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Malik Monk “heartbroken” after the North Carolina loss


Yesterday, De’Aaron Fox told us that he wasn’t able to bring himself to watch the Final Four or National Championship games because he felt like it should have been Kentucky there instead, and today, his backcourt partner Malik Monk agreed.

As soon as we lost, I didn’t turn basketball on, unless it was NBA,” Monk said on this morning’s show. “It was [supposed to be] us. That’s exactly how we feel.”

Monk hit two huge threes in the final minute vs. North Carolina, the second of which tied the game with seven seconds left. After that shot went in, Monk said was sure the game was going to overtime.

“That’s exactly what I thought. I had to get back. I was guarding Justin [Jackson] so I had to hurry to get back to make sure he didn’t catch the ball. I think we broke down, I think they did a little dribble hand off and we broke down and didn’t talk enough and [Maye] got open. He was making shots all game. We didn’t stop him.”

What went through Monk’s mind when he saw Maye’s shot go in?

“Heartbroken. It was crazy. I really just wanted to cry, but I didn’t want to do it on the court.”

Monk said he cried “a little bit” in the locker room, and as we all know, he wasn’t the only one.

“It was super sad. We got on the plane, nobody said anything to each other, we all had our headphones in. We didn’t even talk that much when we got back until the next week. It was a sad week.”

Yes, it was. Thanks again to Malik for coming on the show. If you missed it, be sure to check out the podcast.

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1 Comment for Malik Monk “heartbroken” after the North Carolina loss

  1. bluecrowe
    1:56 am April 7, 2017 Permalink

    So return and win it next year. Seriously, this idea they have somehow failed if they stay longer than 5 months is school has to end. If Duke, NC and Kansas can keep guys longer than 5 months then we certainly can. I love Cal, but this approach must be tweaked. It took a literal once in a generation freshman to get us the one championship. They are not going to lose money. In fact they will be saving years of earning power if they stay in school, as the NBA game is much tougher on the body than playing in college. I find this very frustrating. Every team in the NBA has 3 guys who are bigger than Bam who can actually shoot. What is it he thinks he is running off to? I love Briscoe, but is very obviously a 4 year player who will later work in a bank in Lexington. None of this is anything to be ashamed of for any of them, but this mass exodus every year is losing its appeal. We had 6 empty possessions as soon as UNC went to a zone and lost a 5 point lead. That is unacceptable.