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Pitino got destroyed in international coaching debut


Rick Pitino is coaching Puerto Rico in the Pan Am Games and his international career got off to a rough start in today’s preliminary game. Pitino’s Puerto Rican squad trailed Brazil 38-6 through 12 minutes, was down 43 at the half, and lost the game, 92-59.

This guy isn’t a fan of his national team’s new coach:

While these two Puerto Rico fans think Pitino looks like a vampire:

Another thinks it’s funny:

I think it’s pretty funny, too.

Pitino will next meet the United States of America on Wednesday on ESPN2. That one could be even worse.

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

15 Comments for Pitino got destroyed in international coaching debut

  1. RexRox
    2:13 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    Love it!

  2. WithinReason
    2:17 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    I admit I chuckled but oddly I kinda feel bad for the guy. I’m sure that’ll pass though. He’s going to get destroyed by TEAM USA.

  3. theWilkman
    2:25 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    That’s one of the most unflattering shots of Pitino I’ve seen yet. Looks like his face is melting.

    • J-Dub421
      3:15 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

      Maybe he opened the arc of the covenant like at the end of Raiders?

  4. lexslamman
    2:34 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    To steal an old Jeffrey Ross line – who would have thought that Michael Jackson would look better than Rick Pitino right now?

  5. Jordan
    2:45 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    This kind of performance ought to help Rick grab a couple 2 star players

  6. J-Dub421
    3:06 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    Wow, Brazil did to Pitino/Puerto Rico what UK did to UCLA last season.

  7. Mathlete
    3:11 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    But you guys!!! Pitino is so great at developing teams and talent that I’m sure he’ll find a way to get them ready to play Team USA and be a legit threat to break the 60 point mark.

    • Mathlete
      3:12 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

      By “the 60 point mark,” I mean that the margin of defeat will be under 60 points. Probably.

  8. L4C2WTF
    3:16 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    RP = Fire Marshall Bill.

    Clearly, he’s making a plastic surgeon in Louisville very wealthy.

  9. DylanG
    4:14 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    Some of you are ridiculous, whether you like it or not. Without Pitino we wouldn’t have got 2 of our championships. Tubby Smith won with his players.

    • J-Dub421
      5:01 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

      Pitino is no longer the coach he once was. I will forever be grateful for his turning our program around, and do not begrudge him going to the Celtics. However, once he went to Louisville all bets were off. Ask a Kansas fan about Roy Williams, and I bet there will be some hate. Do you think Duke fans would thank Coach K for all he’s done if he went to coach at UNC?

    • Billy Ray
      6:07 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

      You don’t understand. HOFCRP is the brightest coach in the game. He likes to wait 13-20 years between championships, waiting for the perfect down year to strike. He’ll lead his team to a Final Four once every 5-6 years, just to intimidate other coaches across the country. It’s a strategy that will probably be used against us with future coaches at Louisville going forward, unfortunately, although probably with not a much success as the master, Rick.

  10. Beavis
    6:35 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    Enjoyed watching Pitino’s teams at Kentucky. However, you could tell he was after the BBD, Bigger Better Deal. Every year when the coaching rumors started you knew he was interested when he said he was not interested. Ego was just to large for Lexington. Got tired of all the drama and I was glad he left. I know what you are thinking. But Cal has all those rumors floating around him every year. Unlike Pirino, I don’t think he is going anywhere.

  11. FurdTurgason
    6:39 pm July 21, 2015 Permalink

    You know, Paul, I’ve seen a lot of great shooting teams in my time, but Brazil has to be the greatest shooting team I have ever faced at any level. I’m proud of my team for sticking to the game plan. It’s probably the most resilient team I’ve ever had.