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READ: “Terrence Clarke was special” by John Calipari

(Photo: Chet White | UK Athletics)

(Photo: Chet White | UK Athletics)

John Calipari is in Los Angeles to be with Terrence Clarke’s mother as she grieves the tragic loss of her 19-year-old baby boy. Calipari dropped the many things happening around his program in Lexington the moment he heard of Clarke’s passing, and today through as long as it takes, he will be by Osmine Clarke’s side in L.A.

But first, Calipari turned his feelings into words for “Terrence Clarke was special”—a new blog post on “I want everyone to know the Terrence that I knew,” Calipari explained of his first written piece on his website in many years.

It begins with Calipari wondering if there is even anything he can do for a mother who just lost her son. “What do I say?” he asks himself. “What can I do? Can I be of any help in the face of the most unimaginable and devastating heartbreak a family can go through?”

Calipari then goes on to write about Clarke’s fun-loving spirit and his love for everyone around him. Here’s an excerpt:

His heart was overflowing with love for his family, his friends and his teammates. He was as caring of a person as I have ever coached. His enthusiasm and energy – not just for basketball, for life – are what we all hope to have in our journey. Terrence had figured that part out – that if you wake up every day with a smile on your face and a joy in everything you do, this life is beautiful.

I think that is part of the reason why you see unbelievable magnitude of heartache today from everyone across our game and our country. Terrence had that spirit about him that rubbed off on every single person that was fortunate to cross paths with him. He was the person everyone wanted to be around and the guy everyone gravitated to. []

There is also a heartbreaking part of Calipari’s piece where he admits to feeling the urge to check up on Clarke earlier this week, but never got around to it. “I have to live with that regret for the rest of my life,” Calipari wrote.

Read the entire thing on “Terrence Clarke was special.”

He sure was.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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7 Comments for READ: “Terrence Clarke was special” by John Calipari

  1. VilleCat11
    3:48 pm April 23, 2021 Permalink

    You can say Cal is not a good coach or lost his touch.. However, this is an example of why he is the coach so many have loved to play for and felt so comfortable coming to UK… He is in the middle of trying to fill 2 coaching vacancies and complete his roster for next season… Literally dropped everything he is doing to go be with Terrance’s mother during this unimaginable time… This makes me proud to say he is our coach!!!

    3:51 pm April 23, 2021 Permalink

    If if and buts were candy and nuts every day would be Christmas… We can’t hold onto those “what if’s” or “if I had only”. It’s easier said than done, that’s for sure. It is a little easier when you realize that very little that happens is actually in our control. When we’re rushing and that slow car gets in our way or no matter which lane we switch to the brake lights follow us just rest assured that the Universe (or whichever diety you choose to worship) is intervening on your behalf and stay positive.

  3. clarks
    4:33 pm April 23, 2021 Permalink

    Say what u want about cal he has always put the players first over the needs of the fans the school or himself and is what makes him a hall of Famer. That’s not even counting the work he does raising and donating for various causes. Prayers to the clarke family from all of the bbn during this unimaginable time. We were lucky to have had him for every second he was here.

  4. nocode96
    5:23 pm April 23, 2021 Permalink

    Well said ville and Clarks. What you both said is a huge reason Cal is perfect for us. Today, just like every other day since he chose Kentucky, Terrance was first priority for Cal. That’s how he treats every player. Always has and always will.

  5. chrisblue
    5:55 pm April 23, 2021 Permalink

    I would love to see the NBA honor his memory by giving whoever has the first pick the second pick as well and just move everyone else down a spot so Terrance could get picked first. Wouldn’t affect the picks in any way, and would be a great gesture to a great young man. Everyone please remember to “Give flowers to the ones you love while they can still smell them.” Life is precious and can end in a blink.

  6. michaelb
    7:06 am April 24, 2021 Permalink

    He was a phenom , he didn’t get a chance to display it much here but you could easily see the flashes of brilliancy in his game , could hit the offensive glass like poythress, could also run the offense with ball in hand , and slash to the rim with the quickness . Those are 3 key elements in today’s nba. I’m still not over this . Kind of like the Kobe shock , doesn’t seem real . This type of tragedy hardly ever hits our program . Hit hard this time , God, please comfort his family .