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Reid Travis’ father says previous comments weren’t meant to be negative, would recommend Kentucky to any potential recruit

Last week, the Herald Leader published a story with quotes from Reid Travis’ father, Nate, about his son’s time at Kentucky and whether or not it lived up to the high expectations his family had going into it.

While most prospects and their parents leave Lexington with rave reviews, Nate Travis made headlines by saying he thought his family would have “a little more of an understanding of when [Reid] would fall in the draft” by the time his lone season at the school concluded.

“He probably had more of a leadership role as far as helping younger players develop. Maybe his abilities got somehow shifted a little bit for the sake of helping younger players develop and understand the process,” Nate told Jerry Tipton. “He kind of took that role and kind of got away from what he wanted to do when he came there.”

In fact, after the report, Kentucky head coach John Calipari took to Twitter to discuss the recent conversations he had with the parents of Tyler Herro and PJ Washington, who both had fantastic things to say about their time in Lexington.

Now, Nate Travis wants the world to know that he wasn’t being critical of the Kentucky basketball program or his son’s time in Lexington in the slightest.

In an interview with Kyle Tucker of The Athletic, Travis clarified what he meant to say with Tipton and the Herald-Leader.

“I didn’t mean it at all as a knock on Kentucky,” he said. “When Reid went there, he wanted to become an NBA player, but he also wanted to win. So he did whatever it took to help the team win, even though Reid knew what the pro scouts wanted to see more of. I don’t know how that is taken as critical.”

In fact, Travis said that he couldn’t be happier with their time in Lexington and that he would recommend playing at Kentucky to any recruit or graduate transfer thinking about suiting up in blue and white.

“I don’t know what they could do different to make it even better for an athlete going there,” he said. “In fact, if I had to sit down and talk to a recruit, I would most definitely tell them they couldn’t go wrong there. I would tell them that was probably one of the best decisions my son has ever made.”

In terms of regrets about his time at Kentucky, Travis says his family doesn’t have any. He’d obviously love for his son to be a sure-fire first round draft prospect, but he’s ecstatic about how things unfolded in Lexington over the last year or so.

“There are no regrets that he chose Kentucky. As a father, would I have liked to see his stock be higher? Yes, but wanting to see the team win was more important to us as a family. We wanted to help Kentucky win a championship, and whatever that took, Reid was willing to do it and I was going to accept it.

To read Tucker’s entire article and check out everything Reid’s dad had to say about the Kentucky basketball program, head on over to The Athletic here.


Article written by Jack Pilgrim

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5 Comments for Reid Travis’ father says previous comments weren’t meant to be negative, would recommend Kentucky to any potential recruit

  1. Realme
    6:29 pm May 21, 2019 Permalink

    “I don’t know how that is taken as critical.” By being interpreted by the Herald Leader, thats how.

    • ClutchCargo
      6:50 pm May 21, 2019 Permalink

      Written by none other than Tipturd. I wish I hadn’t given that jackass a click on the link above.

  2. Luether
    7:55 pm May 21, 2019 Permalink

    More HL fake news…

  3. Fitz
    8:14 pm May 21, 2019 Permalink

    I understood exactly what Reid’s father was saying, and did not consider it a knock on Cal or Reid’s choice of
    UK. The fact of the matter is Reid has a limited ceiling as a NBA player and I’m not sure it would have been lifted if he went anywhere else besides Kentucky.

  4. UK Maine-iac
    8:31 pm May 21, 2019 Permalink

    Nate got paid to clarify his answer toward the positive. Right conspiracy theorists?