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64 responses to “RECAP: Kentucky grinds out 62-56 victory over Wofford, advances to Sweet 16”

  1. Smyrna_Cat

    “had several opportunities to come up with a victory.”

    Doesn’t every team to some degree?

    1. jsuge20

      uh no…. did our first rd opponent have several opportunities to win?? no….

    2. Angelo

      If Houston wins what do think Vegas will say? Cats by 1 or 2…?

    3. JoeMoney333

      They’ll wait to release a line till they get info on PJ

  2. gobble gobble

    I’m pretty sure Baker has 2 three pointers… if my math is correct, I believe that more than 5 points

    1. BigJohnC


  3. Smyrna_Cat

    “If it weren’t for Wofford star guard Fletcher Magee missing everything he threw at the rim, though, the Terriers absolutely could have pulled off the upset.”

    Not sure what do do with this. If Magee had hit more threes, maybe Hoover hits less … or Herro hits more? We can play “if” games all day, but they don’t mean a lot, do they? IF PJ played, we kill them. IF Knox had stayed for his soph. year we beat them by 30. IF we keep IFing, when will we run out of ifs?

    As you correctly noted, Magee missed largely because of our D. IF we hadn’t played good D, perhaps he hits more.

    1. KYJelly

      McGee has been hitting those crazy, contested 3’s all year. A lot of those possessions were empty possessions for Wofford. Has he went 4-12 (which before the game, we would’ve gladly agreed to) then they win by 6. It’s not an IF when his shot dropping would’ve negated an empty trip

    2. KYJelly

      *Had he went

    3. Soylentbeans

      It’s an if because you dont know how the game plays out from there. Him hitting 3s would have likely lead to a faster pace of play and more points would have been scored overall.

    4. catsarerunnin

      And if others players had hit shots in every game we would haven been winless for the season…

  4. BigolBlue

    Man move

  5. ballplayerstu

    I believe he will be back.

  6. BigJohnC

    A flip switched?? You mean a switch flipped

  7. sonnyg333

    Sad PJ will miss the Tournament…Cats need him bad

    1. damage_control

      Shove your conjecture up your chocolate covered starfish loser

    2. catsarerunnin

      Seek anger management.

  8. weneedpitino

    Well shucks I almost predicted the end score. I figured 60 to 52. Go cats!!

    1. catsarerunnin

      You can’t figure that high pinhead.

  9. Papaw

    It was noted that Herro had a bad shooting day due at least partially to him chasing Magee all game. I’m sure that’s exactly right. At the same time Magee had a terrible shooting day due entirely from Herro, Hagans and Baker forcing him to run in circles all game. Cals gameplan worked.

    1. henderblue

      That’s it Papaw. Let’s give Cal some credit here. You hear that KyCat? Bigolloser?

    2. Bird88


    3. mashburnfan1

      Their number 5 and Magee missed a couple wide open shots as well, just had a bad game like they did vs Kansas. Yea give Cal credit, his 6 NBA guys beat a team with no NBA guys and had to have them have an off night to do it. Plus the huge size advantage Cal wasted, saw a view on a free throw and it looked like High School kids vs middle school kids, maybe it was just the angle but it looked strange. UK did play some good perimeter D several times but Wofford also missed some wide open looks. They also got a lucky banked 3 but missed many shots they usually make. A couple of them were missed by great D but 10 or so were just misses, luckily.

    4. catsarerunnin

      We won Slater. UL lost so you’re pissy. Move on.

    5. makeitstop

      Actually Mash their two bigs, 33 and 24 were 6’8” and 6’9 and big – 250 and 230 respectively. I was surprised how big and athletic they were, and skilled. That team was underseeded. Nick was right, we were just more skilled in the end, but Magee didnt miss but a couple open shots and those were late, as I recall. He was exhausted chasing Herro, and playing D against bigger, faster guards just as Herro was exhausted running through at least 3-4 screens every play, like a pin ball. Kid played great. Great D. And front rimmed a lot of shots which I know u know is tired legs, but didn’t let it effect him at the line. Instead of seeing the glass 1/4 empty here, they deserve credit for beating a good team in a night one of its stars, Hoover(?) was un-freakin conscious and our best big man was in a scooter. Nice team win. Now cut that damn cast off!

    6. 4everUKblue

      Makeit that is a much better analysis than mashbum’s, you saw it as it really was and not how you thought would make Cal and the team look bad.

  10. makeitstop

    Auburn is Smokin’ KU… the conference May have 4 of 16 at this rate.

    1. Ridge Runner

      Good to see our SEC doing well. If Tenn can shake some cobwebs from the opening game, yes 4 in. Florida had a great opponent but thought they laid an egg and should have played better.

  11. SanDiegoDave

    Today was an indication that Cal can coach. He drew up an excellent game plan to take Magee out of the game and it worked. I saw visions of the VCU disaster after the first couple of minutes with the quickness of the Wofford guards. However, the experienced leadership of Travis and Baker stepping up when given the opportunity gave the Cats another day to live. Well done!

    1. Ridge Runner

      Yes, great job by coach with a undermanned squad and defensive plan.

  12. Ridge Runner

    Tyler threatened this top 5 list earlier in season. I haven’t went back to count his current streak but he’s gotta be there or close…

    consecutive Free Throws Made
    Player (Seasons) FT
    1 Travis Ford (1992-93 to 1993-94) 50
    2 Jim Master (1981-82) 40
    3 Jodie Meeks (2008-09) 36
    4 Ed Davender (1987-88) 33
    5 Kyle Macy (1978-79 to 1979-80) 32

    1. joshwlc

      I was interested in this too. According to he missed one during the first Tennessee game. Went 8 for 9 at the line. Don’t know which one he missed as that affects the streak. But since then, he’s hit 30 straight. So the streak could be from 30 to 38 straight depending on when he missed the free throw in the Tennessee game. Looked at the game log from that game. Looks like he missed the 3rd free throw and hit the last 6. So his current streak is at 36 free throws! He might be able to make it if we win it all! That would be a great thing. Set the record and win the title.

    2. makeitstop

      Yea I saw a report going into the SEC tourney he had hit 30 straight and he’s 6-6 since then. So I think ur 36 is right, tying him for 3rd. Conceivable he breaks it in the tourney but it would take a FF run for sure.

  13. Larkin123

    So sick as cals offenses. Hero plays off Washington… better figure that out. I already knew that before the tournament.

    Hagans needs to drive from wing into elbow when teams sag off of weak side and drive into the recovery. That accidentally looked good.

    Without pj there is no reason to clog lane.

    Call Larry Brown for grade school offensive set. You would have scored more points. Does our coach watch film? They have figured it out!

    How many fans wanted Baker more involved the second half. If role players are hot, do we even have a way get them going? I mean Hero was ice cold… so if someone like baker gets hot no play or set lets him become anything other than a floater outside.

    Our only hope next game will be if Houston does not force enough turnovers and we get free points on the break. Johnson gets a few of those, write him down for 23 points… Free points helps with our sucko offense… might have better rhythm too. Half-court Cal… please Houston save us…

    1. henderblue

      Gosh I hope Cal sees this. Thanks Coach Larkin. You got his number?

    2. 4everUKblue

      Lol henderblue!

    3. 4everUKblue

      We found our next coach, thank god the search is over.

    4. speaksthetruth

      I trust cal knows what he’s doing. He has a pretty good track record.

    5. Willis Wolf Tattoo

      Houston hasn’t won yet.

    6. henderblue

      I thought we won yesterday,4ever. Someone needs to let Coach Larkin know..

    7. 4everUKblue

      We didn’t win? I must be living in a parallel universe hender.

  14. CahillsCrossingNT

    He missed his third free throw of that day and made his last six. I could stand corrected, but I believe that’s the only free throw he’s missed since the Texas A&M game on January 8.

  15. 1IH

    When is the #cutthecastoff rally at the JC center? I’m heading to Wallyworld for blow-horns now, if The Football school can pull of the upset we can wait until Friday to take it off so he can play Sunday but if the Armoit of Texas wins then it’s coming off by Wednesday. How much do you think it would cost to get his rookie to put some itching powder down his leg?

    1. 1IH

      Fk. *Armpit

    2. 1IH

      Fk again. *roomie

    3. catsarerunnin

      Don’t you usually go to the Walmart at the first of the month?

    4. 1IH

      I only get paper products there usually, I get food at Aldi’s on the 1st.

  16. catsarerunnin

    Pay attention to Coach Larkin. His girl teams for ages 6-8 usually go undefeated in their league.

    1. RealCatsFan

      Yeah, but I heard Coach Larkin was kicked off the team for screaming at the girls for not setting a solid screen. He made 3 of them cry. The last straw was when he threw his clipboard and got T’d up for yelling at the ref’s.

  17. Aar

    Waiting in line for the UNCG game yesterday, another fan was saying that Wofford would beat UK without PJ. I turned and said “You understand that all of Kentucky’s players, except two, are five star players and Calipari’s a Hall Of Fame Coach, right? I’m comfortable enough that they’re going to beat Wofford that I’m here to watch my wife’s school in the NIT and going to watch my lifetime favorite team on DVR.”

    IMHO, the Cats have an above 50% chance of making it to the Elite Eight without PJ. I like our coach, the talent he assembled and their overall team cohesiveness this season.

    1. henderblue

      I like your confidence Aar. You’re a Cat fan AND an optimist. Me too. We’ll play the cards we’re dealt and roll with it. I like our chances.

    2. makeitstop

      I think that’s about right against Houston. 50/50 we get by without PJ, better odds against OSU, though their league is tougher than I gave them credit for all year.

  18. CoachCat

    From here on out it’s about match ups anyways. If Reid has a guy he can bully he will do his thing. Keldon needs to be quicker than his guy then he can do his thing. Nick and EJ just need to focus on protecting the rim and setting screens. Tyler will do his thing no matter what. If Ashton gets a couple steals and keeps turnovers down then we can play with anyone

    1. 1IH

      Keldon isn’t getting the calls on either end of the court, obvious no calls are going against him on defense likes it’s a fix. He needs to stop the whining and get in the ear of the officials like the more experienced FloppyTop Guys do to ingratiate himself a bit.

    2. makeitstop

      He is getting SCREWED on calls lately, right? Did he just start turning it up a notch and he’s getting called for Ricky tack calls or is it just bad luck bc the last few games he’s not caught a break.

    3. makeitstop

      That’s “ticky tack” but could hv been RockyTop, same thing

  19. Jiminy Crickets

    Hagans just HAS to step his toe on the 3pt line every time, then bangs it off back of rim. If he steps back 3inches maybe he keeps his foot behind line, and has better percentages, but even if he misses at least he’s missing a 21ft 3 instead of a 20ft 6inch 2.

    1. makeitstop

      Next year. U ever hv a golf pro in ur ear w 1-2 too many suggestions? And u can’t get ANY of it bc u can’t get all of it? We just hv to roll w it this year, and let him get better on D and learn to spot mismatches (including his own) on offense and worry about shit like that next year once he can consistently keep it in the fairway.

    2. Jiminy Crickets

      A toe on the line 2 is the highest risk, lowest reward shot on the entire floor. He does it 2-3 times a game every game.

    3. catsarerunnin

      You’ll live Mr Zone.

    4. makeitstop

      lol yes I agree but at the rate he shoots out there he’s only costing us .5 ppg – and honestly if he keeps the assists up and TO down and starts exploiting match ups I’m good w that for a kid who should be in HS. It’s a minor annoyance compared to turnovers and poor shots in the lane and I guarantee u w another year his range improves and he’ll be back 2 feet not 2 inches.

  20. Bobbum Man

    I was screaming at the TV all first half for Hagans to drive the ball! That dude was maybe 5’10 no chance he could stay in front of him as we saw the second half

  21. Aar

    The more I think about the Wofford game the more I credit Cal as the game MVP. By assigning Herro to run Magee’s legs off on O and guard him on D, Cal made this a defense first game. By committing the other four players to help off on Magee and number 10, he doubled down. Defense wins at this time of year.

    The other reason I pick Cal as the game MVP is that each and every player’s performance was simultaneously excellent and underwhelming. By that, I mean that no single player’s stats jump off the page and you have to look at the game to see the single exceptional performance. When you do, all you see is a team effort. Herro’s “25” wrist tape tells a larger story. I think that yesterday every player got lost in the team. Though the game itself was ugly, the Cats’ single minded team play was beautiful. Do I need to break up Cal’s game ball to the entire coaching staff? Probably.