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NCAA president responds to Yahoo FBI article

Photo: © Robert Deutsch | USATSI

© Robert Deutsch | USATSI

After this morning’s report from Yahoo Sports that several notable basketball players — including Nerlens Noel, Bam Adebayo, and Kevin Knox — met with and accepted loans and meals from Andy Miller’s ASM Sports agency, many are wondering what exactly the NCAA is going to do about it. NCAA President Mark Emmert just released this response:

“These allegations, if true, point to systematic failures that must be fixed and fixed now if we want college sports in America. Simply put, people who engage in this kind of behavior have no place in college sports. They are an affront to all those who play by the rules.

Following the Southern District of New York’s indictments last year, the NCAA Board of Governors and I formed the independent Commission on College Basketball, chaired by Condoleezza Rice, to provide recommendations on how to clean up the sport. With these latest allegations, it’s clear this work is more important now than ever.

The Board and I are completely committed to making transformational changes to the game and ensuring all involved in college basketball do so with integrity. We also will continue to cooperate with the efforts of federal prosecutors to identify and punish the unscrupulous parties seeking to exploit the system through criminal acts.”

So, basically, “We don’t know yet, but how about that committee we put together!” Got it.



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26 Comments for NCAA president responds to Yahoo FBI article

  1. Shagaris Sock Puppet
    8:57 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Look at that feathery mop! Thing is a beaut!!

  2. Jiminy Crickets
    9:17 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    The more involved the less anything happens to individuals. It would take years to sift thru this, and base punishment on past cases, plus the appeals process. It took 2 years for UL to get punished and it was a hooker scandal, now we’re worried about loans and who paid for dinner??. Have bam and nerlens pay back their money. No harm, no foul

    • ballplayerstu
      9:24 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      I agee!

    • ClutchCargo
      9:34 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      Yes. The bird brains are getting their hopes up prematurely that someone else is going to get spanked. Imagine how salty they will be when the penalties get handed down for the really serious stuff!

  3. HashtagNoseWhistle
    9:29 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    AAU is corrupt. I feel like it should be separated from the NCAA to some extent

    • UKinIN
      9:35 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      AAU is not associated with NCAA.

    • Jester
      10:44 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      Boom. Your wish has been granted, nosewhistle.

  4. BlueHeaven
    9:34 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    “…making transformational changes to the game and ensuring all involved in college basketball do so with integrity.” I’m assuming adding fake classes somehow doesn’t make the cut.

  5. dhard
    9:42 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Oh the horror of it all, going to dinner and getting a loan based upon your future earning ability. Now, make up fake degrees for fake classes for 30 years, no problem.

  6. CatsfaninFL
    9:44 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    “We were planning on laying the hammer down on these schools until teams from North Carolina were involved. Now we’ll form a committee and find out to best move forward”

  7. DelrayCat
    9:48 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    If Dawkins is the only agent/firm wiretapped and scrutinized, then this probably won’t result in much. But if this thing prompts the FBI and other authorities to dig deeper and they find widespread abuse…look out. Regardless, too many cash cows on that list to nail everyone. I’d suspect some sort of institutional changes that may actually be good for the sport, and may not necessarily result in draconian punishments to the select few named here. Unfortunately, Emmert’s former school wasn’t named, so he will probably drop the hammer…smh.

    • az1006
      10:00 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      This…It appears to be too widespread, involving virtually every program. It would be virtually impossible to recruit kids and know they were or weren’t taking money from an agent. That being said, it’s far more likely the NCAA institutes major rules changes instead of placing all their money-makers on probation.

    • DelrayCat
      10:19 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      Ah..I forgot Markell Fultz…who played at Emmert’s Washington and took a loan for $10K. That’s one good sign…lol.

  8. KYJelly
    9:51 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    There are too many double-standards to take anything the NCAA says seriously. If they want to be taken seriously they need to clean house and start from scratch. They are no less a joke than Louisville at this point

  9. Howdy Doody
    9:59 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Take the Blue glasses off. Oscar Combs says this in BAD news.

    • DelrayCat
      10:14 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      Worst case scenario…they forfeit every game from last year. I can’t see how a dinner for Knox invalidates this year. Noel’s year…who knows. But Cal can’t be implicated from this report alone, nor the university placed on probation in any way.

  10. Bourbon and Blue
    10:12 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    If we want to talk about corruption in college sports how about we look at Emmert himself? Since, you know, he was complicit in covering up Michigan St.’s sexual assault scandal for 8 years.

  11. Howdy Doody
    10:24 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    If Adebayo’s eligibility was compromised, Kentucky could vacate last season’s Elite Eight run. That scenario would cost Calipari victories earned on the court due to NCAA violations at a third institution, joining Memphis (Derrick Rose) and UMass (Marcus Camby).

    • Jester
      10:47 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

      And yet no matter how hard you try, you still can’t go back in time and make the NCAA name Cal personally responsible for that.

      Just like Rick Pitin—oh wait, nevermind.

  12. John Henry
    10:44 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Shut up Emmert if you wanted to clean up college basketball you had the chance with Duke and UNC. You turned your back on Duke and your “investigation” of UNC was a farce. So just quit talking.

  13. Wcatfan727
    11:10 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Time for NCAA to go. Power 5 conferences break away and form new institution without so many bullshit rules

  14. catsarerunnin
    11:18 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    The NCAA knew this was going on but turned a blind eye. Now they will play the poor unknowing card to save face.

  15. makeitstop
    11:42 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Way outside my expertise, but on its face, I don’t see NCAA rules violated, certainly by the institutions. At UoL the FBI wires indicates the coaches were directing or at least facilitating the payments to the players families. That’s clearly an NCAA violation. But these are agents a) making loans in hopes the player signs w them later or b) buying lunch or dinner. The latter seems completely predictable and innocuous. It’s called prospecting and every sales person does it, and of course u want to interview or get to know the lawyer or agent or PR person u might hire, right? How is this company loaning a player money – not giving it – any different than the credit cards college kids get hoping they stick w that bank when they go get jobs? Car loans based on prospect of future income? I mean it’s a risk the lender takes but there’s no quid pro quo “I’ll go to a Nike school u pick if u pay me” or even I’ll sign w you. It’s not a gift or so it says. I may be overlooking something but I’m not that concerned.

  16. Jrock
    11:47 am February 23, 2018 Permalink

    It’s really simple. Get rid of the NCAA and the idea that college students need to maintain an “amature status”. Pro athletes play in the Olympics. I just don’t understand the idea behind not allowing a player to profit from their likeness.

  17. AmazzzingLarry
    1:56 pm February 23, 2018 Permalink

    Where does the buck stop for the NCAA systematic failures? Mark Emmert.