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Marcus Lee’s struggles at the NBA draft combine

UK's Big Man with the Bigger Heart: Marcus Lee Leaving His Mark in the Community

Lee struggled mightily this weekend in Chicago to say the very least. The persistence he has shown preparing to leave UK for the NBA draft, did not match up with his performance at the combine. Lee was statistically ranked the worst performer at the entire NBA combine. Yikes.

What we saw from him on television in the 5-on-5 wasn’t exactly stellar, but it’s been noted in the last few days so I won’t beat a dead horse. Lee had a -3.3 PER (player efficiency rating), and he was knocked for not adding much to his team on the court. We all know Marcus to struggle as an offensive player in the post, but his defensive presence wasn’t really on par either. DraftExpress had this to share about our big man in an article that showcases underclassmen that need to return,

Lee hasn’t improved his body or skill-level in the least bit since arriving in Lexington, and has just an average feel for the game to compensate for that. Lee is in a difficult situation now, as he’ll have to hope to be spoon-fed minutes over much more talented players for yet another season with an excellent recruiting class coming in at Kentucky. The alternatives, included going undrafted and playing in the D-League, aren’t much more enticing.

Tough criticisms to read for a hard-working, all around great member of the Lexington community. He has become a fan favorite in Lexington because of his work in the community, and the overwhelming heart he displays on the court.

It’s beginning to appear that Marcus should probably be heading back to school next fall for his senior year, even though we know those were not his intentions following the season. If he was to return, UK would be receiving an experienced, veteran leader that has been a part of two final four units. Not much to complain about there. However it turns out, we wish nothing but the best to a phenomenal young man.

Article written by Kaan Solagan

Senior at the University of Kentucky. Atherton High School Alumnus. "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." - The Greatest

7 Comments for Marcus Lee’s struggles at the NBA draft combine

  1. freethrow
    2:35 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    Both harsh and wrong. Lee, though unlikely to ever become “the guy” on offence, he has improved his particular skill set every season. The combine isn’t going to show his gifts too well. He needs to know the offence and the tendencies of his fellow players so his worth show as well as they need to know his. Though time with a d league team may show this I sure hope he comes back and puts a little more polish on his game.

  2. UKBlue1
    2:54 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    Who ever has gotten into Marcus ear & told him he is ready for the NBA, yea Marcus needs to stop talking to that person. What Marcus for whatever reason is failing to understand the reason NBA teams draft players for the D league is they see potential; from the standpoint of skill sets, Marcus in college has either stayed the same or made little progress. He has virtually no offense & defense apparently these NBA workouts have shown that he might be worse on defense then we thought. Marcus has two options: come back for his senior year & work his butt totally off or go play in Europe & hope for the best.

  3. RadioshackGreg
    3:22 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    I love Marcus, he’s a great dude and an incredible ambassador for the university. With that said, he will never make it in the NBA. He’s the kind of guy who gets by because he is crazy athletic. Everyone knows those kinds of players in pick up games. They aren’t very skilled, but they gat by because they can run forever and are good athletes. That is Marcus to a T. Again, I love the guy, but he hasn’t developed a consistent offensive game at all, and I don’t think he really will. If I were him, I would be going to Europe to make some good money and see the world, before coming back to the US to do great things outside of sport. He’ll be just fine, but he isn’t an NBA level player.

  4. 2thepoint
    3:53 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    I think he needs to take a shot at the NBA draft and see if he gets drafted. If not he can go international and make a good living. It would be good for UK if he came back to help the young guns understand the game, but what is it going to do to help him? Marcus has sacrificed for the team for 3 years so I think it is time he does what is best for him.

  5. lexfan
    4:17 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    Lee hasn’t improved his body or skill-level in the least bit since arriving in Lexington, and has just an average feel for the game to compensate for that.
    Translation= Cal has done nothing to improve Lee. Is the strength and conditioning coach doing his job? Did Cal have individual workouts for Lee?

  6. Smyrna_Cat
    4:29 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    I don’t agree with that statement at all. Lee is a much better defense player now then when he got to UK. The “improved his body” comment usually refers to a guy bulking up. Lee is not that king of guy. He is long, lean, and athletic. One of the problems with those kinds of scrimmages is that it is a short-first, I am going to get mine, approach to the game. That isn’t Lee and never has been. Would love for him to come back to UK, but I doubt that happens.

  7. BobNWeaver
    5:50 pm May 15, 2016 Permalink

    Any chance he reconsiders transferring to another school where he will get significant playing time? That might be his best option for the next year. Lee has been a great kid and he should do what is best for HIM. If he comes back to UK for a senior year, then Great! but he might not get a lot of playing time.