will get lost in Cal’s system. Unfortunately, I believe he would flourish in Slick Rick’s system. Cal just doesn’t give these guys enough PT when he has a chance.

  47. jaws2
    2:55 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

    Cal doesn’t press the entire game because the twins are lazy and would constantly be getting beat. Aaron has zero defensive skills and Andrew is just a notch above that.

    • Eric
      11:46 pm January 26, 2014 Permalink

      No jaws, they are STONE COLD!!!!