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Randy Kennedy’s Saturday Morning Wake Up


Andy looks on in envy of Randy’s wavy locks. 

When you don’t have Marshall Henderson on your sidelines, you have to do something a little weird and outrageous to get fans to come to Ole Miss basketball games.  This stunt is actually not that bad at all.  The DirecTV commercial spoofs have taken on a life of their own, and Mississippians can’t get enough of the winningest coach in City Youth League history, 8 and under division.

You know it’s getting big when Jay Bilas gets involved.

Isaiah Briscoe is Back

The Cats weren’t in dire straits without him, but I know I wasn’t the only person nervous about his bum ankle.  After his MRI revealed nothing significant, Briscoe has been participating in Camp Cal practice all week.  Against a team that leans on their guards, Ole Miss will be a good test before he plays his first SEC road game on Tuesday.

Jordan Smith is Singing the National Anthem

It’s going to be amazing.  No offense basketball team, but I’m more excited to hear the winner of The Voice than to watch them ball.  He’s fantastic.  Whoever made sure he came home to sing at Rupp deserves a laurel and hearty handshake.  Don’t be dumb.  Make sure you arrive extra, extra early to make sure you don’t miss any of his amazing performance.

Landon Foster was at the Sugar Bowl



Insert “the only way Kentucky can get to the Sugar Bowl” joke here.  

Landon was in NOLA representing UK as one of 22 members on the Allstate Good Works Team.  Riding in the parade and suite seats in the Superdome were just a few of the rewards he received for the thousands of hours he’s given to the Lexington community.

I’m still yawning from the New Year’s Six

The new format had a fantastic debut last year, but this year’s version could not have been more boring.  It wasn’t wise to move the Playoff games to prime New Year’s Eve pregame hours, and Iowa in the Rose Bowl instead of Ohio State might have been an even bigger bomb.  The average margin of victory was 24.2 points.  At least we got a fat-guy touchdown from Laremy Tunsil.

There’s Still Bowls to be Played

  • Noon: Penn State vs Georgia (Taxslayer Gator Bowl) ESPN
  • 3:20: Kansas State vs. Arkansas (Liberty Bowl) ESPN
  • 6:45: #15 Oregon vs. #11 TCU (Alamo Bowl) ESPN
  • 10:15: West Virginia vs. Arizona State (Cactus Bowl) ESPN

After this, all that’s left is Bama and Clemson in the National Championship.  There’s plenty of good college basketball on TV too.

  • Noon: #17  West Virginia (11-1) and Kansas State (10-2), ESPNU
  • 1:00: #10 Butler (11-2) at #6 Xavier (12-1), FS1
  • 3:00: #1 Michigan State (13-1) at Minnesota (6-7), ESPN2
  • 3:00: St. John’s (7-7) at  #13 Providence (13-1), FS1
  • 4:00: #21 Baylor (10-2) at #3 Kansas (11-1), CBS
  • 4:00: Tulsa (8-5) at #23 Cincinnati (10-4), ESPNU
  • 4:30: Arkansas (6-6) at #19 Texas A&M (10-2), SEC Network
  • 5:00: Notre Dame (9-3) at No. 5 Virginia (11-1), ESPN2
  • 6:00: Memphis (9-3) at #20 South Carolina (12-0), ESPNU
  • 6:00: Iowa (10-3) at #14 Purdue (13-1), BTN
  • 7:00: #9 Iowa State (11-1) at No. 2 Oklahoma (11-0), ESPN2 
  • 8:00: #4 Maryland (12-1) at Northwestern (13-1), BTN
  • 10:00: #16 Villanova (11-2) at Creighton (10-4), FS1
  • 11:00: #24 Gonzaga (11-3) at San Francisco (8-5), ESPN2

Kash Daniel was Named Mr. Football Yesterday

He’s the first defensive player to take home the award since Lamar Dawson in 2010 and the first future Wildcat since Patrick Towles in 2011.  Our own Trey Hunstman caught up with Kash before he takes the trip to San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American Game.  You should definitely give it a read.

Katina Powell’s Attorney Responds to Rick Pitino

During Pitino’s insane 9-minute rant on everything awful/hilarious that is happening at UofL, he did his best to discredit Katina Powell’s statements and the way the media covered it (although accepting that something “scurrilous” happened).  Pitino said, “She can’t complete two sentences the right way to write a book.”  Powell’s attorney, Larry Wilder, responded to the bully via text message to WDRB’s Eric Crawford, calling them “a distraction from the truth.”

“Unfortunately, tragically, what Ms. Powell said took place at the university took place,” he said. “I appreciate Coach Pitino’s position. I understand he is hopeful that these things didn’t take place. However, the NCAA will render their opinion when they complete their full investigation and I am confident that their opinion will be reflective of the totality of the evidence and the circumstances. Ms. Powell continues to stand by her journals, her statements and the statements of those who have been interviewed by journalists, investigators and other lawyers. I am certain that the fraternity of ‘U of L basketball’ is as closely knit as any other. However, we have all been recent witnesses to just how far members of the ‘brotherhood’ will go to protect one another.”

Just when you thought the Louisville Sex Scandal was going away, Rick brings it up for us.  How kind of him.  It’s currently on a cycle, refreshing to the top of news pages about every three weeks.  We’ll let this marinate until then.

Listen to the KSR Pregame Show

After a little holiday vacation, Matt is back on the radio with Drew and Ryan this afternoon starting at 4:30 on 630 WLAP.  A lot has happened since he’s been gone, so expect fireworks to fly high before Kentucky takes on Ole Miss.

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

13 Comments for Randy Kennedy’s Saturday Morning Wake Up

  1. ok
    10:11 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

    The KSR “quantity over quality/rehash” mentality is off the charts on this one. Linking several youtube videos that are in the post directly below this one? Your contribution cannot be understated.

  2. David8577
    10:51 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

    Katina probably can’t afford a great attorney, but he sure does seem a lot more sane and believable than Pitino.

  3. Daizon
    11:25 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

    Not to defend Pitino but he didnt say she couldn’t complete two sentences, he his quoting someone else there, I think the dude that wrote the book even. Im not sure, but he was definitely quoting someone.

    • jonthes
      11:47 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

      Yes, he prefaced that by saying “It may be a racist statement” then used it. Jackass. And Powell didn’t write the book, as he knows. Like listening to a Nixon news conference.

    • Daizon
      2:25 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      I’m the jackass? Like, really? He was airing his grievance with the fact that he thought that anyone would say that to begin with was making a racist statement, he wasnt prefacing his own use of it as original. He was using the quote to prove a valid point. And I never said Powell wrote the book. I was saying that I believe the person he is quoting to have used said statement, “she couldn’t even write two sentences” as being the one who wrote the book in reference to Powell and her possibly not even having been the one who wrote the journal the book is based on either. So if pointing out that Roush has grievously misquoted Rick makes me a jackass, then sure whatever. I don’t have to bend the facts to prove my dislike of the Cards, there is enough to not like about that organization that we don’t have to be as misleading as a Fox News broadcast.

  4. jonthes
    11:48 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

    I’m certain that I’ve seen – I mean I have heard – Randy hanging out in bars in San Francisco’s Castro District. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  5. Sheeeeeiiit
    11:59 am January 2, 2016 Permalink

    What is up with the terrible paragraph about Jordan Smith? That seriously has to be a joke. “I’m more excited to hear the winner of The Voice than to watch them ball”. What? I like his singing but he’s not the first singer from KY to be great. He will never be better then watching UK basketball. Unless they bring Gillespie back of course.

    • Sheeeeeiiit
      12:01 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      By the way, I would rather listen to Chris Stapleton who writes his own music and had a better year then Smith. He is from KY too.

    12:18 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

    Listen to Daizon. I don’t care for Pitino at all, but be careful with your reporting, especially with an accusation like that. He was definitely quoting someone and he did not say it himself. Retract accordingly.

    • BigBlueBoom
      12:58 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      Lol “retract accordingly.” there is nothing to retract. He said it. Even if he was quoting someone else, he said exactly what they wrote above. Your coach is a sorry sack of $hit, you all should “retract” his contract.

    • kyle
      1:53 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      bigboom…u have never scored a point for uk! no player knows you exist! stop basing your worthless life on a team you cheer for! being part of a something bigger than yourself (a fanbase) still leaves you as nothing more than a pure prick! stop bashing our own fans, dumbazz.

    • kyle
      2:02 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      im a stupid dipshit troll. i want booby petrino’s nuts in my mouth

    • Captain Obvious
      2:16 pm January 2, 2016 Permalink

      Sounds like kyle is cool with defending Pitino.