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LOOK: Kentucky Basketball unveils 2018-19 poster

Kentucky Basketball has had some decent schedule posters over the years, but this year’s is by far the best.

Kentucky worked with renowned sports illustrator and self-proclaimed “vector monster” Rob Zilla (Robert Generette III) to create the poster, which features UK’s season-long “Dream Big” theme and original artwork inspired by the style of popular 1990s-era basketball posters.

The posters will be distributed at Big Blue Madness on Friday and beginning Saturday morning at Kroger locations throughout the state. Limited quantities are available in each store, so fans are recommended to pick up their posters as early as possible.

Yeah, I’m going to need about five of those.

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19 responses to “LOOK: Kentucky Basketball unveils 2018-19 poster”

  1. m4ff3w

    I know he’s flexing, but damn if it doesn’t look like PJ is grabbing his crotch.

    1. Wade

      Lol had to take a second look he’s freaking yankin it… hahahha

  2. leshearer

    About the most amateurish graphic design imaginable. The team deserves better than this…

    1. JustUrAvg

      What do you want a moving poster? Some people never have anything nice to say…

  3. Souf beach Lou

    Looks like Cal got the artist to trim that dad bod down a couple notches. Haha

  4. chris gettelfinger is not walking through that door

    I got a fevah, and the only cure, is MORE CHECKERBOARD!!!

  5. Kat4Life

    Love it….. but Cal looks more like Bob Barker.

  6. Wade

    It’s fun.. soon will be more that’s not a cartoon. Let’s have fun bbn it’s a great yr.

  7. somerset bill

    Great portraits. Terrible, terrible design.

    They took this fantastic illustrator of sports figures, who gets great emotion and personality out of his portraits — his close up portraits — and made him to do these full body retro action ‘poses.’ Google “Rob Zilla” and instagram and take a look at his work — including Anthony Davis. Notice how there’s hardly any full body images.

    Now, click the poster image and zoom in to look at Quickly, Richards, Travis. Really great images of these guys. They hired the perfect guy to put the team’s real personalities on the page and then some terrible graphic designer says, no, let’s do bad retro.

    This should have been a grid of closeups. With this artist, this could have been one of the two or three best cats posters ever if not for the cheap design work.

  8. ukbradstith

    Man, that dude is a heckuvah artist. Love the throwback design.

  9. jaws2

    Cartoon caricatures, definitely NOT Gold Standard worthy. I think most fans would prefer to see actual players faces. This is a mistake.

    1. lexcatfan2367

      Then don’t take a poster when they come out?????

    2. jaws2

      I don’t need a poster for scheduling or players faces. Internet? Duh!

  10. BluejayK

    I think that looks awesome. Job well done!

  11. N-UR-i


  12. friendsofcoal

    It’s awesome!

  13. katfan33

    Nice change of pace! Really cool.

  14. Genocat

    Cartoons. Yuck. Worse than checkerboards. Silly.

  15. RexRox

    Like it!