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Reporter tells Kevin Knox he needs a better agent

As expected, the FBI’s investigation into shoe companies’ involvement in college basketball was a hot topic at Kentucky’s Media Day. By now you’ve heard about the tense moment between John Calipari and Jerry Tipton when Tipton asked Cal about the FBI investigation:

It may surprise a lot of you, but I’m Team Jerry on this one. Yes, by that point, Calipari had been asked three questions about the FBI investigation and only one about his team; however, it’s clearly the biggest topic in the sport right now and, as Jerry said, the media has every right to ask the questions they want to ask on Media — not Coach! — Day. I understand Cal’s frustration as well; Kentucky’s not involved in the investigation, so why continue to address it when he could be talking about his own team? Yet, honestly, in the wake of the scandal down the road, yesterday’s kerfuffle was a refreshing reminder that, unlike Louisville, Kentucky has reporters that will press the hard issues, even if it makes the head coach throw up his hands in frustration.

All of that being said, some reporters took it a bit too far. I was in a pool of media surrounding Kevin Knox, the highest ranked freshman on Kentucky’s roster. Knox was asked several times about his involvement with shoe companies and whether or not he was offered anything to come to Kentucky, to which he said no.

“I came to Kentucky because I knew Cal would push me,” Knox said. “I knew I would get the treatment I wanted. I knew [Kenny Payne] would push me to my hardest. I knew the practices would be really competitive and that’s something I need. I grew up with a disciplined family, a hard-working family. I knew Cal was a hard worker, so I came here because of that. I came here because I wanted to play with other guys. I didn’t come here for no money or nothing like that.”

Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal asked Knox if he could have gotten money somewhere else, which is when it got a little awkward.

“No, nothing like that,” Knox said. “I was a real clear guy. Nothing was — not my family. We came here because we wanted to come here, none of the schools offered me nothing.”

“You need a better agent,” Sullivan quipped, and when Knox looked at him, he repeated it. “You need a better agent. Some guys seem to be cashing in.” 

Kudos to Knox for regrouping to deliver a professional, thoughtful answer.

“I guess those other schools had a lot of problems but not at Kentucky. Cal is really big about not giving out money because a lot of people came here because they want to get to the next level. That’s the reason a lot of us came here, because we want that. Kentucky has nothing to do with no money.”



Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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41 Comments for Reporter tells Kevin Knox he needs a better agent

  1. ukjaybrat
    10:51 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    geez, it’s almost like the reporters are baiting players into saying they took money or worked with agents. I’m all for “media” day but damn. what if one of these kids falsely incriminate themselves because they’re being badgered so much and accidentally say something they don’t mean or that may not even be true?

    • Luether
      7:04 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      Cal obviously has prepared all his players for this question with the answer Knox provided…

    • TrumpPence2020
      1:08 pm October 14, 2017 Permalink

      Hey at least we aren’t Louisville where we KNOW they are paying players with cash and hookers. #MAGA

  2. ClutchCargo
    11:00 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Sullivan was way out of line with that comment to a teenager. That should earn him a week off from his job, but we all know that won’t happen.

  3. Cokely53
    11:11 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Gonna need lawyers to talk to reporters anymore

  4. Biglaw Dawgin'
    11:11 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Not funny, not an appropriate question for a kid. To me it sounded similar to a cop trying to bate someone into saying something they shouldn’t. “Would’ve been nice to score some of that good weed though, am I right?” Get out of here with that.

    These type of questions need to be off-limits for current students. Quit trying to involve them in it, and certainly don’t pose them with loaded questions. Had Knox even chuckled and said “yeah, I do need a better agent” the headline the next day would be “Knox Regrets Not Taking Money.” It’s a lose/lose. Somehow he handled it perfectly. And if you really want some answers, go ask questions like that to the guys who are already in the pros, not kids whose lives would change immediately if they were to indulge your question.

  5. secrick
    11:19 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I would have told Tipton to kiss my ass if was Cal and if i was Tipton i would keep asking the tuff questions. The guy that ask Knox those questions and made that comment needs to grow up .

  6. BCO
    11:21 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Another example of the media being smarmy jerks. Way out of line. If I was Knox Id have not said a word and got up and left. The Tipton thing was way out of line. A question or two, fine. But he kept pushing the issue, then basically tried to pull rank with freaking Cal. Another scenario where Id have got up and left.

  7. BCO
    11:26 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I dont see how anyone could defend Jerry, either, TT.

    The media are so petted. They want the ability to poke, prod, and purposefully get under the skin of the coach and players. Then act all whiney and high and mighty when Cal says he wants to talk about his team. I dont see how Cal hasnt punched that dirt bag right in the mouth.

    I was next to Tipton in JFK airport in NYC when we lost to Ohio State, and the things he said about Cal AND the players were disgusting. He was talking to some other UK fans and I had to interupt and made sure he knew that he was in the minority and real fans dont trash our players over a game. Hes a jerk, always has been, and I cant see how in the LHL hasnt fired him. Of course, how theyre still in business period is a mystery to me.

    • Luether
      7:06 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      The “media” are almost all Democrats. What else would you expect…

    • TrumpPence2020
      1:09 pm October 14, 2017 Permalink

      Tipton is a good republican though. #MAGA

  8. kuhlkat
    11:27 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    What TT apparently doesn’t understand is Tipton was out of line by his arrogant tone not the actual question

  9. dpower
    11:30 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    If i were cal. Id tell that reporter he was no longer allowed in this facility ,tacky ass question. The media needs to not be jerks when asking these players. They should only ask them about there play ,etc. Not anything about crap like that. Id have him removed ,dont give me freedom of speech. Needs punched in mouth

  10. TravisA
    11:31 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I would excuse Tipton if he hadn’t written a million stories trashing U.K. in the past. His tone was rude and offensive and quite frankly, embarrassing.

  11. Catlogic15
    11:32 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Sullivan has run out of Louisville slime to talk about so he’s looking elsewhere. That was really a stupid comment he made. He might not be allowed back.

  12. binarysolo
    11:36 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I didn’t mind so much the content of Tipton’s question, but I did have a problem with the way he said it. That whole “this is Media day not Coach day” in the most condescending way possible, like Cal didn’t already know what day it was. This is why nobody likes you, Tipton.

  13. BCO
    11:55 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    After listening to Sullivans comment again, it seemed he was just trying to be funny. And failed.
    Tipton on the other hand…

  14. Underdog
    11:58 am October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I’m surprised the reported didn’t come back to Kevin and say, “So you’re saying you DO have an agent?” You didn’t deny it, so you must have one!

    I thought Kevin handled the question like a wise adult. Kudos to him.

    It would have taken an experienced communicator, but he could have rebuked the reported, “It’s not the least bit funny to insinuate I had a hired agent, and that I’m out looking for money as an amateur. That’s low class and inappropriate. What’s your name and who do you work for? You really have crossed the line and I won’t be taking any more questions from you.” And then ignored him.

    That guy really needs to be reprimanded. I’d be somewhat surprised if he shows his face again.

  15. Bluebloodtoo
    12:08 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    The first thing these kids do when they get on campus is take a PR class on how to do these interviews. Have you ever seen one of Cal’s UK BB player say something stupid in a interview? Maybe once or twice, but it’s pretty rare. They are coached on how to handle these things. Knox did a great job with that. It was good training for his future in the NBA.
    Not that I don’t agree with you about leading questions and baiting these baby adults, but they are technically adults. They will have to deal with this stuff sooner or later if they continue to a career in the NBA.

  16. david8577
    12:09 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Asking Cal questions about this is annoying, asking an 18 year old these questions is just plain out of line. Someone stop this sh1t.

  17. UKinIN
    12:11 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Totally unprofessional. UK should revoke Sullivan’s access.

  18. kjd
    12:14 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Tim Sullivan should be publicly reprimanded for his accusatory comment. Of course, CJ will do nothing.
    I wouldn’t take questions from him any more for sure.

  19. brian5811
    12:18 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Why aren’t these Louisville reporters embarrassed that this has been going on right in front of them for years and none of them were competent enough to break the story? Instead they show up at media day with the attitude like they can cut jokes at the expense of an 18 year old kid where there is no evidence that he did anything wrong? Mr. Sullivan should go out there and stomp some pavement and get the story before making those kinds of comments I’d at least have some respect for him.

    • BTownUKFan
      2:18 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      Exactly, they kept their heads up Jurich’s rear for the last decade while the program was committing multiple violations. Players getting suspended, getting speeding tickets, weed…and the C-J didn’t know about any of it….right.

  20. Wilfred Smith
    12:20 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Knox didn’t tell the guy to get bent? He’s more disciplined than me.

  21. crazycatfan65
    1:07 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Tipton is a class A jerk!! Other media members are gonna side with Tipton on this because they have to, its their job, but the way Tipton said its media day not coach day should have had him removed from the room. We all see how the media is these days in this country, and now with the way Tipton acted, the majority of Americans has less faith and value with media personal. Someone needs to ask Sullivan how many times he asked that question to UL players? Maybe if he would have asked that question to UL players maybe they wouldn’t be in so much hot water.

    • TrumpPence2020
      1:10 pm October 14, 2017 Permalink

      But he’s a class A Republican!! #MAGA

    • UK Big Board Update
      1:23 pm October 14, 2017 Permalink

      I agree. Fox News has ruined the media in this country. The rednecks will believe anything they say.

  22. Peter Criss
    1:17 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Mrs. TT, you are easily the best writer at KSR. You’re prepared, insightful, and always professional. But, you’re wrong about this one in supporting Tipton. John Clay, Mark Story or Jen Smith asking that question would get my support. But not Tipton. I’ve been reading his work for decades and his record of not only negative, but negatively biased reporting in an attempt damage the program and it’s fans, tells me why I don’t support him here.

  23. Bill3
    1:26 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    So “Media Day” can cover anything? Why would anyone ask a coach? If he/she is involved they are not going to reveal their involvement. If they aren’t involved they won’t know anything. The question(s) need to be directed toward an Adidas representative, or the FBI if you are really interesting in determining what is going on. This is a serious matter. Saying you should get a better agent implies that you have an agent. Kinda like “are you still beating your wife?” It is not an abstraction, “the media,” that is involved here. It is Jerry Tipton.

  24. DaniTheGirl
    1:38 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I support the JERRY TIPTON QUESTIONS MATTER movement as well

  25. runningunnin.454
    1:45 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    This is why Americans have little respect for today’s media…gotcha questions and anonymous sources.
    “Cal, there are reports….” Yeah, name one…who says.
    But at least Tipton was talking to Cal, and Cal can take care of himself.
    The guy that asked those questions of an 18 yr old freshman should be banned from all UK press conferences.

  26. kentuckyrld
    1:59 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    You, Mrs. Thompson are just as big an idiot as Mr. Tipton. Can’t say I am surprised.

    • runningunnin.454
      2:17 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      Because she expresses an opinion different from your own? Unwarranted and harsh!

    • BTownUKFan
      2:19 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

      Seriously ?!? She just reported what occurred. Video backs her up. What the heck is your problem?

    • TrumpPence2020
      1:11 pm October 14, 2017 Permalink

      Mrs. TT is a liberal, so no, she is not like Tipton. #MAGA

  27. TheMaxCat
    2:47 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    I hope Cal uses it as a teaching moment for the rest of the team and explains to them that they’ll be baited throughout the year and how they are to handle it. I wouldn’t care if the players went all Belichek and give the shortest most generic answers they could or just shrugged and said they don’t know but they just gonna keep working hard. The kid handled it beautifully.

  28. krautdog
    4:23 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    You’re right. Although BBN doesn’t like it, Tipton was only doing his job!

  29. bluebew
    4:39 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    Tim Sullivan = classless asshat. Has no real skills so he tries to use shock and awe (I must admit I’m shocked by his behavior and in awe of his stupidity – so I guess it worked).

  30. Catcasey1
    5:52 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    His mom and dad should get a lawyer and take his ass to court

  31. catfanjd
    6:23 pm October 13, 2017 Permalink

    That reporter should lose his credentials and so should Tipton. To be asking an 18/19 year old kid those questions and making those statements the University has an obligation to protect those kids. So far there are no charges or allegations. Until there are that topic is not a topic for media day or pre game or post game. Would you put yourself on the record just to have someone claim otherwise out of spite or some other motive to damage you? Cal can choose his words and can stand up for himself or he can choose not to address. But trying to drag something out of an 18 year old or trying to goad a reaction is way out of bounds and UK administration needs to set some boundaries