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Missing Person Report: 3 Goggles


The “3 Goggles” became a popular trend in Kentucky basketball near the beginning of the Calipari era. The Goggles first made their appearance with Doron Lamb in the ’10-’11 season when he shot 48% from the three, the start of a magical trend in Kentucky basketball that continued through the following the season she the ‘Cats won their 8th national championship. That trend of swish after swish from behind the arc, however, hasn’t been seen since Devin Booker prior to last year’s SEC Tournament. Upon entering the SEC tournament, the Kentucky Wildcats have been in a three-less dystopia and it’s left players and fans alike less than thrilled.

So where have the 3 Goggles gone? Let’s retrace their steps and find out who could be the missing piece of the 3 Goggle puzzle and has the potential to bring Kentucky back to life.

Doron Lamb

As previously mentioned, Lamb is the man who introduced Kentucky to the 3 Goggles and really made them a Wildcat staple. Shooting 48% from behind the arc in the ’10-’11 season and then 46% the following season, Lamb knew how to spark some excitement from the crowd.

doron lamb

Alex Poythress

A surprising hero kept the Wildcat 3 Goggles alive during the ’12-’13 basketball season averaging 42% on the season. While we know Poythress is a capable shooter, this team needs Alex on the block getting important rebounds and crazy put back dunks. But if Poythress can knock down an occasional three point shot this season, that would be a huge boost to a team struggling to hit from the outside.



Aaron & Andrew Harrison

Do I really even need to say it? Aaron’s game-winning three pointers in back to back to back NCAA Tournament games say it all. These two were each 35% from behind the arc in their breakout season in blue and came back for another dose of 3 Goggle magic shooting 38% and 32% respectively. These twins shared more than just DNA, they shared a love for the 3 Goggles and giving BBN the occasional heart attack a thrilling duo.

(Image Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

(Image Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports)

Polson + Young

These two averaged between 35-36% from the three, which was a dip for Kentucky players from the last several seasons. As a team, the Cats averaged 33% during the ’13-’14 season. Having both a starter and a guy coming in off the bench with 3-point shooting almost matching that of the Harrisons, it’s safe to say Young and Polson earned their 3 Goggles.

(Image via Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

(Image via Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images North America)

Devin Booker

Booker finished last season with a 41% three-point average. And while our dearly missed 3-point star might not have used the 3 Goggles specifically, he sure gave fans a reason to wear theirs. Booker made another trend popular last season in the form of the reload motion. Perhaps this was the reincarnation of the 3 Goggles? Or maybe replacing the 3 Goggles with Booker’s new trend is what really has us down. Either way, the 3 Goggles were last spotted at the hands of Devin Booker and we have yet to see them since the start of the 2015 NCAA Tournament.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

The Missing Puzzle Piece(s):

Tyler Ulis

Ulis finished just ahead of Booker last season shooting 43% from behind the arc, leaving us to wonder if he was mending the shattered heart of the 3 Goggles left by Booker. Perhaps they’ve since been going through a rough patch (Ulis is currently 28% on the season) and are now recovering following Ulis’ elbow injury. We all are aware of the bond Ulis and Booker had, so we can only hope all jealousy can be set aside and Ulis will begin to follow in his best pal’s footsteps as the season progresses.

Jamal Murray

Currently holding the highest 3-point average on the season for Kentucky, Murray has what seems to be a spark ready to ignite. We all remember Devin Booker’s slow start at the beginning of last season and there’s always the chance that beginning nerves are messing with Murray’s consistency. But with the highest percentage from behind the three for the Wildcats, but still at only 33% so far on the season, Murray could be the key to upping the group average and giving BBN something to cheer throw 3 Goggles about.


Final Insights:

It is clearly pertinent that the 3 Goggles be located and returned to the Wildcats immediately. The danger we face if  they are not found – and soon – is all too clear. If the Cats cannot up their three-point game, this opens the door for teams to continue packing it into the lane just like UCLA. If the missing piece of the 3 Goggle mystery can step up {and soon} then it will be easier for Kentucky’s front court to see better scoring opportunities – I’m looking at you Skal.

So I repeat: If anyone has seen the 3 Goggles, please return them to the Kentucky Men’s Basketball team immediately. The livelihood of our season, and our post players, depends on it.

Article written by Kelsey Mattingly

Drew Franklin is my spirit animal. @kelseyKSR