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May I remind you of what UK wore on its last foreign tour

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I’m seeing lots of disappointment in the new uniforms Kentucky will wear next week in the Bahamas. Comments range from “hideous” to “WHY ISN’T KENTUCKY SPELLED OUT” and “those look like prison stripes.”

While I agree they aren’t the best looking threads Nike has ever done, it is a step up from the practice jerseys worn four years ago in Windsor, seen above on a young Doron Lamb.

And let us not forget Coach Cal’s short-sleeve mock turtleneck look for the 2010 exhibitions in Detroit Canada:


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I expect to see more from his Tommy Bahama collection this time around.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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16 Comments for May I remind you of what UK wore on its last foreign tour

  1. BUCats
    6:35 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    Cal has aged quite a bit since that last summer trip

  2. Rei
    6:47 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    Old people hate change. The summer trip jerseys look cool.

    • Jumbie
      6:54 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

      I am young. I embrace change. But I don’t like ugly, and they are ugly and uncool.

    • Dude
      8:04 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

      Electronic music sucks.

    6:50 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    Didn’t those uniforms have 7 stars on them; one for each 17.1429 Kentucky counties…ok, I’ll stop:))

    • Cats
      7:58 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

      You do realize not everyone knows or cares that there are 120 counties in ky

    • CPACAT
      10:25 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

      “Cats” …You do realize that I have posted twice on this subject and never once mentioned the number of counties in Kentucky and you, on the other hand, have responded twice and in both responses have mentioned the number of counties in Kentucky…just sayin’…

  4. Dude
    8:19 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    Can we all just take a moment and be thankful we’re not sponsored by Adidas???

    They’d be neon sky blue with frilly sleeves and leopard print. Just ask Louisville…..

  5. Mac
    8:44 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    The unis sucked. They will die and fall to the forgotten pile. But, we should all admire the effort to market UK as current and on the cusp. And, if they won a title in these, it would be like the streaked denim of 96. Ugly, but tied to memory.

    • Our fanbase can really suck sometimes....
      8:51 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink


      Get over yourselves people, jesus effing christ!

  6. Debbie Downers
    10:37 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    You people suck. The new uni’s are awesome. Suck it up and deal with it.

  7. rainman
    10:40 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    I prefer the all blue to these ugly things!

  8. Mark Liptak
    10:51 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink


    I’d take those uniforms from the last trip any day of the week compared to what they are going to wear now, thank you…

  9. jimp
    11:35 pm August 4, 2014 Permalink

    This is truly amazing. We have a certain group of fans that do nothing but bitch. It does not matter what the subject is they just bitch, bitch, bitch. Here UK is getting ready for what should be a great season in basketball with a great chance to win championship number nine in basketball, we are getting ready to start what should be a much improved football season, with remodeling the stadium and many other improvements going on with facilities. It is a very exciting time in UK sports and people want to BITCH about basketball uniforms. These are the same people that when we win a basketball game by forty, bitch about so and so only getting to play ten minutes, or we should have won by fifty. Just go away.

  10. YouKnow
    9:53 am August 5, 2014 Permalink

    Canada Jersey’s were awesome! Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder. I’m not a huge fan of the current international jersey, but I’ve seen worse. (Adidas and their army uniforms)