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Notes and Quotes From Cal’s Call-In Show


Cal Doesn’t Worry About NBA Rumors

For him, it’s just another part of the job that’s happened plenty of times before, and will not slow down anytime soon. “I’m not worried about all of this.  I never worry about all of this.  This is what happens when you’re doing well.”

Although, he did have the UK Athletics’ office worrying.  After going to Mass, he stopped for coffee with friends and realized that he left his phone at home.  To say his timing was poor is an understatement.

“When I get my phone there’s 50 messages.  Everybody from the university is trying to call me.  I’m like ‘What in the world just happened?’  When they call me, I either pick up or call them right back.  They’re like “OH MY GOSH, what is going on?  What does it mean?  What’s the story?’  I said, ‘Guys, I left my phone at home, I ran out of the house and left it.'”

When addressing the NBA rumors and their potential impact on recruiting, he wasn’t worried, even throwing a subtweet @ Marques Bolden. “I’m not (worried).  We’ve signed our guys and we’re looking for one more kid, and we’ve got a guy we like, a big kid.”

How the Rotation is Working Out

“If you bring the game down, I’m not playing you that much.  I’m just gonna go with the guys that are elevating the game.”

He told his team he’s tightening things up.  The only person he told something different to was to Skal, “You’re going to have an opportunity every game because I believe in you, but you’re going to have to believe in you and you’re going to have to make it happen,” he told Labissiere.

Four Things It Will Take to Make a Run

These things apply to every team, but it’s really what he wants to see from his team…eventually.

1.  Play with Confidence.
2.  Consistently Execute.
3.  Make Free Throws
4.  A “Refuse to Lose” Mentality

Cal Says ‘I Like My Team,’ Sorta

“To go into Alabama… and do what we did, I like the growth of the team.”

What to Expect from Miss. State

Calipari likes what Ben Howland has done by spreading out their three guards and letting them go to work.  They’re guard-dominant but their big-man “has played himself into being a pro.”  They’ll play 2-3 zone and their performance against A&M was respectable. “Miss. State is playing pretty good basketball.  They had Texas A&M, who is undefeated in our league, had ’em beat, had ’em down the whole game.”

Praise for Mychal Mulder

“He’s not afraid.  He’s playing (well) offensively but he’s also rebounding and defending.  He doesn’t look at all intimidated.”  He likes Mulder’s fight, effort and energy, something he wants to see more from Derek Willis.

Will Cal Let Briscoe Bring the Mouthpiece Back?

“If he would keep it in his mouth.”

Article written by Nick Roush

"Look upon the doughnut, and not upon the hole." @RoushKSR

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  1. Bluecreeker
    12:09 pm January 12, 2016 Permalink

    “If you bring the game down, I’m not playing you that much. I’m just gonna go with the guys that are elevating the game.”

    Really? I mean….really?

    I am true blue, but even I call BS on this.