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Payne and Robic get new deals, Payne gets new title

The University of Kentucky announced today that Kenny Payne and John Robic have signed new multi-year extensions with the men’s basketball team.

Payne signed a new two-year deal worth $500,000 annually plus incentives and earned the brand new title of “associate head coach.”

“There’s not a better partner to work with to help these young men achieve their dreams,” Calipari said. “His feel for the game and ability to develop players is second to none. I have all the confidence in the world that Kenny will make a great head coach someday, but we’re ecstatic to have him as a part of our staff as associate head coach for the near future.”

Robic, who has worked alongside Coach Cal since the day basketball was invented, signed a new deal worth $375,000 annually, plus incentives.

Cal said, “No one knows me better and knows what I need to be prepared to coach a game than John. He’s been a loyal friend who has helped me build three different programs. He’s as good as they get.”

The extensions come less than a week after our man Slice was added to the staff.


Article written by Drew Franklin

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20 Comments for Payne and Robic get new deals, Payne gets new title

  1. Fresh Prince
    10:16 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    I’m jiggy with it!

  2. Simply the Best
    10:16 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    They are getting Robic (and his hair) at A BARGAIN.

  3. rockymtcat
    10:23 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    his hair should have its own agent and contract.

  4. CuriousUKFan
    10:29 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    I thought Robic was the Associate Coach. When Cal was kicked out of Rupp during the Florida game, Robic took over coaching the team, and when Cal headed out on a recruiting trip immediately after a game, Robic sat in once at the post game interview. I’m just a little confused.

    • CatLanta
      10:42 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

      I was thinking the same thing…

    • JaredCarterIsMyHomeboy
      3:53 pm May 7, 2014 Permalink

      Well, I think the idea is that Robic isn’t going anywhere no matter what. For Payne, it’s about keeping him here over taking a low paying low-mid major job and maybe the title Assoc Head Coach is to get him better looks from better programs, ie fluffing the resume.

  5. John Robic's Hair
    10:30 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    Don’t worry guys, we’re still negotiating my extension, details to be announced when finalized.

    • haha
      11:01 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

      HaHa. Hair. Extensions. Get it?

  6. Bdmnky81
    10:47 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    From what I’ve gotten from Robic and can’t relationship is that Robic is Cal’s personal assistant more than someone who is trying to go out and make a name for himself. Kenny obviously has aspirations to be the head coach one day were as Robic seems content to work in Cal’s shadow for the rest of his career. Nothing wrong with that. Some guys are geared towards being in charge, others are geared towards following. It’s important to recognize which you are.

    • Scottydee
      11:10 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

      Thst may be true but what does that have to do with what he is paid. Robic is clearly his right hand man. Looks to me like that would be number 2 money. I will trust Cal on this though but a 125k difference?

    • Top Quality
      11:11 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

      Plus $375k a year ain’t hard to be happy with, no matter what your job is

    • Reply Left
      11:14 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

      Robin doesn’t seem like the money grabbing type. If the OP is correct, Robic is happy with his job and title right now, and since he’s essentially living out his dream, the money doesn’t matter so much to him.

  7. UKMike10
    11:09 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    How much do you think Robic spends on hair care products per year?…$375k probably gets him through summer.

  8. Woody , Sam , and Carla
    11:16 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    Rebecca gave us all new titles in lieu of raises

  9. Ky_Tom
    11:44 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    There are so many UK fans out there, who think they know it all..What each coach’s pay should be, and his title.. Has anyone ever thought about, it my take more money to keep Payne on the staff.. Who in the hell knows why Payne makes more than Robic….I say stop worrying over crap you have no control over what so ever, and just be a fan…..But, No, you want to make a mountain out of a mole hill, because it’s going on at UK……and Matt Jones will keep throwing gasoline on the fire, to have a topic to debate on his radio show….

  10. Hayley's quadriceps
    11:49 am May 7, 2014 Permalink

    My guess is that Kenny gets extra pay because he’s the one who is going to be flying all over the country visiting recruits. Robic will do some of it, but probably won’t be expected to travel nearly so often.

  11. Mike
    12:37 pm May 7, 2014 Permalink

    So what does Slice earn in his contract ?

  12. bosshogg24
    3:04 pm May 7, 2014 Permalink

    How much is Slice being paid?

  13. bosshogg24
    3:05 pm May 7, 2014 Permalink

    Payne deserves to be paid like the best assistant coaches in the country!

  14. CatBlue in LR
    5:26 pm May 7, 2014 Permalink

    That player he’s hugging in the picture has one grey ear and one brown one.