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Poythress is the only player in the country who would’ve gotten that rebound, says Calipari


Coach Cal met with media prior to today’s practice in the Joe Craft Center and Alex Poythress was a hot topic, just as he has been over the last couple weeks. Calipari continues to praise his sophomore forward for how great he has been in practice and in games, and for the progress he has made on the court, and mentally, since last season.

“Alex played great,” Coach Cal said of Poythress’ night in Fayetteville. “He’s grown leaps and bounds. He was unbelievable. Again, he’s doing things that no one else on our team can do right now. He is building his own self-esteem, his own self-confidence — it’s all him.”

And that offensive rebound to keep Kentucky alive in overtime?

“Unbelievable. No one else — I don’t know another player in the country that could’ve made that play and I know no one our team could make it.”

Too bad Poythress’ late-game heroics were short-lived. Damn you, Michael Qualls and your perfectly-timed explosiveness.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 Comments for Poythress is the only player in the country who would’ve gotten that rebound, says Calipari

  1. raccoon
    1:38 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    I really liked Poy coming in, I really liked him last year, I really liked him coming into this year. But he is starting to creep into my all-time favorite Cats. He is a lot like Patrick Patterson in many ways.

    One think I really like is that he doesn’t shoot threes even though he knows he can because the team needs him to do other things.

    I don’t know exactly what his academic standing is. He might be pretty close to graduation at the end of this year because he came in with AP (haha) credits. Would selfishly love to see him come back next year as the number 1 guy and get into the lottery. And he would definitely be able to graduate in three years.

  2. Melvit
    1:42 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    I feel like Poythress has earned a starting spot over Randle. Notice Randle watching him rebound, just like he does in the play on the other end of the court after this.

    • PhilUK18
      1:50 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      I like Poythress too, but there’s no way he’s earned a starting spot over Randle. Randle is one of the most dominant players in the nation, you don’t just put a guy like him on the bench.

    • raccoon
      1:52 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      Randle is one of the top rebounders in the country. Let’s not act like he doesn’t rebound.

      As far as Alex starting, if he does it should be over either Harrison or Young (or WCS, but that might make us too small). As long as Poy is getting minutes it doesn’t really matter if he is starting – it isn’t like the NBA where if you come off the bench you play big minutes with the second rotation.

    • bigblue091812
      3:41 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      What was you watching, Randle went toward the ball and got blocked out, no way does he get that board without fouling, he had 14 for the game so I guess he was watching a lot that night. I told Matt Jones the first week of the season on his call in show that Poy would be the main man to lead us deep this year, Miller got a ring and we won many games because of the steady play he brought to the game. Think back to the final 4 game against LOSERVILLE when they had come back to tie the game Miller got two big baskets for the CATS to steady the young players and we never looked back. But, the only thing I wished he would do is shoot more 3’s, he had the highest percentage on the team last year, I don’t want him just standing on the wings waiting for them but when the others are struggling from there and it’s there for him he needs to cut loose.

  3. John Ellis
    1:42 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    Poythress is very bright – 4.0 last year I believe. He was the top 3 pt. shooter last year, I wish he’d take them now. Given SEC road officiating I’m surprised they didn’t call a foul on ARK on that rebound, given that UK couldn’t have scored 3 points from the free throw line.

  4. trey
    1:42 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    Some guy from ESPN names Archie Goodwin his least valuable shooting guard

    • trey
      1:44 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      And two others call Tayshaun Prince the LV small forward

  5. Whistlefest
    2:04 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    I’m amazed they didn’t call over the back on that. They did on Polson’s similar rebound earlier. Where the defender jumped backwards into him just like there. They loved blowing the whistle in that game so shocked they didn’t there.

    • Bad Call
      2:12 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      That call on Polson was a loose ball player control foul. And a bad one at that. It should have been a no call or a foul on Arkansas

  6. Kid Named Embiid
    2:06 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

  7. RealCatsFan
    2:17 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    Wish Alex had been in position to grab the rebound on the next play. Not his fault, but he sure could have contested that put-back.

  8. Jimbob
    2:34 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    The Razorback in the picture has his hand on Alex…that’s a foul! We got called for much less than that!

  9. twocoach
    2:40 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    Andrew Wiggins would have had that rebound, no problem. He had 19 in all @Iowa State Monday night.

    • bigblue091812
      3:52 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      Wiggins is the most overrated college player in the last 10-15 yrs. He has talent, no heart and the strength of a lady bug. I’ve seen him pushed around by players half his size, of all the great freshman in the country his stock continues to drop every week, one game against ISU does not a great season make. Randle, Parker, Embiid, Ennis, Gordon and at this point I’d take James Young over Wiggins. As weak as the SEC is there are some great freshman throughout the leauge in places like Florida, LSU etc etc. Wiggins gets all the pub and he needs it because he isn’t what he’s suppose to be, maybe it’s got something to do with being from Canada, I’m sure someone would love to re-think the first overall pick from last year.

    • Not Impressed
      4:40 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

      Wiggins is not fun to watch. I’m sure he’ll have a pro career but who cares?

  10. specialetta
    3:18 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    POY said he didn’t mind coming off the bench. I believe this is the best role for him and the team. Still hard to believe he got that rebound. Love his hustle this year. Really liked him last year and I really appreciate all he is bringing to the team this year.

  11. CatsFanFrankfort
    3:50 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    The best part was that he dribbled it and kept the ball alive AFTER the rebound. Dont get me wrong – the rebound was great – but the fact that he kept it alive and went to the ground without travelling was what made me cheer for him when it happened. He even found the open man! He and Dominique are easily my favorite players this year.

  12. yargamel
    4:45 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    I think I’ve watched that .gif at least 30 times now. Great presence of mind all around and an amazing hustle play. Check out the Arkansas player behind him who pretty much just says, “nope,” when he had a decent shot at getting that rebound if he had gone for it.

  13. njCat
    4:51 pm January 17, 2014 Permalink

    thought that play was a pretty good MKG impersonation